Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Who am I - Part 3.

So I have finally decided that I am a women who lunches, a kept prize. I adore the idea of living in the city shopping, lunching and spoiling myself during the week and then retiring to my husbands home in the country for the weekend. 

I would ride horses, though lavish balls, dinners and tend to my gardens - not personally but through the help. I want to be ever so posh. I want to be called Lady Tabitha - is that wrong am I totally out of tune with reality?

I adore this tweed outfit and would sooo strut my stuff wearing this around the manor house.

The model makes this outfit look amazing and I adore her hairstyle 

This shot is soo yummy out walking the dogs with my girlfriends from the city visiting

I thought long an hard about which posh girl I could be and I think I would like to be like Sophie she is talanted, fashionable, stunning and from the right stock. I think she would make a great city girl in the country.

This pose and shot is divine 

So smoky and sultry


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