Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Barbour and Fred Perry

I love love love adore Barbour and Fred Perry

Images sent in

My inbox is overflowing with images you sexy gorgeous gals have sent in - I have selected several from various different emails - girls you know who sent what so thank you.

I love this image she is totally his to use - she has lost all her will power her eyes are showing total 
submission. This is sexy and I sooo long to be sir pet again. 

Some guys just like to cum. Cum on stockings can be sooo sexy especially if you make the little faggot lick it off. Giggle

I adore two women together like this I imagine the shorter girl is a sub to the taller and plus it is Natalie so win win giggle. 

I adore this image it is soo womenly to be able to be exposed so much and yet not show a thing very sexy

A big fat cigar so sexy powerful women I am trying to learn to be assertive Sir lets me take control of the other girls from time to time. A role I enjoy but am not a natural at it. 


Such an amazing image I love her look she wants to fuck her wants to hurt her so sensual so powerful

I adore petgirls and love playing with sirs pony girls and cats those girls are sooo funny they can be very very naughty. 

Cute wild kitten

On show - I love adore get soo turned on when a girl lets herself go totally into being a pet she is totally in the now she is an animal she is his pet. I love her look and her tongue hanging out sooo perfect so submissive. I wish I had a genetic girl as a pet. 

Most sensitive part

I find it amazing how little things remind you of thoughts, feelings, sounds and smells you had as a child.  

Everytime I hear an icecream van I think of summer at home playing in the garden as an 8 year old with my dolls house. While I was writing the previous posts  just blowing on my nipples can make them erect they are sooo sensitive and joking aside girls is it normal? I just cant touch them at the moment without feeling sore (if I touch them a little too hard) or sensual if it is a light touch or brush. 

I giggled as I recalled my school days - I was about 15 and I remember some girls had really developed 
breasts and I was so envious I wanted breasts I wanted that shape. I remember standing at the bus stop alone in my thoughts watching several girls as we all waited for the bus to take us home.

I watched in fascination as her nipples poked through her bra, shirt fabric and school jumper - I wanted that and I remember going home and pinching my nipples in front of the mirror in my room trying to make them larger. 

I still love it when my nipples poke through my clothes. I know some girls get embarrassed but I think it is femm and sexy  

Very cute set - but too grungy for me

Natalie has amazing set

I cant do this at the moment without moaning is this normal - girls please do advise how they make you feel

I love fabric rubbing them gently 

Sooo cute

Does a piercing make them more sensative? I am not sure I could cope 

Girls opinions pls...

Sometimes I am charged full of sensitivity

As you all know I adore dressing up. I love being the best dressed and most over dressed girl in the room. I love the feeling of tightness the pull of my bra strap the tug of my suspender strap as it pulls on my stocking tops as I move elegantly across the room. 

Sometimes and I am not sure why perhaps its the hormones, perhaps women feel like this all the time and I am just discovering it or simply it might be my male side feeling horny which is expressed as sensitivity in my female side. 

I could not sleep last night I was alive with feeling my babydoll bodice felt tight and sensual against my skin. Where the babydoll meets my waist it flairs out in a micro skirt as i lay in bed the feeling of the lace skirt touching my thigh tops sent shivers of pleasure along my spin - I actually moaned as my feather quilt brushed across my nipples. I found myself slowly moving my hips and trying to rub my sissy clit against the fabric of my matching lace thong. I was a small ball of sensitive nerve endings each touch, feel, movement made me want more. I just could not sleep. I found myself rubbing the front of my knickers and my sissy clit and gently pulling at my thong so that the material would gently rub between my cheeks and on the sensitive area around my sissypussy....

I had to get up I had to I just did not want to cum I just had to do something else...Coffee early morning TV....Images of sensually dressed women silk cool and smooth caressing my nipples... 

The tightness of a little black dress - his strong hand on my breasts - his breath on my neck...

Showing him a glimpse of stocking top letting him touch my skin between my panties and the top of my stockings purring my need for him inside me

I want his cock in my mouth while I hold a glass of wine perhaps pre dinner drinks at his home while we wait for a cab 

Both of us dressed well I want him to ravage me to pull up my elegant gown and pull aside my knickers and plunge into me 

To strip back to my heels and fuck me

We both dress again and I purrr at him like a whore he bends me over and fucks me with a dildo I scream I need his cock again I want to feel fucked I want to feel full  

The cab comes and goes we lie in bed naked his huge tool pressed between my breasts I gasp at its weight and thickness I know it will hurt and I will be walking funny for days but I want it in me deep in me it is the only way to stop the sensitivity the only thing that can make me feel normal to let me sleep to let each part of my body rest 

Monday, 27 June 2011

Nipple piercing

I was not convinced and decided against getting my nipple's pierced. But I saw this and now I soooo want to be able to wear an outfit like that. 


Hi everyone
What do you think of my new blog and layout? I love it any thoughts?
Thank you sir xxx

Friday, 24 June 2011

A Post by Mr Black

Tabitha can be such a wayward gurl at times, but I do enjoy indulging her little whims on occasion. She asked me if I would bring the full flow of my creative energies to bear on her little blog. Which I have now enjoyed doing. Do drop me a line and let me know what you think.
I do think it is much more elegant and stylish, and appropriate for you

Enjoy it Miss Jones - Mr Hugo Black - x

Monday, 20 June 2011

I want...

I want you to notice me - I walk past your game everyday on my way to lunch. I make sure my walk and my clothes sign post me to you and your friends...

I want to meet you one evening in a local bar - I play hard to get 

We go out and end up at your place I am on my knees

you lead me upstairs

I want to feel you pull at my lace underthings I want to feel your cocks head inbetween my cheeks 

I want to lower myself onto you - I want to slide down your pole and feel full again

OMG wet knickers part 3

girls I am amazed I soooo am turned on this evening this is amazing


thank you sir



He does care

New photoshoot

Hi Girls

Most of us (both tgirl and genetic girl) dream of being models. To strut our stuff and be utterly fussed over to look stunning and have men desire you and women wish they were you.

I would sooo love to live that life - getting paid to put clothes on and wear to much make up. Me me me please. Giggle. Yes I can hear all those real models telling us how it is not glam and it really is hard work. Is it harder than coal mining no is it harder than working in a bank perhaps it is but soooo much less soul destroying.

I had such a lovely time on this shoot. I wanted to share my day with you all as it was a bit of a first. I have modelled before but never with other girls and never with other genetic girls.

I loved the process and I must thank my friend who is an amazing photographer and bless him an admirer of tgirls. He was shooting some new girls and asked me to join in. Thank you Sarah your makeup is amazing / Zoe I adore the outfit you chose for me (sorry my feet were too big for the shoes you had with you. I have asked the other girls if I can post their images but they have not got back to me once they have and if they let me I will post them.

I wish my breasts filled out the dress a little better and my fat thighs were a little more slender. I adore my arms and pose - blushing like mad.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Girls what is the furthest you have ever walked in heels that are 5 inch plus. I have managed about a mile when shopping with friends. 

I was in Covent Garden yesterday and was watching the world running to and from various meetings, appointments secret liaisons  - giggle when 3 women walked past they were amazingly dressed and wore heels that were atleast 5 inches perhaps even 6 and they walked like they were dancing their hips swayed and they looked stunning they were late as they seemed to be hurrying but their heels could have been flats they just glided past - Every guy watched them and they knew it. 

I was stunned by it I really was I got home and tried to emulate their walk. One of the most sensual things I have ever seen.

I wish I was brave enough to have taken a picture.