Tuesday, 30 June 2009

wonderful games

girls the wonderful net brings you dress up fun:




Mr Hugo Black

Wow girls soo blushing from it still - Mr Hugo Black or shall I say Sir has just used and abused me and it was amazing he is sooo yummy his cock is divine and I am sooo his when ever he wants 


thank you sir for an amazing insight to your world.

Time to come clean

Hi to you all,
I have been avoiding posting as I have had my sister on the phone having a go about my well lets be frank (well I much rather be Fran giggle) slutty behaviour!

She can not understand why I can not be "Normal"!!!!

I made the mistake of trying to explain instead of telling her I am normal. I tried the well I am now a women and I want to experience it all you have had years to get your head around it all. This did not work she then tried to explain and I must admit to crying at this point as it ewas rather hurtful. She went on to say that I was a man pretending to be a girl and therefore behaved like a man or more like she added a gay man fucking all over the place.

I calmed down and asked her how many partners she had when she was at college or around the same age as me. She replied what the hell has that got to do with it.

I said look do you want to read about what is happening to me via the blog or as I promised to share things with you first. 

She started to cry and we both did then. We made up and then I went to bed - That was last night. 

Well she just called and has told me not to blog anymore and to stop being Tabitha - I replied how can I stop being me she screamed you are not a girl and put the phone down. 

I am shaking with fear and anger and I have decided to carry on the blog and to never again be untrue to myself. 

My makeup is running and I am typing this watching my hands as if I am removed from them my finger nails which are french tipped seem to belong to someone else. 

The keyboard feels remote and I am so tired. I find these huge swings of mood exhausting I am on hormones and I was warned but I wonder if my sister was right....

Am I a man with mens ideas feelings and behaviour wrapped up in pretty la perla under wear?
Or am I as I have come to believe a slutty girl. I really do not care I really don't blushing and beginning to cry I don't CARE

I want to look like this so thin so pretty so pert so sexy. I want men to desire me and women to hate me as I walk past. I want to be an object of lust.

I want a mistress to use me and abuse me I so want to feel her hand on my body

I want to fill a bra and make my nipples hard I want to be sexy.

I want to be fucked hard and then pass out with cum drying on me

I want to be a mans toy collared and made to suck fat black cock made to squeal with delight.

I want to be so pretty, so girly and so perfect

So I will not stop and I will keep trying to find me and I will tell you all about my adventures.
My sister well she can just live with it.

Swim wear

These are my fave bikini's if I had the body and was brave enough I would so be wearing one of these at the beach. 

Big this Summer

Yellow ladies this yummy half bra and thong is perfect. For those that need more support the fuller cup is below

New shape thongs hark back to the 80's cut but still have a modern look and feel.

The perfect little black dress for that summer holiday - make those nights steamier and sexier girls

Heels to die for

Lets party like it's 1980 giggle I love love these leggings are you brave enough?

Divine little garter skirt and thong combination 

Yummy outfit for that first casual date or a shopping spree in Paris or New York

Cute as a button thong

Love the little bow - girls knickers are getting more and more girly and I for one love that

Girls we could all do with shaping and support and I for one admit to wearing them and find that they really help with making my outline more femm and that much more realistic. 

Love this cute light weight denim set.

Captions From Friends sites

I love these captions the make me blush, bite my lower lip and think naughty thoughts giggle

The girls have voted

You are all sluts giggle It appears that almost all the votes went to suck your mans cock. I always aim to please so without any further pause here are some yummy pics. 

Rachel showing us girls how it is down look at her jaw line ladies you can see she is well versed in sucking and remember sucking burns a lot of calories it also tightens the face muscles and yummy sperm has a lot of protein. Oh yes and it is great for the skin - just don't get it in your eye!

I love love love this image she looks sooo divine and the fact that it is in a car park makes the whole thing a little naughty love this shot her smile is to die for.

Fall into her eyes like pools the cum on her chin adds to the whole image and her cupping of her breasts makes this image one of my faves. SHe looks ready to be fucked hard - blushing 

Very traditional image typical I put this in as most girls dream of this. 

Great pic she is enjoying her work - all her efforts have made him cum and now she is enjoying the feeling on her face and is looking at him with come to bed eyes. 

Great pic best blowjobs ever are those that happen out doors at an event / hallway or hotel lift. She is dressed so classy and he is drinking champers while he gets sucked - perfect. 

Monday, 29 June 2009


I know it has been a while and I have promised to write about my little trip and I have not done so - The main reason is I wanted to wait until this weekend was over. I have been on a bit of a whirl wind ride for a while.

I lost my job and find another ok less pay and not so glam a company but more in tune with me.

As you all know I went to the textile fair and met a guy who runs his own company and we have come to an arrangement - he needs to expand and wants a London address so we both win out of the deal. 

Suffice to say I will explain what happened in a further post. He has been a little naughty and has sent me these images and asked me to write how I feel about them. He loves my blog and I think we are on the road to an very interesting and entertaining relationship.

Perfect eyes closed and making sure she does not drop any of it. A very sensual and erotic shot and I would adore being her 

Look at him you know he could thrust into you for hours giggle ooh my

I adore this image I wish I was her - you absolutely know she is going to be sore in the morning

I could lick that tummy

I love the idea of girls sharing things and each others boyfriends cum - why not giggle

I love the look on her face she is almost upset but she is also confused yes it is wrong but ohhh it feels so right 

I must admit this image has me upset I have spent hours trying to emulate her position and I am convinced that genetic females are feline otherwise how do you explain this position I tried for hours but could only just get into the position - I find the female form and the positions and the whole structure such a turn on I try must evenings to dance and move like a girl it is very hard to really be femm - the key is to be thin and then to walk on your toes then to be aware of every curve, move and position. 

I am convinced I could do a better job giggle

Saturday, 27 June 2009

ok I give in Tennis and Golf is sexy

I adore adore adore her outfit 

Such pertness giggle

Love the colour so femm and the outfit 

This is how I play golf...

What an amazing body

Stunning PA look love the hint of bra

I adore this womens body

Such a sexy pic