Saturday, 13 June 2009


ok well that is that - Zoe has just stormed out she popped over for a chat and a coffee I have been moody all week and was not really up for entertaining but I thought perhaps it might help.

So I let her in and put on the Kettle - I feel all bloaty and horrid so I am wearing my smocked PJ's from The White Company and a silk Robe. 

The first thing Zoe said when I opened the door was why are you dressed like someones mum. 
I bit my lip and smiled and gave her a hug and a peck on the check. 

While the kettle was boiling I excused myself and said I was going to pop up stairs for a very quick shower. I put on some of my more conservative lingerie and left the bathroom and headed into my bedroom to find Zoe lying on my bed her panties around her ankle her shirt pulled up and her denim skirt on the floor she had her eyes closed and was playing with her clit. 

I picked up my fred perry dress and left them room - I put the dress on in the hallway by the stairs and then went back down stairs to the kitchen 

I waited in the kitchen and flicked through vogue while sipping my coffee. 

Zoe finally came down blushing and smiled at me and said what's wrong with you hun are you on? I was about to respond and she said have you gone straight are you only eating cock...
She giggled and I blushed (i knew she would mention that post) 

She then started to make her coffee with her back to me she started to say as she went through the cupboards 

Sorry hun when you left the bedroom I was too horny to stop I have made a little mess on your bed linen but you like that hun she giggled and said the smell of a real women in your bed. 

she sat down with her coffee and looked at me and said hun what's up cat got your tongue. 

I looked up from my magazine and said you bitch you rude cow.

What she almost choked on her coffee 

You barge into my home, masturbate on my bed and then abuse dare you!

She almost laughed and I called her a fucking whore she shouted at me to stop saying that and then she pushed me I fell over the stool and landed on the floor and started to cry.

Zoe then did something that freaked me out she pulled up her jean mini skirt and sat across me her knees on either side of my arms so I had little movement she knelt up and pushed her still wet crotch in my face and rubbed it she held my head still while I cried to my utter shame my sissy clit stirred and Zoe laughed 

she almost spat the words at me now you is the fucking whore you fucking pervert sissy cunt. 
I lay there moaning my sissy clit had never been harder in my life I felt her hand wrap it self around it and for the first time in over 3 years someone was using my cock like a cock she was wanking me I had avoided doing this and only used my tiny cock as a clit she laughed and then I felt a strange warmth on my face and suddenly I relaised she was pissing on me I came and came and came Zoe stood up as the last stream of piss splashed on my chest and face and she ordered me to get changed. Put on your maids costume slut (I had shown Zoe a few months back the maid outfit I had purchased from 3 wishes) I went to my room and changed as she order 

I quickly made my way back to the kitchen sissy clit was now getting hard again thank fully the skirt covered my shame and my tiny cock would not make that much of an announcement.

Zoe ordered me to take of her soaked panties and pick up all the wet clothes and put them in the washing machine I had to separate the washes as her panties were white. 

She then made me clean the kitchen floor and then she made me type this post in. She is currently standing behind me laughing and playing with my hair. 

I am blushing and my clit is so hard.....

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