Monday, 22 June 2009

The Poll is Over

Hi all the poll is over and the winner is a Tgirl Secretary or PA. So as promised please find below a selection of images - what is it we T girls adore about this type of women is it the heels / the suspenders or the one size too small blouse that is stretched over pert breasts, the impossibly tight pencil skirt in navy - or the role being femm and submissive. 

The following images are an eclectic mix I have avoided the obvious I hope you enjoy

Not a typical secretary perhaps a PA - she is sexy intelligent and well dressed. Love the hair and the heels. The silk blouse is too die for.

I love this image or set of images I should say - the blonde is the PA and we can see her boss is abusing her power. I love the look on the blondes face. Her high waisted pink skirt and belt are amazing and perfectly match the silk blouse. She has an amazing jawline and is a very attractive women. 

Ok ok I could not resist a typical PA from the red heels to the black lacy blouse, red belt and huge breasts not my ideal but every male 30 something fantasy - perhaps that is why we long to be her? The other set again is typical of a Secretary even more so with the white blouse the pencil skirt in black or navy and the hair pulled back. 

And for those that wanted the school girl to win a few pictures for you to enjoy

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