Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Short Story - Don't do the crime if you can't do the time

Like a modern day Fagin Charles had set up a little enterprising business. He would recruit cross 
dressers, tgirls post and pre op and give them a place to stay, a job and help them with their transitioning. 

All he asked in return was that they worked as maids for his house cleaning, hotel cleaning company. He also made the girls steal a little trinket here, some cash there it soon built up to a small fortune. 

If a girl got caught she was on her own. 

Sarah was a typical scared, lonely pre op Tgirl she had been on hormones on and off and stumbled across Charles - his charm and house full of like minded girls soon convinced Sarah to join his merry little band.

Months later.....

It was Monday morning and Sarah was cleaning the first property on her list. The owner was home sometimes this happened but Charles did not care he expected something from each house. 
Sarah had let him down before and would not soon forget the beating she got. 

So while he slept she snuck into his draw and took out his wallet like she had done several times before.

She selected two larger notes and pulled them out of the wallet

Suddenly the man who owned the house was holding her hand tightly and shouting at her
She winced his grip was so tight he was crushing her hand 

She tried to make an excuse but he man handled her and then totally unexpectedly punched her face

Sarah fell onto the bed in tears, just as she caught her breath the man slapped her hard across the face 
she tried to stop him but he was huge and far stronger than she was...

She started to cry freely and he slapped her again and again 

Sarah mumbled...please stop...please...please...I will do anything......please 

The man lowered his bulk onto her pressing Sarah further into the mattress, his face just above hers - Sarah fell silent...too scared to talk too scared to even scream...

The man spoke in such a harsh tone it made Sarah gasp...


Sarah's fear had immobilised her 

Two quick slaps across her face get her attention she nodded then without warning he pulled her uniform down and...

He started to suck and bite her nipple, Sarah protested and tried to push his bulk off 

The man grabbed a handfull of hair and pulled her face to his - he almost spat out the words.


Sarah nodded
The man laughed and licked her face like some dog

He then pushed her down onto his cock Sarah took the musty, wee smelling penis into her mouth and started to suck, she tried with all her might not to gag - She could hear him moaning and muttering obscenities at her. 

Finally he came in her mouth she swallowed and smiled hoping that her ordeal was over but he pulled her back onto his cock and held her head in place and then as his cock lost it's hardness he pissed into her mouth.

Sarah tried to swallow but the piss splashed on her face her lips and hair the odour was powerful and she felt sick. He laughed and then pushed her onto her kneers and pulled down her knickers....


Sarah felt his hands pull apart his ass cheeks and then she heard him spit onto her asshole he roared with laughter and as Sarah squirmed as she knew what was going to happen next she punched her in her exposed and prone balls. 

Sarah screamed and at that same moment the man plunged his cock deep into her asspussy....
Sarah pressed her lips together and let him pound her ass

He came in her ass and pulled out wiped his cock in her hair and then handcuffed her to the bed. He then slept. Sarah was sitting on the bed shaking she had no tears left and as her sore ass returned to normal it leaked his cum onto her inner thighs and the remnants of her knickers. 

She heard him waking and closed her eyes - perhaps he had, had enough...

She felt him uncuff her and then grasping her hair he pulled her head onto his cock and pounded her face.

He came quickly and on her face he pushed her head back and then forced his cock into her open mouth he blocked her throat and then pinched her noise....

Sarah's eyes went wide with panic she went blue and then passed out and fell to the floor he picked her up and went out into his garden and opened the back gate into the alley way and placed her on the muddy path between the rows of houses.

He turned to leave her and stopped smiled to himself as he pulled out his cock from his shorts and pissed on Sarah. He chuckled as his pissed soaked the girl and then he turned back into his back garden and closed the gate and went back into the house......

Monday, 21 February 2011

Does anyone like cum

Most Tgirls I know play with their little sissies clits and when they cum they catch a little of it in their hand and shamefully they lick their hand clean. 

Many Tgirls moan about genetic women not swallowing or liking cum. Well let me tell you when a fat cock is pounding your mouth and then throbs and lets a river (and yes it does feel like a river) of hot cum into your mouth and sometimes straight into the back of your throat it is very different from gently licking your hand clean. 

For those that have had the experience share your thought s pls. 
Do you like the taste, smell, feeling, texture? Do you swallow? 

Or do you let him cum on your face?

Are you the type that pretends to love his cum and gently and everso elegantly push the drops on your lips onto your tongue?

Do you pull at his cock hard because you want his cum need it?

Do you let it dribble onto your chin and breasts 

Or are you in-expreinced - poor girl I have been there what do you do...

Is it wrong to laugh?

or is it always a serious business?

Does anyone really like cum?

A maaaad idea

Imagine you could lead a double life you could be you but at a moments notice and a little effort (lets not make it too easy) you could transform into a women.

You could control various aspects of your body but essentially you became a women same women everytime but with the ability to change skin tone, breasts, height, hair colour etc. 


Which you would you choose? Blonde? Brunette? Dark Skinned? Etc...

Would you be a young you or an older you?

You could re-invent yourself everytime you transformed what would you do - explore your new gift and become the university slut - fucking all the ball players? Would you experience and try every thing you have ever fantasied about 

Being a cute college girl fucked by the star Qtr. Back? 

Become a slave to a powerful mistress 
Allow yourself to be humiliated turned into a pet an animal to serve 

Is this your fantasy?

Or this do you want to be her to feel the football captains cock in your ass and his fat firm fingers on your clit while you wank his team mates

Or a house wife begging for your husbands cum 

A little kitty cat to a frat house

Or one of masters pets 

Will you let him cage you 

and train you

Perhaps you want to serve in a gentleman's club 

or be his maid

or are you the glam type - stuck up and obnoxious - teasing and manipulating men 

Strong and athletic 

In control of your own pets

Do you want a harem of gentic girls to fuck

perhaps you can buy a girl at an auction 

train her 

or are you girlie and all this harsh spanking and training is for other girls you just want to be free to be femm perhaps explore a new career a singer

a model

dress designer 

A secretary

If I had my choice I would be an ever so preppy college girl. I would be in the best sorority.
I would love to be as prim and proper as possible but really be a slut 

I would dress casually but well and always wear matching underwear and the cutest of preppy tops 

I would love to tease 

I would show off and have several female relationships 

I would be ever so pert and cute. 

I would hang out with guys but late at night - I would sneak out so know one would know I was a total whore

I would dance with the biggest guys


Play dress up 

Let them use me and allow him to play around 

I would never let them fuck my pussy as I would want to remain a virgin but he could fuck my arse

I would send the guys topless pics of me to tease them

I would have shots of every cock I sucked 

I would let them cum on me 

I would soooo dress up for parties 

I would let my teachers fuck me for better grades

I would only date amazing looking guys

I would always play with their cocks

I would always return home with such a glint of naughty-ness - a look in my eye only known to other women that makes it clear I had been fucked well. 

My female friends would be as perfect and as slutty as I want to be.

I want to be known as a wild untamed kitty kat

I want to be such a tease and push everything to its limits 

I want to experience everything I have been too afraid to try

I don't want to give a fuck

I want to be used

I want to kiss a beautiful women in the rain and feel her wet hand grasp my soaking breast