Sunday, 31 May 2009

This weekend update and catch up

For those that have not read the last few posts just a quick reminder.

Friday afternoon I went to see what I was hopping to be a new father figure in the end he turned out to be like most older guys who are on their own and who have hidden who they really want to be sad, lonely and desperate. 

It was uncomfortable, odd, misshapen and strained couple of hours. Well I had to give him a blowjob for the shoes but hey I adore those shoes. 

I decided to go to bed early and stepped into the shower with my new toy
After an hour of knee trembling I got changed and went to bed early wearing my yummy Madam V baby doll. 

I woke up on Saturday and placed a couple of posts on my blog and then spent the rest of the morning getting ready. John and Zoe were away at John's mum and dads and they were due back on their own on Sunday. I had been invited around for Sunday chat and coffee while John was out. A bit of a girly catch up.

But I had other things on my mind my data with Carl. What to wear. 

Well after a long and hard think I decided on this choice of underwear. I was keen to create a femm a shape as possible. I wanted to wear something that would make carl say wow but also I wanted to look as femm as shape as possible. The main reason I selected this corset set is simply because it is a little too small. I only ever wore it once and it really is tight. Worn correctly it turns my 27 inch waist into a 25inch waist. Ok I can not eat anything giggle but it is worth it.

The Asos site has a great little function for helping choose the perfect outfit. The outfit I had selected was a Mischa  Barton one. I love the way she dresses so I have a few of her outfits. This is what I had chosen to wear. 

The Jeans are mid rise bleached skinny flare, the top is an Asos double breasted slouch shirt. The shoes of-course where my Jimmy Choos. 

The jacket I chose to wear was my warehouse double breasted mac. Its long and I can hide in it if I start to feel a little odd or out of place. 

I had arranged with Carl to pick me up and drive into town. He knocked on the door and I let him and asked him to wait I went up stairs and finished my makeup and applied a lucky squirt of perfume and then walked downstairs

Carl said wow you look stunning and I thanked him I could hardly move in the corset. We kissed on each cheek and then left. 

Carl opened the door to his car and helped me in. He has a new Alfa Romeo Spyder. I asked him to put the roof up. He did. I thanked him and said I was feeling a little exposed. The car is low and getting in with my corset was not easy.

He drove us to islington and parked in the N1 centre. He got out the car and opened my door and then offered his arm which I took and we walked towards the lifts. He complimented me on my attire and also started to say something but stopped I got very nervous and insisted he explain. We were in the lobby and I was whispering to him as others were waiting for the lift. (looking back at it now it looked like a couple arguing.) 

He finally gave in and said that he was going to say that I was walking in a very femm way and that he thought I looked very femm. 

I said thank you and then said take me home. He responded why and I said either think of me as Tabby or nothing.

He just nodded and said sorry.

He offered me his arm I took it and we went into the lift.

The lift pinged and we got out on the 2nd floor.

Ok Sushi he said 

I nodded and we went into Yo Sushi we were shown our seats and then we ordered. I could only fit in a little as the corset was too tight to eat. Carl kept offering me plates and I kept telling him no. We joked and chatted and I blushed and flirted.

I said lets go for a walk and not a film - Carl agreed and we left. He said I have an idea and we got in his car and he drove us to Alexandra Palace. 

Parked up and we walked around the grounds - everynow and then we kissed. Finally it was time to go and Carl asked me where. we were stood by his car and I turned and kiss him fully on the lips. I whispered in his ear anywhere you want. I blushed 

He said are you sure - I replied no and he said dont worry hun there will be other nights. 
He drove me to my home and got out of the car opened the door and helped me out. 

Coffee he nodded and we went in.

I put my coat away and he asked for the loo and I went to the kitchen and made coffee he startled me by knocking on the kitchen door. 

Oh I blushed madly he walked towards me put his hands on my hips I adored the way the corset allowed my hips to stick out and I felt so girly standing there.

He kissed me and I let my hand slip down unzip his trousers and pull out his cock. Carl has a nice cock not that I have much experience of them but its fat, hard, hot and longish. I gently stroked him and then with out a word he picked me up and put me on the counter. Hun he said you don't have too he hugged me and kissed me deeply and handed me the cup of coffee I smiled and slipped off the counter and slide down to my knees and took his cock and deep throated him.

I wanked him and licked his cock sucked his balls and made a real whore of myself. He moaned and gripped my hair and forced me deeper onto his cock then his cock pulsed and then shot cum into my mouth and throat I swallowed and let him hold my hair until he stopped thrusting. 

He sat back onto the stool in the kitchen and said wow and I hugged him and smiled licking my lips I said no thank you hun and blushed as I took a sip of coffee. He said that he should go as he would not be able to help himself. I agreed and we kissed and then I opened the front door and he left. 

I changed into my Elle Macpherson Silk Camisole and Boy Cut Shorts.

 I lay on my tummy and lifted my bottom into the air my hands slipped into my knickers and started to flick my sissy cit and my other finger I pushed into my asspussy I played with myself till I started to buck and squeal and then I sat up onto my knees and tried to catch my cum but I was too late and it soaked my knickers and top. I giggled blushed and stripped out of my cum soaked clothes and lay totally naked in bed my hands running up and down my body feeling the release from the corset.

I smiled as I recalled how it made me sit up straight and kept me in perfect form. 

I still had my breasts forms attached and I closed my eyes and drifted of to sleep blushing as I remembered that my tummy had my mans cum in it. 

Amazing pics and proof of my theory - The third sex

I came across these images researching my theory of the third sex. I am convinced I am onto something yes others have mentioned this idea but I am putting in the foundations and trying to build a better understanding.

In some way these images help express in a comical and sexy way the ideas. Why do some guys who would be straight but for cross dressing which then allows them to explore their gay tendencies only when dressed accept this what is the trigger what happened to them. 

In my case when I was 17 years old (late developer) I made love to a girl dressed in her thong and holdups not sure how it happened maybe I wanted it and it just happened that way. What ever the reason the image below is deffo where these two boys get their start - how long before they are on their knees dressed a cute girls and sucking cock. - 1 week giggle. Just look how pleased their girlfriends are.

Boys will be girls - giggle As the third sex gets established girls will need to be milked regularly otherwise they will cause trouble, special room sat schools will be set up to allow wayward girls to milk themselves and remove the harmful cum.

As the new gender spreads into offices real dom men will be unable to determine whom is a third sex gender girl and who is not. But as most men only think with their cocks there will be the inevitable cock up - giggle and some rough delivery guy will get to fuck a sexy PA while her friend fucks him.

Third gender girls will want to be visited by third gender nurses and doctors. The funny thing is when the other genders see how glam and sexy they are they all want the same nurses and doctors throwing the profession into turmoil until there are enough third gender doctors and nurses to cover the hospitals. This in turn speeds up the acceptance of third gender girls and also provides a specialist employment market.

As with all things early followers will try some will get it right and others will fall by the wayside. 

TV reality shows will feature third gender girls in cum offs and for the first time TV will be watchable and sexy. 

Some guys will be forced to change as they are not male enough and can not find work so their only hope is to go third gender and specialist teachers will become popular much like yoga teachers. These teachers will train and help those that want to change, change. 

Universities will also have to accept third gender sororities and there will be a distinct possibility that they will become the most popular. Their initiation tests will be far more inventive and unusual than standard sororities 

Lingerie ads will change as third sex girls become models and their spending power increases major corporations will start to focus their communications to the new sector. Copy for ads will need to be tweaked as third gen girls will need support above and below.

As always Madonna will be ahead of the curve and will have move into being the first main stream third sex adopter - her new road show is amazing.

As bars are set up to cater for the new breed of girl cum will become the most popular drink 
In some top bars they will serve it fresh 

Finally even stories will be amended to include the new girls and finally the third sex will have arrived. 

Fun Captions

Saturday, 30 May 2009

A selection of must haves for girls

USB Tulip Hub - at last an adorable gadget for girls - Looks great next to my macbook. 

Paige Gamble Aligator and Peacock Clutch - totally glam - safari inspired clutch by Paige Gamble so sexy so want one now!

Lacoste Short Sleeve Polo Dress - I love this dress. It is perfect adorable and a timeless classic any and every girl needs this in her wardrobe.

Kate Spade Preston Hollow Large Flower Pot - This is a of the scale cute everyday bag I love it and just about everything Kate makes. The polka dot lining makes this every day tote a pleasure to use.  

Cache Chiffon Trapeze Dress - If you are looking for that perfect head turning, stuff strutting, Perfect New Years eve or any eve garment then look no further. The smoky gray dress falls in sexy silken pleasts just a few inches above the knee and the rhinestone collar adds that little bit of bling needed for those occasions when bling will only do. 

Stripe Conductor Cap

I love all things about the 1920’s. Guys in suites and hats. This Conductor Cap in navy would be perfect paired with a soft fluttery dress and flats for evening cocktails or shorts and a striped tee for a day by the sea. Did you see the little raffia flower on the side? Adorable! Dress it up or dress it down it, either way it will be your go-to hat all summer long. Go ahead, Daisy Buchanan would approve.

book shelf of men

Oh yummy giggle I love this idea. When not in use they can be stacked up to create a shelf and have some use and when needed you can select from a range of size colour and style and when you are finished put them back. Utter utter genius. 

Meeting Dad - Friday night and the mess I am in

For those that want to see what I wore please read the blog post 

Well I got ready checked myself in the mirror - cuteness of the scale perfect. I left the house got in the car and started to drive following the instructions Dad had sent.

I love driving en femm the skirt always rides up and guys seem to add 10 sexy points to a girl in a car not sure why but they always seem to think a girl is sexier if she is driving a cute little car.

I drove along window open and kylie tracks playing, while I chair danced giggle and sung. 

I arrived at the house and true to his word it was rather large 

I pressed the buzzer and a voiced cracked and crackled into life and said hello 

I replied it's Tabby 

the box said yes yes do come in the gate opened and I drove in.

There was a car parked to the left of the house so I parked my car behind. Then I got out of the car and picked up the bottle of wine and there he was standing on the door step 

I am not sure why but I handed the bottle over and picked the corner of my skirt and curtseyed and said hi daddy.

There was an odd pause and then he took my hand and led me through the house. 

We entered the garden and sat down and started to chat he poured me a drink and complimented me on my attire. 

I really tried to feel comfortable and get along with him but I would catch him staring andhe kept making comments that made me feel a little stressed - finally I stood up and said sorry Keith this is not working.

Wait he said I have something for you please just wait 

He hurried into the house and returned with a medium sized wooden box he handed the box over and the lid had a Jimmy Choo Stamp. I opened the box and almost fainted they were the pair that I have lusted over for the last few months. 

I put the box down on the patio and took of my plimsoles and put them on and strutted around and then gave Keith a hug.

His hand drifted to my bottom and he held me then he kissed me on the cheek and then tried to kiss my mouth I looked down to stop him and he broke the hug. 

I said 

Keith he interrupted and said what happened to Daddy 

Keith I repeated this is not going to work I turned to leave hoping he would not ask for the shoes and he called after me wait I stopped and said yes 

He replied you owe me something...

although the pause was less than a few seconds it felt like years 

The words fell out of my mouth I could not believe I was saying this God did I really want those sheos... What do you want...

What all men of my age want a small amount of pleasure 

I just nodded 

stepped closer to him and dropped to my knees unzipped his linen trousers and pulled out his cock it did not look that different to others I had seen I gently stroked it and licked it slowly it got hard and then I went to work sucking, stroking with all my energy to try and make this finish quickly this was then first and last time I told my self no more. 

I kept telling myself that I was going to end up fucking for money and that this was the long and slippery start to that life his shudder alerted me to the fact he was ready but I was caught in a day dream and did not react quick enough and he started to pump his cum into my mouth I pulled back and swallowed what was in my mouth as the last string of cum landed across my lips and my cheek. 

He let out a long and loud moan and  then released my head from his grasp. 

I stood up looking for a tissue he handed me his hanky and I wiped my face. 

He then said one more thing dear Tabby let me see it.

I looked confused for a moment and then it hit me he needed to see my male clit. I guess it was a kick for him I nodded lifted my skirt and pulled my cotton thong to one side and he walked towards me and cupped my sissy balls and smiled. I gently brushed away his hand and he stepped back and smiled thank you dear girl 

I picked up the box my pilsoles and left the house 

I got into my car and he closed the door I quickly changed into my plimsoles and drove out of the gates.

I pulled over almost straight away and started to cry I was looking through my purse for some gum anything to get rid of the taste of cum and could not find anything I started to scream in frustration. 

I calmed and drove back the way I came finally a petrol station I pulled in and got out and walked into the shop and picked up some gum paid for it and left. 

Before I had left the shop I had 4 pieces of gum in my mouth (extra spearmint really is worth keeping in your purses girls it gets rid of the taste of cum) 

As I stepped onto the garage forecourt one of those horrid cars (you know the type cheap car with loads of bits on it and huge exhausts full of drunk, high 18 year old boys with too much cum and not enough brains) zoomed out of the garage as it past me the front passenger wolf whistled and shouted show us your tits love. 

I ignored them like any posh girl would and sat back in my car and smiled to myself (although posh girls are above that sort of thing they do love a little bit of rough) 

I drove home and as I was back early I decided to get on with work. I was feeling a little strange and a little dangerous and too be honest horny the last 10 mins of the drove home had me imagining a scenario with those boys and how they would have used and abused me. 

How they would have taken me into their awful car and stripped me and then made me suck them all and then drop me off somewhere.

I clicked the kettle on and leaned over the table to look at my emails nothing, boring nothing oh interesting I had an email from work they were asking me to attend a technical material show in Manchester. They had a new outdoor clothing client that wanted to move away from it's rather old image and try to appeal to funky street customer.

The great thing about these events is that unlike main stream events where you are promoting your company and your name / brand etc. These events have individuals signing up because it is more about the research and attending the various break out sessions where a group is shown the positives of the new materiel. 

I normally attend these functions as a male but I clicked on the link and filled in the form knowing that no one would even know the difference, fear, worry or just plain sanity kicked in and I order two tickets in my male name and female name.

I knew that all I had to do was arrive at the badge collection desk and pick up my badges and they would register me and any other badge picked up as there. I guess they do not think anyone would gate crash a technical fabric meeting.

If there is an older couple / older male or female who wants to adopt (not officially) a daughter I would love to hear from you. I want to be able to send Christmas cards as Tabby and birthday cards and generally get mail with her name on it - I know it sounds mad but it adds another few feet to reality and being able to close the circle.

Friday, 29 May 2009

Getting ready to meet dad

Well everyone I am signing off till later I am going to get ready and then drive over to Hampstead to meet Daddy. 

Wish me luck I hope this is ok and does not feel uncomfortable or odd in anyway.

Wanna Be

I came across a nice little blog called wanna be the premise seemed simple find an image or images of a girl and post them under the tittle "Wanna Be" 

Simple well not when Tabby is involved firstly I could not just settle on one shot of the girl secondly I needed to explain each image so after searching the web I think finally I have some thing to share with you. 

I adore her athletic body pert small ish breasts her hair is yummy and she is ever so cute.

I adore the hair and the cute level is out of this world - Oh to be her 

Love the hair and love the bod just a hint of tummy muscle but still very femm and very cute.

This is the best image by far look at her waist and the way her bottom curves back and up pulling her tummy taught and guiding your eye to her lovely powder blue panties. I adore this pose and adore this girl.

I love the curve of a womens hip and the plmp pert bottom and the best thing is that feeling of a thong as it passes by your cheeks and the two dimples just above the bottom so yummy

Athletic, feminine, pert, cute and a smile to die for this girl has it all. The cow - giggle

Being femm

Being Femm - what does this mean. I think as I have pointed out in other posts for Tgirls it can mean many things for me it is a combination of looking and feeling femm, dressing, and acting like a women but in all aspects of life. 

I have listed some simple things that I do that really do help me feel like a women.

In a rather un-female way I will make a list:

1. I have marked in my diary when I have my period and I do so every month and I go through all the roles I need to play out to make it real I even change the style of my knickers to allow for liners. 

2. I do all my work both personal and work related like a girl I avoid acting / responding like a man at all.

3. I have baths more than showers and use female grooming products

4. I never stand to pee not even when I am out in male attire.

5. I buy female magazines and watch female films and read female books

6. I eat like a girl and exercise like a girl 

7. I have overly female interiors to my home and I am interested in female Tv programmes

8. I refer to my penis as a male clit or sissy clit my bottom as my asspussy or sissy pussy and my testicles as my sissy balls

9. I never wank I always use my male clit like a women would and use my asspussy

10. I try to be submissive at all times

It is also a state of mind try to become the girl you want and be proud of who she is even if she is a bitch. I wanted to be a very nice girl next door but it turns out Tabby is a little snooty and likes to think she is upper class I know this sounds a little mad but it is vital the girl in you grows into whom she should be and not whom your subconscious male self wants her to be. 

A good rule of thumb apparently is to cast your mind back and remember a girl that excited you / turned you on but you did not like that is a good starting place I am told. 

Story for Caitlin

Hi all, 
Caitlin has sent in a request she wanted a picture story and has begged me to write a naughty, fem dom story - I always aim to please - wink - 

Oh Sally just shut up you stupid girl - shouted Miss Tabby. Look at Caitlin she is ever so sub why can't you be like her. 

Sally started to respond and Miss Tabby grabbed the girl and started to spank her. 

The girls were recently best friends that had fallen under Miss Tabby spell. Not that it was hard both boys had adore the feeling of silk and the heaviness a D cup breast brings to a girls chest. They adored their femm clothing now all that was left was to break any connection with maleness and Tabby knew exactly how to do this.

Miss Tabby pushed down both girls and positioned them back to back on their knees. The girls looked at each other faces furrowed with worry. Miss Tabby simply continued to move the girls into the correct position. When she was happy Miss Tabby turned away and reached for some equipment she stood up and whispered now ladies you will learn...

Miss Tabby attached ball gags and ties so that they could not move and then she inserted a double ended industrial vibrator she pushed both ends deeply into the girls asspusssy's 

Both girls moaned and flinched - Miss Tabby smiled knowingly and then she blushed - she remembered her first experience of this pleasure torture she was broken in this way very few tgirls could stand the pleasure 

Miss Tabby said look at the camera girls and  smile there was a whirl and a click and the moment was capture forever. Shall we send the picture to your families girls 

Both girls struggled at the threat trying to escape Miss tabby laughed and then grabbed a handful of each girls hair and pulled them back onto the device their pussy's slid further onto the device as their bodies ate the tube they shudder and moaned then suddenly they passed the sensor and the device buzzed into life.

Both girls squealed as the device not only buzzed and vibrated but also expanded and extended inside each girl then the device split open inside each girl and a small feeler searched for the girls prostate and then latched onto each gland. The device closed and returned to vibrating, expanding and extending in each girl they both squealed and bucked back onto the device which in-turned forced the device further into the girl behind. 

Miss Tabby watched for a while blushing slightly as her asspussy remembered the feelings she shivered as her male clit released a little bit of pre cum she smiled and pressed the final button and she walked away leaving the girls to their squeals and moans...

As she walked towards the door and her hips swayed and each foot was placed in front of the other and her impossibly high heels clicked on the tiled floors she paused waiting her hand on the door handle then the device let out the charge it travelled along the cable and then set a tiny charge off on each girls prostate both girls just started cumming and cumming they squealed and bucked and shouted then the charge again and more cum 

the panic on their faces was obvious Miss Tabby smiled and closed the door.
She checked her watch the time was 1.30pm she knew in less than 1 hour both boys would never feel male again they would yearn for the feeling that the machine was pulsing therough their bodies. Tabby walked along the corridor smiling as she heard the girls squeal. She thought to herself any moment now she stopped walking to make sure she heard the sound..........and then it came a long low moan which got higher in pitch and intensity, she knew that that was the first hurdle the girls were on their way they had thanks to the device and their over eager prostates just experienced their first female / male orgasm. 

Tabby continued to walked along the corridor listening to a mixture of pain and pleasure as both girls were sent to the ultimate hieghts of pleasure and then beyond.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Random Pictures & Schoolgirls

Hi everyone I have had some images sent to me and the email requested I express what I thought about each image. Never wanting to let my fans down here I go:

Yummy classic schoolgirl love the ponytail and the pose.

Perfect pose really cute uniform and love the glasses the holdups add that slutty girl cute thing.

Not sure if this is a school girl image but she is cute and I love her face and chin.

Yummy two little whores giggle

I love this pic princess - a white girl amongst huge black cocks lucky cow giggle.

Oh my wow I am sooo wet just looking at those cheeks giggle

Fantastic - she can zoom lens me anytime - giggle.