Thursday, 28 May 2009

Outfits sent in

I was trawling through my inbox and nestled between a spam mail for enhancing my love rod 
and making me the envy of all men was a lovely and charming email. 

The person has not expressed either way if they wish me to express who they are so I will refrain until given permission.

The email was short but full of charm. 

He started by saying sorry for contacting me and that he did not expect a response. He said he was far too old for me and was just hoping that I would spare him a thought. 

His email went on to say that he would love to take me out for lunch and wanted to buy my outfit for me and sent two images of the outfits he wanted me to wear. He suggested I selected 1 and if I accepted the lunch date he would buy the outfit for me. 

These were the two outfits he suggested.

He then added that he did not expect anything in return just the pleasure of buying me lunch and the honor of my company. 

I wrote back and politely expressed that yes he was old enough to be my dad and that would be a wonderful thing. I added that I preferred the 2nd outfit and that I would meet him for lunch and that Tabby needed a father figure and I would be happy for him to take up the role.

He replied with his mobile number and I called him this morning.

We chatted for a while, adding further to my Posh girl background Tabby's dad lives in a very posh part of London in large house in Hampstead - he is a retired Banker and city broker. He is 55 well spoken and very very old English - again adding to where I see Tabby's personality developing. 

We agreed that tomorrow Tabby would drive to her new fathers home and they would have lunch in the garden. He would order a meal from a local cafe he knew well and they would deliver whatever we wanted.

He then expressed that he was upset there was no time to send me a gift. I asked him to get something special that would seal our agreement and commitment. Something expensive I joked. Knowing that he would buy me something amazing.

I put the phone down and for the first time in the last few years I really looked forward to the weekend. 

Friday lunch with dad

Date with Carl on Saturday 

Catch up with Zoe on Sunday.

Finally Tabby's life was begining to improve. 

Better get back to work. Oh and for those that want to know I am wearing.

This set from VS. I adore the bra on this set and the half cups are soo yummy. The suspenders are very special on this set as they are designed to fit in with the string panties. and follow the shape of the string it makes for an amazing set. 

I am at home for today working away like a good girl and I am wearing a simple cargo shirt dress and my mary jane 5 inch heels. I like to tie the belt on the dress in a knot 

Lastly I wanted to say that I have been trying to listen to Posh English women speaking on my iPod at night (various parliamentary pod casts, Joanna Lumley Etc) So that I can better emulate the girl I want to be.  


  1. I love that first outfit! The second is cute too.

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