Thursday, 28 May 2009

Some News

Hi everyone, 

Carl called me last night we chatted for about an hour I kept blushing and feeling a little odd. He was a perfect gentleman and asked me out on Saturday for a coffee and perhaps a film. I said yes.

Zoe popped in last night and we talked about the events on Sunday and my subsequent posts she likes the new direction I am going in and wanted to invite me out for a girly drink in the local wine bar Saturday night. 

God I felt like a naughty school girl - I blushed and said that I was already on a date with Carl. 

Zoe almost jumped up with excitement and I made coffee and we chatted for a while about all sorts of things. 

Finally I changed and slipped into my Alice and Astrid babydoll 

slipped into my crisp freshly laundered linen sheets slipped my french tipped fingers into my panties and slowly and gently played with my male clit like a women and closed my eyes and fell asleep. 

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