Thursday, 26 August 2010

I am back girls

Hi girls, guys, tgirls, sissy faggots and everyone else. I have been away on hols more on that later in the mean time enjoy this yummy image.

these girls are talented.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Celebrity Cock Girls

The further I travel along the Tgirl road the closer I seem to get to being femm but somehow I seem to be getting further away from being a complete women.

My movements, my manner are all female, I blush sooo readily that most individuals would consider me a little prim and proper. I do find that a little funny. On the outside I appear to be a librarian a well dressed one but deep inside I am such a whore....

I was never very big to my shame my cock or as I prefer to refer to it sissy clit is less than 3 inches when hard now the hormones and my genetics have seen to that. I do love my little pert breasts and adore how my hips and bottom are filling out.

Yoga and lots of tums and bums with a little bit of thighs thrown in also have helped shape me but I yearn for more.

More of what I am not sure. More cock, more breasts, more womanly, more tgirly. I really want some one to tell me what to do.

I am getting very close to the point of no return and I really need to make some decisions I am such an air head I tend to float around and let things happen to me.

I was speaking with a female friend of mine she (she is 37 single, intelligent and due to a previous marriage a home owner and not in any real need for money) is a part time Escort and works in a Selfridges. I met her recently she told me why she Escorts and like everyone else I assumed it was for the money. She astounded me by telling me she needs sex does not want a relationship and longs for the days when she was younger and could sleep with several partners each night but men of her age are looking for something more attached.

I thought long and hard about Cerys (my friend and super slut - she won't mind me calling her that giggle) and have decided if a genetic female can be a slut then it must be femm to be so.

I am not sure why I have these moments but I do and I find them very well to be honest scary. I was sooo in need of company (company = sex) last week that I dressed like a total slut and stood at the door to my home for about 20mins trying to take the next step.

I knew if I did that I would end up being raped or beaten up but the need to be fucked the need to suck on a cock was so compelling. To my shame images of men fucking me using me flooded my mind.

Girls does this happen to you?

To my shame I slid onto the floor in my hallway by my front door and burst into tears.

The need for sex the need to be penetrated did not go away and in tears make up running I crawled into bed to fuck myself silly with my dildo.

Sleep did not come, just a burning shame and an even more powerful lust a need to fuck. I got out of bed and took of my clothes and slid into my babydoll with matching boy shorts.

I poured a glass of wine and sat in front of my laptop and started to look for images that would excite me - I stumbled upon these images below.

Somehow they managed to help my needs. Which in turn made me think that perhaps I am meant to be a tgirl and be with a tgirl also.

Perhaps because they are impossible fakes or celebrity images?

A yummy Keira Knightly - nice breasts although Keira's are much cuter.

Another stunning celeb - love her balls giggle and what a cock.

My darling Natalie - oh would I adore being her maid.

Ohh my sliding down that monster would be sooo yummy.

That would poke the back of your neck.

Another Keira nice and hard giggle

Megan proving she can fuck as good as she looks

Emma darling such a cute little clit.

Short Story - A lesson in Manners

Sorry girls, guys and sissy faggots for not posting on my blog for such a long time. My Master has just sent me home for the first time in a week and I have been told to post my thoughts and feelings.

I guess I better start from the beginning - as you all know well those that read my blog do - I am a student and I spend most of my time looking for excuses to dress. I adore creating the girl next door look.

I started taking hormones and spending a lot of time with my female friends in their sororities. They taught me how to walk in heels, dress and giggle (sooo blushing) how to suck cock.

One drunken night sitting in the lounge of the sorority house the girls were teasing me.

Porsche the Sorority queen giggled and said to me. Lisa darling you are such a total girl but you need to achieve one more thing then you can classify yourself as a total women.

The girls all blushed

I giggled and begged her to tell me please Porsche tell me Nicole giggled and added oh hun believe me you do not want to know.

I do I do I squealed

Nicole sat next to me and held my hand darling are you sure she teased


OMG Porsche giggled in response she must be on her monthly cycle

I stood up and shouted at Porsche - your such a fucking bitch you cow....I hate you you made me do some many things to become part of your horrid sorority and I burst into tears
after becoming a girl and becoming your pet you can not even share with me one last thing...

I stormed out....

A few days later...

I went into my dorm room and found a bag from a local fashion boutique and a note pinned to it. I unfolded the note and read the message.

Hi Lisa,
We all felt so bad about teasing you the other day.
We have bought you a cute downtown outfit
and have outlined the last challenge you must
face to become a women.

Please goto this address (23a Side Drive, Lower Town, NY) Ask for a
Dwight and do behave and do as he asks as the reputation of the sorority is at
stake - oh and hun please remember to smile

Love your sorority sisters

I opened the bag and found a cute bikini thong and matching bikini top.
A cute pair of daisy dukes, a cute pair of flaties and a tight check shirt.

I dressed and styled my hair and left my room and headed down to my scooter and
started to head towards the address in the note.

I arrived in a very scary part of town but I smiled and headed towards the front door of the apartment.

A huge guy answered the door and asked me in.

I asked him if he was Dwight and he simply nodded.
We arrived in the lounge and he turned me around and said in a low scary voice you will do hoe.

I smiled and thanked him. His hands got a little rougher and a little more intimate.

He pushed me towards the couch arm and held me firmly as he fondled my ass. I smiled and thanked him

He sneered

I started to get a little worried as I saw his huge bulge in his trousers.
He started to undo my blouse and grunted and muttered to himself

...fucking sorority girls... fucking fags always getting those shit girldudes from Porsche fucking uptown bitch owes me.... fucking breaking in another fag... fucking cunt must think I am a fag fucking cut her bitch.... Fucking gonna get me some of that uptown poon when I fuck that porsche again.....

he takes off my blouse and then bikini top and pinches my tiny breasts and licks my huge nipples. I moan like a whore...

Smiling all the time he slaps me and says why are you smiling bitch....

The sting from his smack takes a while to work across my cheek and enter my head. I start to cry.

I fall to my knees as he yanks me back to my feet and roughly removes my Daisy Dukes and pushes two fat fingers into my ass pussy

His rough fingers push hard against my prostate causing me to cum I shudder and let a small amount of cum jerk from my tiny sissy clit

He laughs and catches the tiny amount he keeps fingering me and I start to push back onto his fat strong fingers he cups his hand on my sissy clit again and catches the cum I jerk out of my clit....

I scream as he pushes two more fingers in and starts to finger fuck me....

I am now flopping around like a rag doll cum leaking from me pain and pleasure washing over me in waves and then he lifts his hand to my face and make me lick my cum from his hand.

He then laughs and pushes me over the couch arm and spits on my hole and rams into me at that moment I lift my head up and my eyes widen as a small amount of drool drips from my painted lips...

I see Porsche standing there watching smiling as her camera phone is snapping away...

I blush in humiliation and she walks towards the man giant and stokes his chest and sits down next to me and says

Dwight fuck her till she bleeds....

She then grabs a handful of my hair and spits her words out into my face...


IS THAT clear darling her toned softened....

My eyes rolled back as my 7th orgasm spasmed through me...

As everything went black all I could make out was Dwight's grunts and thrusts her laughter and encouragement ringing in my ears....

Friday, 6 August 2010

Jimmy Choo - I adore you

what is on her mind and what is on yours

You pass a sexy couple on the street. You stare at her your eyes dart across her body you take in all the details her shoes, the way she walks, her clutch, the dress she is wearing, her earrings, her makeup her hair.

You are enthralled by her...

You stare and she catches you and as you pass she stares at you...

You blush, she half smiles and you wonder does she know, does she somehow sense that your eyes were not lustful but full of envy, full of sissy desire to be her.

You lower your head and walk pass

You dare yourself to look back and admire her strut as you do she glances over her shoulder and laughs....

Yes she thinks your dying to get into my panties aren't you my sissy darling

Monday, 2 August 2010

well there is a surprise - giggle

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