Friday, 16 July 2010

One wish

Darlings, faggots, tgirls, cross dressers, sissies and all you desperate gurls out there dying to be a girl - I have one magical ring left it will allow you to become this....

Who wants it - the girl with the best reason will win the ring and a pair of stunning pair of Chantelle shorty from Figleaves.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Short Story - The Tgirl Wife and Husband World Awards

Let me welcome to the stage this years winners

the two girls confidently strut onto the stage their walk a picture of femm sensuality.

Our blonde bombshell - Sunny Jones, Wife and Mistress to the stunning brunette Lisa Jones, formerly Lewis Jones.

Sunny waves to the crowd and Lisa curtsies.

Hun Lisa purrs your hogging the lime-light, Sunny smiles and turns to her femm husband and sweetly replies - shhh my little pet bitch and be thankful I have my hands full

the audience cheer and Lisa lowers her head and blushes

Sunny turns to Lisa and hands her the bouquet of pink roses and kisses her husband on both cheeks and turns the the audience and begins to tell their story.....

A request from a reader

Hi Tabby,

I am a 20 something well educated black women. I live in London and I am Bi. I want to make one thing clear I adore tgirls, love them as my sub pets.

I find it incredibly sexy when white girls are fucked by black guys and would love to see more tgirls being used by strong proud black men.

I would love you to post this and include some images and your thoughts. Love the blog Tabby.

Carolyn XXX

Your wish is my command my queen - deep curtsey (Love your pic thank you for sharing)

I adore this pic. A white girl on holiday takes a pic of her lover so she can show off to her friends and tell tales of his cock while she sits in the pub drinking wine with her friends.

oh to be her - imagine girls, being so turned on so in rapture that you do not care you are being fucked like an animal that your head is being pulled back and your pussy is pounded so hard you are bleeding....

White girls can be such whores

Is this real or staged I really do not care it is soooo erotic imagine a wife at home while her husband is at work and the builders pop in for tea she dresses in her wedding dress and lets then rape her.

I love his look he is such a poser but do you think she cares ladies - my guess is not at all.

A real naughty girl - nipples tell everything there is to know.

Size can be such an erotic thing she is tiny her hand is too small to hold his cock and he is huge why does this work so well? Ladies any thoughts?

I look at this image and my little sissy clit gets hard - well hard-ish and my nipples grow and I let out a little moan then without knowing it I am purring and imagining being there. Why what is it what mystical power draws us. What is it that makes white girls and white tgirls soooo ready to please black cock.

Even mothers are in on the act... blushing

I know this is fake but I love it.

I do hope this is real I love her puritan uniform it is such a juxtaposition.

Carolyn I hope this pleases you. I do love your thinking darling.

oh my - my new fave girl to party with

What wonderfully dirty girl.

Oh my I want to be one of these girls

Soooo want to be one of these girls - blushing like a little slut - but it is true.

Be my master oh my blushing

Girls I think I may have found the perfect man oooh purrr pls sir can I have some more giggle

I want to be able to do that

Amazing - What a talent - I will be practising

Short Story - Learning about Cock

As the popularity of t-girls explodes schools are set up across the country to deal with teaching t-girls how to be cock hungry little faggot whores.

The best school by far is run by Miss Tabitha Jones. The Jones Academy For T Girls or as it is commonly known Tabby's Cock Suckers School for the Gifted T Girl.

There was a buzz in the class room - The girls all knew today was going to be special. They knew they would be getting their hands on a real mans cock - admittedly to start them off it was an average sized cock but soon the girls all knew they would be dealing with huge beast cocks.

Now girls please settle down. You may think you understand a man's cock but you do not. You are only aware of your on sissy faggot clits. Those of you who have sucked or been fucked by a man's cock please put up your hands.

Ok girls this is Dr Frank Stone he is a man well not the kind you dream about fucking you till your sore. He is a little more manly than you he does like to dress and he will let you fuck him also he is a great place to start. To learn how to really please a real man.

Now let me show you ladies how to stroke a mans cock to hardness inside his trousers.

Now Girls come and touch him feel how different he is to you all. Feel him take his clothes off and explore his body notice how his cock twitches to your touch.

Ladies hold his cock gently play with it - smell his manhood notice how musty he smells and how perfumed your clit is. Look at how much bigger he is and how he reacts to your stroking.

I want you all to lick the top of his cock like an icecream really use your tongue and take a good lick and taste him.

Now girls all close in and watch as Sally take his cock into her mouth - Sally make eye contact men love that they get a kick out of seeing you suck them.

Girls if you are getting excited please do play with your sissy clits but any mess you must lick it up today or have your lab partner do so for you.

Good girl Sally tell us all how you feel?

Well Miss... it was nice I loved holding his balls and loved stroking his cock and it is sooo hard. I really enjoyed sucking him and it made me feel so much more useful.

Excellent Sally that is your first sensation of t-girl-hood a little like women hood but more sensual we need to feel like we can please and tease a man. A t girl is a sexual being and girls never deny yourselves pleasure you will regret doing so.

Now can I have two girls to volunteer we need to see how to suck a man with a friend.

Kathy your turn - good girl suck a little harder, thats it now play with him hold his balls stroke his cock. No hun not like that...

Look like this..You see how he bucks and tries to pump my hand. Sometimes the best thing you can do is slow down and gently squeeze hard they love it the dirty little animals listen to him girls, listen to him moan and groan

ohh my quickly Samantha come here

good girl let him cum on your face men love that good girl - Look class Sammy is licking it up like a natural she must have tasted cum before - the little sissy slut.

Look at Sammy girls what a sissy faggot - suck him girl go on enjoy his cum lick it love it you fucking little whore.

Well done Sammy - girls look and learn...

Short Story - Learning about your boy pussy

The girls in the upper advance class listened intently to their teacher.
A typical scene at the best Tgirl academy in the world - The Jones Academy for Gifted Tgirls.

Felicity and Carmen took notes and wondered what it would be like when they finally qualified and able to run their own Tgirl Escort Agency.

Most world leaders, actors and actresses all preferred sex with Tgirls and the influx of Arab and Russian oil money had sent escort rates through the roof.

Ok my sweet little sissy faggots a quick pop quiz.
You man is pounding your cute pert little asspussy - your squealing like a whore and everything is perfect with the world list 3 things you can do to increase his pleasure with your expertly tuned boy pussies....

Yes Carmen...


1. we can flex our pelvic floor which will make our pussy walls tighten on his cock
2. we can push back onto him this will increase pleasure for both
3. we can pull apart our cheeks and then take him all the way in and then let go instantly tightening on his rod.

Excellent Carmen.

Felicity how deep is too deep

Oh Miss that is a trick question - nothing is too deep for a trained T girl.

Excellent girls

Now remember your mouth is an incredibly powerful tool in pleasing a man - but your secret weapon X is your boy pussy - look after her and she will look after you and keep your men pleased.

Now girls please come here and help me removed my uniform so I can show you what a well look after boy pussy looks like.

Now girls I am three times your age and look how tight and firm I am this is important men do not want a sloppy floppy tgirl they want a nice tight ass pussy to pound.

Clean - I bleach my hole every month so that I am spotless. Most spa's offer the treatment no need to go to a special tgirl spa.

Now look how clean and yummy it is - this is why men can not resist us.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Short Story - Prom Night Revenge

My sister is a sexy red-head she is two years older than me and seems to have all the fun.
We are from a wealthy family and have lots or servants.

My dad prefers my sister. He keeps telling me that I am a useless son and that my sister Arabella has all the backbone and balls.

I would run up to my room crying. My Dad thought my sister was perfect, pure. little did he know she had fucked half the staff and was the very expensive private school bike.

It was prom night and my sister had so many invites that she had decided to travel to the prom alone and dance with one of her young bucks.

I sat at home and my dad shouted at me for being such a loner. I hid in the loft so that I could be left alone. While hiding I came across an old book. It look like it had been hidden in the brick work for 100's of years I turned the pages most were damaged and worn away. But several pages were still ok. I read through the passage and felt a surge of excitement if it was to be believed the spell would transfer my mind into anothers body

I held a picture of my sister and began to recite the spell - I smiled to myself my plan was so perfect become my sister and get caught by my dad fucking the help and then slip back into my body and become my dads fave.

I felt sea sick and then I felt like I was travelling through clouds. Then I stopped suddenly and blinked I felt different...

It worked I was my sister. I was sitting in the most expensive prom dress in history wearing a tiara and chatting away to Jose my sisters driver.

I started to put my plan into action. I leaned forward and said to Jose lets not go to the prom how about we have a drink and then go home and fuck

I reached for his cock and balls and grabbed them.

It was such a rush to see my sisters skinny arm and immaculate painted finger nails do my bidding, I almost blushed as I held another mans balls.

Jose freaked

Miss Arabella please your dad would have me killed.

Oh Jose we can keep it a secret don't you like me
I felt so at ease in her body she was tall and slim and so much more powerful than me I felt alive like every nerve ending was alive.

Miss Arabella please....

Giggling I let go of his cock and balls and leaned back
and then in a very girly teasing voice say...

Oh Jose giggle

Jose pulls the car over and I grab his tie and pull him closer to my sisters now exposed breasts do you like giggle I tease.

Miss Arabella, Fernando, Lupo and Maria told me your were amazing (What a slut my sister is she had slept with Fernando the gardener, Lupo his younger son and our pool boy and Maria the maid)

Yes I bet they did I giggled they love me do you want to join them I am sooo hot for you Jose.

Miss Arabella

Jose reaches out and cups my breasts. Yes my little pet I giggle. Jose turns around and drives back to the house.

I giggle Jose darling not to Daddies house take me to my dorm room.

Jose parks the car around the back and I step out of the car and lead him into my dorm room.
I wiggle my breasts at Jose and he growls gently.

I prance around a little and dance around Jose while holding his hand.

Without warning Jose pushes me to the bed and lifts my skirts up and pulls my thong down. Exposing my sisters slit and asshole.

With out warning Jose rams his tongue into my hole - I blush like mad and purrr
Jose is grunting and growling like an animal his saliva is dripping down my cream white ass and onto my pussy lips my ginger pubic hairs starts to glisten

I push back onto his tongue.

Jose mutters something under his breath in spanish and then smacks me hard.

I just purrr.

Thoughts flash through my mind - getting even with my sister, but why did I bring him here and not the home? Could I be enjoying being my sister? Did I crave cock?

mY thoughts were cut short by the stinging pain of being smacked on my ass then 1 thick hard finger pushing into my pussy closely followed by a 2nd and then a third I squealed too much too much please

Jose smacked my face shut up bitch

Jose stood up and pulled out his cock - my eyes widened I had never seen a cock as large as Jose's.

He pulled of my clothes and almost spat the words out...

ok my little fucking white princes, you like to pretend to be a pure little white girl but you are a fucking slut whore I am going to teach you a lesson and when daddy asks you tomorrow why are you walking funny you can tell him that Jose fucked his daughter until she squealed like a dirty fucking whore.

Jose pulled me onto his monster cock and started to ram it into my sisters pussy. It hurt at first but soon I felt my sisters pussy moisten and Jose cock started to slide in and out easily.

I loved the contrast of my white thighs against his darker olive skin. I knew my sisters body was amazing but she was truly a princess - her skin was so soft and and sweet tasting. Jose pushed his fingers into my mouth and he tasted salty and musty.

His cock pounded into me I closed my eyes and my breathing became short and I squealed with each thrust.

The pleasure was so intense I could not open my eyes but I could feel my breasts bouncing as he rammed me down onto his cock.

The pulled at my chest, lost in a thousand feelings I raised my bottom and straddled Jose
(I was shocked I had said I and not my sisters body. My breasts and not my sister breasts)

The thoughts vanished as if they were being pushed out of my by his cock. His rough hand reached around my impossibly thin waist and he started to finger my clit.

I shook at his touch I had never experienced such pure pleasure, so much energy welling up inside. I wonder why women did not fuck continuously if it felt like this.

I turned around on his cock and started to push back as hard as I could. I felt his cock touch something deep inside my sisters pussy his cock hit the spot again and I shrieked and felt my pussy cum it felt like I was wetting myself but it was my first female ejaculation I squealed like a whore

Jose laughed and continued to pound into me

Hi flipped me over again and took me from behind I was totally at his mercy. he was now raping my sisters asshole, my asshole and I loved it.

Fuck fuck oohh myyy fucckk meee harder ooghhhhh puuurrrrr oohhh fuck fuck
Jose was amazing he was fucking me in my ass and then straight into my pussy and then back into my ass.

I squealed and he pushed so hard I gasped mouth open I dribbled like a cat on heat. I gripped my blanket and shouted out his name

Jose laughed daddies little princess wants my cock say it bitch and he spat on the back of my head.

I was just able to squeak out the words...

oohh myyy goood oog yesss daddies purrrr little fucking princess wants Josesss oohhh goog I am cuming againnnnn cock

I let another stream of cum shoot from my pussy

Jose pulled my head around by yanking my hair and made me lick my cum from his legs. I did so purring like a kitten.

He pushed me back and took my asshole he pounded harder and I felt something snap and her laughed and stopped pounding me - good I have made your ass bleed you fucking shit.

he entered my pussy again and I watched traumatised as his girth entered me.

He roared and I felt his cock grow inside me my eyes widened and then I felt a torrent of cum pump into me. I fell back and let my final orgasm of the night flow over through and around me I screamed and passed out...

I woke up in the back of the car looking rather worst for ware. Jose shook me and said go get to your daddy. As I stumbled out of the car cum leaking out of my pussy Jose handed me my knickers they were covered in my cum juices, his and my blood.

I weakly walked up the stairs stepped into my home and made my way to my room I passed my daddy's study and he came out.

Arabella oh my dear you look a state what happened you have not been drinking have you. I shook my head. Have you seen your useless brother? I guess he is hiding somewhere being a stupid little girl. Why is it my son has no balls and my daughter has...

Blind rage washed through me, the pleasure from being fucked so well by Jose was gone and the only thing that remand was the humiliation. I turned to my father and in tears handed him my cum and blood soaked thong

I stormed off to my sisters room......

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Girls like these -girls like me - girls we want to be

What made your sissy clit twitch first ladies?

I have a theory - oh yummy I hear you all cry some of you rush to grab a bottle of white wine and get comfortable others pull their tiny faggoty sissy clit while reading my words
yet more still sit alone in a darken room fat hairy bodies stuffed into wives knickers and that silly, low quality babydoll you bought her from la senza but dreaming it was for you.

Yes I have contempt for these halflings not t-girls not men another breed then many have labeled them sissies, wanna-bees what ever they are or are not.

Was it the softness of their clothes, the sensual nature of dressing, the curve of their hips the pertness of a girls breasts the excitement of an erect nipple or are you excited by the feelings of a women do you want to know what she thinks how she moves what flashes through her mind as she submits to penetration?

Have you ever wondered what is going through her mind as she sucks on her mans cock or turns over and wiggles her pert ass at him her pussy lips glistening as she bends her back and displays her hole.

Ladies I have gone over and above for this post I have spoken to 3 real life genetic girls - yes they do exist and I have asked them to look at my blog and to respond to several questions I sent to them. We then met for a coffee morning and chatted things through.

For your better understand the ladies were all aged between 22 - 30 / work in London all three are in strong relationships and have been for more than a year. They all work and adore clothes.

At their request I have only referred to them by their first names.

Jo is Bi but is currently dating a guy and is very happy
Lisa is straight had a small fling in Uni with a female class mate but is now married to a guy
Kathy is Bi is in several relationships (Male and Female) and lives with her Female Partner

Oh and can I just say Jo you are an amazing women and I adore you totally. Hugs and Kisses

Ladies just to get us going I have a few outfit questions
Q: Tights / Stockings / hold ups

J: Hold ups
L: Hold ups
K: Tights but it depends really on the outfit

Q: Its your first date do you wear anything special with regards to undies?

J: Yes it makes me feel so much more alive and confident - even though he will not see them I know I am wearing something super sexy - blushes and giggles

L: Yes oh totally yes - I once went on a date and was sooo happy with the guy and was really desperate to see him again but I was not ready to take him back to mine - lots of reasons things going on etc. I went to the loo and came back to the table. He took me home and I kissed him and then said I really want to see you again but at the moment I can not invite you in. I then handed him a ball of lace closed his hands around it and said this is how much I want to see you again and went in the flat entrance.

Around 20 mins later he called me and said I adore your taste in underware (I had given him my black lace la perla thong) I said giggling you managed to get me out of them on the first date. We dated for almost 2 yrs. He was great (she looks dreamily into the distance and smiles)

K: Oh such a big yes on that. Giggle. We all pressed Kathy on her reaction but she refused to reveal any more - Bitch ;-)

Ladies now we are all warmed up I want to know in detail what it feels like to have a nice big fat cock inside you

They all laugh at me as I am now blushing.

J: full yes it makes you feel full and satisfied - its funny because you only feel empty once it is in you and you feel soo yummy and full when it is there. I hate it when my BF starts to fuck me and then has to stop because the door bell goes or something

(Lisa interrupts) What he gets up to answer the door?

Yes - we all laugh including Jo

She continues - he has a thing about phones ringing or door bells - like it is the law you must answer the door or phone or you will be sent to prison.
I hate it when he has me all full and loving the sensation he pulls out and I feel empty...

L: I love the warmth, the fullness and I think it is hard to say for sure but I think I love the idea of it also the submission needed the fact that I am penetrated does that make sense?

All the girls nod and smile

I almost cry girls explain let me in to the secret you all look like you are nodding knowingly I want to know I want that feeling that experience

they all hug me and smile a sad smile.

I almost scream what tell me

Jo responds - honey, Tabby baby you can not fully understand yes you can submit to a man and let him take you. Yes you can have him pound you and cum in you but it is not the same it is never going to be the same


Jo holds my hand and quietly adds hun the act of fucking, making love is an act of violence for a man and for a women it is an act of receiving. Most women know this in their heart but it is not really something that is spoken about not something that society really explores - Yes I think women needed the feminist movement and it helped with lots of things but it also created taboo subjects such as this.

Sorry I reply can you expand I just do not understand

Lisa adds, Tabby, a guy will fuck and he is looking to cum he has a beginning a middle and an end in his mind. Yes he wants to please the girl he is with and yes he wants her to scream in orgasm and shout how amazing he is. But in the end he is moving on a linear timeline

Kiss - Fondle - Undress - Kiss harder and so on almost like a flow chart some guys have simple ones some guys have very complex ones but all they really do is follow a set path which they hope will end with cuming.

A man is all physical. A women however is more complex yes she also wants to cum but she can also engage with pleasure through her mind.

Being fucked in the ass is ok but being fuck in the mind well Tabby that is a whole new something else.

Girls can we come back to this I am a little, well a lot confused.

Q: Ass or Pussy - ladies?

J: Pussy every time 100%

L: Ass but only once in a while just because it is naughty (all the girls nod and laugh)

K: Pussy, pussy giggle nothing like a fat cock pushed deep inside of you.

What advice would you give to a young Tgirl

J: be who you want / need to be. Be safe and stop dressing like whores

L: Tabby hun you know I love and adore you and think you are just so girly you know that I think of you as a women - I nod - But she continues I have never understood why you have gone through all of this, all the pain, humiliation

K: Lisa hun that is a little unfair you know Tabby is more women than most women. But I still would love to ask you why Tabby and something else but if you do not want to respond I understand (She blushes - the other girls move closer)

I nod and say ask away hun...

Kathy says - My lifestyle is the closest to yours of all us three I am the most bi and have been living with my partner (female) for a while now. She is most deffo the dom in the relationship and she loves to dress up as a guy and fuck me with a strap on and it is fun but it is also humiliating - is that the same for you. I mean when you are fucked by a guy?

I blush and nod slowly and add it really does depend on the guy. I have been fucked by guys who hate the idea of being gay, they loath me and everything I stand for but they can not help themselves as much as they hate me and the idea of fucking a tgirl they so need too.

They tend to be the most humiliating and too my shame I love them the most - (The girls look a little shocked and sad almost in unison they all say why) - I pause and reply because deep down I think I deserve to be used and punished and humiliated.

Lisa asks - What made you into a tgirl hun?

Well not one thing but at first it was the clothes I adored dressing and felt angry that guys clothes were boring but women's clothes were so sensual

Then came the understanding of the physical differences and I so wanted to feel the tingle of my erect nipples being licked and the warmth of my pussy as someone played with my clit.

I wanted to know what it was like to suck a cock and then sit on it and take it into you.

What is your most dirty little hidden from all secret fantasy and be honest

All the girls blush and giggle. Really wow Tabby you are such a cow. Oh hun wow - I am totally not sure how to answer that...

I respond instantly - answer with honesty!

we have another round of coffee's and carry on the chat.

Lisa started the conversation first and her eyes light up as she licks the cappuccino foam and chocolate off the spoon.

Well she says I have had this little fantasy for a few years she blushes instantly we move in as she starts up again. I am dressed in my work clothes smart skirt suit white cotton blouse that sort of thing. But between my legs is a fake cock a clever strap on type cock some how it is flaccid but still fat and long. I am on my way to work and sit on the bus and my tight pencil skirt outlines the cock I keep having to hide it. I see cute guys and girls and it twitches warning me to keep calm or it will become erect.

I get to work and as I walk through the office every guy that stares at my ass, breasts or calls me darling, makes me make a coffee I bend him over a desk, or photocopier and pull down his trousers and pull up my skirt to reveal my very realistic cock and start to fuck him all the guys drool and want to be fucked and all the girls cheer

All the girls sit quietly eyes wide mouths open and Lisa says I have a few variants where I fuck my boss or his stupid bitch PA I fuck her stupid in front of him....

Lisa is now blushing and she looks flustered.

Kathy takes a sip and starts in a low whisper. I want to be raped... I want to have a gang of guys fuck me in my mouth, I want cocks in my ass, my pussy. I want cum on my face, on my breasts
I want cum leaking out of my ass, my pussy. I want to scream in pain and pleasure.

There is a long pause and Jo says please do not think I am odd. When I was younger I took horse riding lessons. I was on my period and I was convinced the horse could tell her kept sniffing my pussy. I went home that night and masturbated while thinking of riding my horse and over the years the fantasy has changed to being fucked by the horse.

I dream of riding the horse into a country meadow. I strip off and walk the horse into the lake and wash him down. As I wash him I stroke his cock and he becomes erect and I take his cock into my mouth and then into my pussy he fucks me and cums inside me....

Wow Jo....

We all chat about clothes and boyfriends for a little bit and then I steer the conversation back to my questions.

Q: Girls - Fat short cock / thin cock but long /

J: that is easy fat cock every time and clean yes a fat clean cock

L: Yes totally agree

K: Yes agreed.

Q: Would you ever date a Tgirl if no why and if yes why

J: Yes - I think I would but I think she would have to be super convincing. Why would I... I think it is because I love the idea of having a girlie girl friend and shopping dressing etc would be sooo much fun.

L: No not really - I think I would have to get to know her soo well that we would end up being friends and I just could not see her in a sexual way.

K: yes as long as she was sub to me. Why because I love the idea of a plaything to abuse.

Q: What is the one thing you did sexually that you know regret

K: oh that is easy. I am soo ashamed of this I was going out with a very sub girl she would do anything I told her - even things she did not like to do so I used to push her all the time for fun. One Saturday afternoon I tied her to the bed and then inserted what ever I could find into her ass and pussy - giggling and blushing - I even pushed into her ass chopsticks from the take away meal we had the night before. I then left her got dressed and left the flat for a couple of hours and met a friend for a drink I came back to find her crying.

Wow Kathy that is...

Kathy responds I know I cringe when I think about it.

J: I was at Uni and I went through a bit of a mean streak with guys. I would date a guy then his best mate. Not sure why but it was my way of getting back at guys - I enjoyed it when they fought over me.

L: Oh no... my confession time. We all look very interested and wait to her Lisa's story.
I was working in a small office while I was at UNI and there was a guy who I just soo wanted to get together with but he was not interested. I found myself making him coffee and then taking his cup and licking the mug. He would cycle in and leave clothes at the office to change into so I stole his boxers. I would wear them at home in bed and play with myself.

Wow your a stalker - we all laughed.

Ok ladies last request...

Err no.. (Lisa interrupts) Tabby darling you owe us tell us what your sexual regret was.

Blushing and rather nervously I admit to my shame my sexual regret

I had been dressing for some time and just started taking hormones. I was very convincing and spent a lot of time clubbing and meeting people in the scene. I was wined and dined and got carried away with all the compliments and I found myself with a group of people who I have come to realise were totally exploiting me.
I thought I was living a dream and it all came crashing down I stopped blogging and vanished I spent about a month hiding my sister helped me through what had happened. I moved flat had such a nightmare I even had a break-in because of these assholes.

It was a normal Friday night drinking, dancing and being a total tease. Well one too many lines of coke, to many cosmo cocktails and I found myself on my knees sucking a cock in the stairwell of the hotel. I don't remember a huge amount of detail but I do remember being picked up and dropped onto a large padded lounge chair the type you can sink into I felt hands position me so that my ass was pushed in the air by lying on the arm of the chair.

I kept blacking out, I remember screaming a lot moaning a lot and begging to be fucked a lot not sure what was going on I woke up the next morning the room was a mess the maid had woken me up and she helped me clean up and dress. I thanked her (I still send her flowers)
and picked up my things and left. I checked my phone and the message was pretty simple to understand

Hi Tabby thanks for a wild night - moving on now
don't worry I have covered the room and the drink
Will send you a little pressie in the next day or so.

Nothing turned up and that was the last I heard from them.

Since then I have spoken to the cleaner - she is spanish and her English is not that great and had spent all her working life cleaning hotel rooms she had seen some awful things and young girls in a state was the norm - apparently most large hotels have a pot of money that is set aside for whores to get them home

I have also managed to put a few more details into the events of the night partly things coming back, partly because I had a shameful doctors appointment.

I got fucked by every guy there and they even let a room porter fuck me. The other Tgirls there and genetic girls also used me and several girls / guys urinated on me.
I got home and was sore for days I went to the GP and she was very angry with me I had her lecture me about safety, aids and the damage I had done to myself. I felt sick I had estimated that I had drunk around 5 guys cum and 3 tgirls cum and even some urine.

Everytime I went to the loo I would bleed it was horrid really horrid. I had to visit the doctor once every week and she would investigate the damage.

I blushed and they all hugged me.

As we parted I told the girls I would be sending them some images and I would like there thoughts

J: Stunning girl love her shape - she has an amazing face and bone structure - such nice breasts for a small girl

K: Love her lips and hair

L: Stunning adore her undies

T: ooh my I would love to be this girl.

L: love the pose - dirty housewife thing

K: Nice tits giggle

J: I might do that for my boyfriend looks fun

T: Such pert breasts I adore thee giggle

J: a real women - sensual and grown up - Love her hair

L: the first two were girls this is a women a full sexy sassy hot women

K: Stunning body - how long are her legs?

T: I adore this women - agreed ladies what a figure / legs a real sensual women

L: adore this pic - god I wish I had her guts

J: what a girl so sexy too. I half expect her to stand up and a huge fat cock be hanging between her legs.

K: oh my she can use me any day

T: Do you think she is gay? Do you think she needs a cock to take her to that next level?

Normally dumb blonds with huge breasts and tiny waists are such a pastiche or real womenhood. I am not a feminist in any way but those girls do women no favours.

This blond bombshell hover is stunning and I think I would prefer to be her out of all the other girls.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Short Story - Amy's wish Terry's Anger

Carl and Terry shared a flat, they had been best buddies for years. Terry was a huge bear of a man and would play rugby, football and spend his weekends drinking and chasing girls.

Carl preferred to dress up and transform himself into Amy. A sexy 30 something dark haired vixen. Terry knew all about Carls little fetish and he would just ignore it.

he would shrug his shoulders and say Carl is a bit of a fag but he is ok. And anyway he cleans the flat and does all my laundry when he dresses as Amy.

Terry was out early like most Saturday's.
Carl took a long bath and then dressed as Amy he styled and teased his hair into a femm style
He glued on his fake breasts, they had cost a fortune and if Terry ever found out he had spent the bill money they shared he would go mad. Next he put on his cotton pastel purple bra and a purple lace boy short knickers. A white cotton vest top then a tight purple blouse, followed by a tight short denim mini.

Amy finished applying her make up and then put a CD into the player and started to dance and clean her way around the flat. She danced and twirled to like a virgin and dusted to Kylie and hovered to the Pussy Cats.

Amy had finished cleaning and was getting rather hot the temperature outside was amazing and all her cleaning and dancing had her overheating. She had taken off her blouse and skirt and sat on the cool leather sofa and watch Saturday morning TV while eating her cereal.

The door slammed open and Terry burst into the living room fingers pointing and shouting where is the money Carl. Terry was livid. Amy stood up and started to tell Terry she liked to be called Amy when dressed like a girl.

Terry lost control and roared at her.

where is the bill money Carl where is it have you spent it on clothes again you dumb faggot. You fucking stupid bitch what have you done this time. Amy tried to explain but Terry simply did not care any more his rage was scaring her and she tried to shout back but stood in front of Terry in her knickers as Amy she suddenly felt tiny and weak.

She said Terry please leave me alone what the fuck do you want me to do.....

Terry lost it.
Amy screamed as he eyes flared red and he pushed her to the floor he was snarling like a wild animal. So you fucking faggot bitch you wanna be a fucking girl do you you fucking whore you fucking faggot bitch he pushed her down again and with his other hand pulled at his jeans and belt. He ripped open his shirt and as Amy pulled at his jeans to try and stand she pulled them down to reveal his erect and huge manhood.

Terry grabbed a handful of Amy's hair and almost spat out the words I am going to show you you fucking faggot what it means to be a girl.

His sheer size, anger and coldness made her shiver she was in a state of shock.
His cock twitched and bounced as he man handled her.

Pulling her head forward and pushing his cock into her face. Terry laughed and said suck it bitch.

Something snapped in Carl. Perhaps the fear of being raped, Terry's madness, his guilt at stealing and spending his best friends money. Or perhaps it was Amy taking over she bit her lip and blushed and purred at Terry oh my you are so big.

Terry laughed and just rammed his cock into Amy's mouth. Amy started to suck on Terry's cock all those hours watching porn films Amy was a natural. She greedily licked and sucked on Terry's veiny rod she could taste his scent and smell beer on his cock he must have stopped for a lunch time drink.

Amy started to purr and moan and like a good little faggot tried to deep throat Terry's cock.
Terry laughed and almost jeering said good girl fucking slut keep sucking me you bitch.

Carl was lost. Amy was beginning to become the dominate personality she cooed and purred like a bitch on heat as Terry pumped her face.

Without warning Terry flipped Amy over and ripped off her lace boy shorts he laughed and spat on his cock and rammed it into Amy all the way to his balls. Amy screamed and her eyes rolled back as she felt Terry's balls slam into the back of her ass.

Terry pulled his cock out and rammed it back in hard and fast he kept the momentum up without pausing Amy was screaming and moaning freely now his cock was pounding in and out of her poor asspussy each time he came to the end of his cock he slammed into her and jolted her forward this in turned caused her tiny sissy clit to rub on the couch and become hard

Terry was lost in his own world now he just wanted to cum and he used all his bear like strength to pound Amy's poor virgin ass.

She was lost in a mixture of pain and lust and fantasy - her mind spun with images of cocks, cum, pretty clothes, lingerie girlie afternoons shopping while her mind explored her femm fantasies her body was being abused.

Amy then let out a deep lustful groan, Terry had broken any and all resistance his cock was now freely pounding against her g spot. Terry's fat cock was rubbing the sissy girls prostate

Amy simply buckled as her sissy clit began to spurt cum. Her body bucked wildly as Terry held her down and continue to pound her hole. He was sweating and grunting more animal than man. His eyes wild with rage and lust

As Amy's body turned into a rag doll Terry tightened his grip and pulled her closer as each thrust sent her to heaven and back she felt herself float above herself she watch amused as Terry fucked her ass and her body bounced around seemingly attached to his groin.

she blushed as she saw her face her makeup was smeared and her eyes were rolled back and vacant, her mouth open and dribbling as she was making cat like purring and screaming noises

Terry felt himself reach the point of no return his cock expanded even further and he let out a huge moan and grunt he then came in a torrent each ejaculation was followed by a thrust

Amy's eyes widen as she felt the man monsters cock widen and twitch she moaned and then went limp she felt her insides boil as his thick man cum filled her

she started to buck wildly onto his cock slamming her self back onto him and shrieking as she did so.

Terry ripped the remaining clothing from both of them and pulled her down on top of his cock
he pulled at Amy's hair and forced his cock deeper into her.

Amy clawed at her ass cheeks she pulled them apart to give Terry better access to her hole. She meet his thrusts with downward thrusts of her own aided by gravity

As she slammed down on his pole she felt something snap inside her. She stopped and paused blinked a few times and then passed out.

Amy woke up with cum leaking from her sore and gaping asspussy her jaw was sore. She rolled over and smiled a deep fulfilled smile....