Monday, 12 July 2010

A request from a reader

Hi Tabby,

I am a 20 something well educated black women. I live in London and I am Bi. I want to make one thing clear I adore tgirls, love them as my sub pets.

I find it incredibly sexy when white girls are fucked by black guys and would love to see more tgirls being used by strong proud black men.

I would love you to post this and include some images and your thoughts. Love the blog Tabby.

Carolyn XXX

Your wish is my command my queen - deep curtsey (Love your pic thank you for sharing)

I adore this pic. A white girl on holiday takes a pic of her lover so she can show off to her friends and tell tales of his cock while she sits in the pub drinking wine with her friends.

oh to be her - imagine girls, being so turned on so in rapture that you do not care you are being fucked like an animal that your head is being pulled back and your pussy is pounded so hard you are bleeding....

White girls can be such whores

Is this real or staged I really do not care it is soooo erotic imagine a wife at home while her husband is at work and the builders pop in for tea she dresses in her wedding dress and lets then rape her.

I love his look he is such a poser but do you think she cares ladies - my guess is not at all.

A real naughty girl - nipples tell everything there is to know.

Size can be such an erotic thing she is tiny her hand is too small to hold his cock and he is huge why does this work so well? Ladies any thoughts?

I look at this image and my little sissy clit gets hard - well hard-ish and my nipples grow and I let out a little moan then without knowing it I am purring and imagining being there. Why what is it what mystical power draws us. What is it that makes white girls and white tgirls soooo ready to please black cock.

Even mothers are in on the act... blushing

I know this is fake but I love it.

I do hope this is real I love her puritan uniform it is such a juxtaposition.

Carolyn I hope this pleases you. I do love your thinking darling.


  1. I ask myself why we're drawn to strong gorgeous black guys too. I think it is instinct, its just so wonderful to listen to a black woman and have her lead me to her big black male friends.

  2. black men are so gorgeous and strong and big!!! that is why we love them so much...I myself dream of black cock all the time.
    Great pictures...

  3. I have enjoyed a black ten inch cock in me before! It came to me on a transsexual she left me feeling empty inside, when she pulled out! I loved that feeling, and want it again!
    The size of her cock made my little Priscilla seem so tiny and she is six inches! Can't wait for another big black cock!

  4. i loooove being fucked by my black friend - he gets so hard and he can cum again and again! He's my dream - and He's real!!