Thursday, 13 August 2009

Where I am today

Ok some of you may have been following the various situations I get myself into. Since my last post I have had some pretty amazing days and some very low days. 

After the night in the hotel and no for those that read the blog we did not have sex with the waitress we chatted and had fun and drunk lots and all feel asleep. Sorry to ruin the image but it was perfect 3 girls chatting all night.

Very soon after that I could not get Jane's email some of you may have missed it I have linked to the post. 

This email had me in such turmoil I could not continue to post about myself so rather than be as open as I have been I decided to post stories and fashion. Her email really upset me and I know some of you commented on it but it struck a chord with me and made me think. 

So much so that I spent a week almost totally in male clothing and stopped taking my hormones and did nothing all week. I think my female brain kicked in after the 4th day and made me shower and exercise I adore yoga and totally recommend it for Tgirls as it does wonders for the body. 

Well I got myself together and cleaned up my act and since I had gone of the radar I had also upset Lisa my TV boss and I had an inbox full of people asking me where this was or that. 

So I made a pot of coffee and sat down to start to rebuild my life and to work out what I am going to do. 

I knew what I wanted, I knew who I wanted to be but somehow these feelings all felt wrong. 

I decided to dress and go for a drive I love to walk around Epping Forest it can be very peaceful and very much away from everyone. I started to get dress and the phone rang and it was my neighbor Zoe... I just burst into tears. 

Five minutes later she was knocking on my door and In wails and sobs I explained that I had messed everything up and that I was so scared and not sure what to do.

We hugged for ages and I calmed down and went upstairs to dress. As I pulled up my knickers and stockings familiar feelings came racing back the clothes really did things to me they really were a part of whom I am. 

So I stood in front of the mirror and a slow but definite smile crossed my face as I began to think of a plan. 

Oh and for those that have a similar fetish the underwear and dress were all from Asos. Tan stockings from M&S. 

I rushed downstairs and began to outline my plan to Zoe. 
All I need it to find a good cheap sympathetic photographer, a makeup girl, Some very cute tgirls / girls and a location and we would be set. 

The idea my dear reader is thanks to Jane and her horrid email and my particular take on being a T girl. 

Monday, 10 August 2009

why do these images make me so wet

Can anyone tell me which image makes them lose control and makes them horny? 
The image of the guy on the bed his torso I could lick each little muscle all day long and that cock is so fat and I bet his balls are just so full. 

The other image that makes me wet is the image of the women with the cigar she can do anything she wants me with me I would be her pet forever. 

Let me know what makes you squeal with delight.

Friday, 7 August 2009


Hi Everyone,

I am so sorry for not posting recently I am trying to work through some issues and need to make sure things are ok. I promise to explain fully this weekend.

Love you all.

Monday, 3 August 2009


I was sent a selection of images and asked to express how they make me feel. I am getting several requests like this a month and some of the images people send in do nothing for me so I tend to ignore those images. 

These images however make me so excited...

I adore this I wish I was the girl on her knees. The man and the girl is obviously a slave to the Mistress in the chair. Mundane things turned into examples of control or punishment. The act of making a cup of tea turned into a ritual. Oh god it makes me so wet thinking about this image. 

There is nothing sexier and sensual than a women dressing. Stretching the fabric to zip up a dress. Reaching behind to hook up a bra. 

Is there fantasy more exciting more sensual and more intense than the lady of the manor and her maids.

The maids are usually much younger, they are weak shy and timid. Girls, but she is strong a women a sexy mature full female cat to their kittens. She is a predator and they are her prey. 

I challenge anyone to express something more sexual than a girl maid bitting her lower lip in pain pleasure as she lies across her mistresses knee pert ass in the prone and exposed position while she is spanked and fingered. He face a total picture he lower lip quivers she bites it her eyes screw up tightly as she purrs and squeals all at the same time. 

Strong women strutting across the street - sexy bold and domm. 

Short Story - Terry needs to be convinced

Terry's wife had transformed her husband into a sexy blond bimbo called Tabby. Tabby adored her new femm body her curvy hips and per breasts. She loved dressing and was ever so good at pleasing her female mistress. 

She was so good in fact that Terry's wife now his mistress would lend Terry or Tabby to her female friends. Tabby was the prefect sexy sissy maid. 

Finally the inevitable happened Terry's wife needed a man and they found that Tabby simply refused to suck her new masters cock and drink his cum. 

Tabby faced the corner of the bedroom her ass still red raw from the spanking she shivered in fear dressed in the most adorable baby doll she had upset her Master and Mistress by not sucking her new Masters cock. 

Tabby could hear their discussion

Thats it hun said Tabby's master she has to be trained I know a man who will have her begging for my cock in 1 month.

ok agreed her Mistress - I shall pack her off in the morning.

Tabby stood till as she gently sobbed 

She woke naked and cold lying on a rug set on top of a tiled floor. He jaw ached she tried to close her mouth only to taste leather she had a whip handle in her mouth 

Tabby's mind raced she could not recall how long she had been kept naked hungry and captive to this horrid man. She was collared and humiliated. A combination of hunger, pain and suggestive films had done their job and the once man now girl would eagerly suck cock 

All you needed to do was present one to the girl and she would suck like a whore. 

The teacher would grab her face and spit into her mouth a form of conditioning he was convinced she would accept cum in the next few days and even begin to love it by the end of her treatment. He knew he had never failed. 

The days past and Tabby soon began to see cum as a food source and was often found begging for second helping. 

on the day of her graduation Tabby's Mistress and Master watch the brain washed sissy crawl towards a plate of fresh cum and lick the plate clean 

She then picked up the bowl and begged for more.....

Short Story - Some people will do anything to get on the team

Dude tell her to get in my Jeep.

Hank climbed into the car followed by Steve, his college roommate. Steve was always very femm and try as he might he could never get onto the teams his friend Hank was on. Steve had tried all sorts of things from training but that just made him slimmer and supplements but that just made his little breasts bigger. 

Finally he fell to his knees and begged Hank to help him out 

Hank come up with an idea every year Hank's and Steve's college sent a virgin to the top player of the best team to throw the game so that Hank's college would always get the best draft picks.

As Steve got into the rivals Jeep his friend whispered to him (Steve don't do this... it has gone to far) 

Steve now Portia pointed her finger and said to Hank stop spoiling my chance to make a difference you know we don't have nay virgins this year and that you and the football team have had sex with all the girls and this is our only chance to keep the winning spot. 

The three of them left the car in the rival's collage campus car park and they all followed him towards the dorm rooms. Steve looked back as the car disappeared he knew there was no turning back now 

The rival left them in the room to fetch a beer and Steve told Hank to shut up she was going through this for their future their college and the team. 

The rival returned Portia asked what would you like me to do 

Hank started to negotiate a blow job only the Rival laughed and pulled his hardening cock out of his jeans 

Steve gasped the rival smiled 
Steve started to have doubts he had never seen anything like it. 

Steve giggled a nervously 

As always every year Hank's role was to take pictures and he called out to Portia to smile and look sexy. The rival college loved to send the images around. 

The rival started to strip Portia - humm she giggled and thanked her lucky stars for those wonderful girls who helped her dress and placed on the most amazing and lifelike breasts in Kappa House. The girls had shown her how to walk talk and fuck and she was not going to let them down - it was her turn to score the winning touch down.

Portia did everything she had been taught to do 

Hank covered his face in shame

Portia moaned and submitted to the man mountain

bent over now and with a huge cock in his ass Steve now totally Portia maoned and purred Hank was disgusted and Steve pointed at him and said to him if you were a better player I would not have to do this.

finally the mammoth cock shot it's load into the girl boy's mouth 

Hank took the money shot picture and picked up Steve's clothes and called to Steve - Steve smiled and hugged her new man and smiled with a shrug she said I am thinking of transferring....