Monday, 20 July 2009

Jane's email and shocking result.

I have been told (thank you Jane) that I spent far too much time imagining whom and what I want to be and I have recently been sent an email from a Lady whom tells me it is ok to use her first name. Please do note this is her opinion not mine. 

Jane (who's partner is a cross dresser and has been lucky enough to find a sympathetic partner in Jane).

I was so taken aback by Jane's email (she must have felt I would be upset as she included her mobile number) I called her and we chatted for about an hour. Yes she is sensible and yes she does believe her statement to be true. I think this may cause some infighting and I am unsure what to do but Jane put a very well thought out case to me. I argued that she was basing her assumptions on a poll of 1 person. To her credit she agreed this was the case but still felt that she was right.

Jane's asked me to read the email in order and not to skip it so I followed her instructions and I ask you to do the same. 

She attached these images and I have done the same.

She asked me to look at each image and then make a note of the first 3 things that come into my head.

(I have copied the exercise and I am sharing my responses) 

1. Wish i was her
2. Wish I could fuck her or be fucked as her 
3. She is so pretty.

1. I adore her pert breasts I wish mine were like hers
2. She is so cute
3. I love her shaved pussy

1. Adore the hair in front of the face look 
2. Love the knees pressed together so cute
3. Underwear looks like silk - yummy

She took me through her quiz and said simply there you go to which I was a little shocked her premise is that we (Trans community all of us specific to Male to Female at what ever stage and very much less so the Female to Male) are vain and only interested in good looking people and impossible ideals. 

She continued to tell me that she felt that women would be better off not staying with their Trans partner unless he actually transitioned she continue to say that guys that spend their time reading fantasy stories very much like her partner were oblivious to the long term harm they were causing their own happiness and generally well being. 

She also expressed how sympathetic she was and expressed that it was not our fault but somewhere out heads had been wired wrongly.

Lastly she pointed out that my responses were the worst she had seen for a long time. When I asked her why she said that normally by the 3rd image most guys / girls were wondering who she was where I had gone through all the images (7 in total) expressing a very surface based view. 

I tried to express to her that this was my particular fetish and she responded that I was deluding myself> I asked her to explain and she really caught me of guard - I know I am passable and I spend too much time making sure I do not gain any weight etc But she asked me if I would date a fat girl / guy / t girl and to be honest I had to say no. She then asked me if I was really the Tgirl in my blog and not some fat middle aged man - I told her it was me and she then asked why do you not post general shots of your self. 

I replied that the pro shots made me look better. She then asked me a question which has totally thrown me she asked me to check my email and I did she had sent me these 2 images. 

She then said you profess to wanting to be a women well if I could make you a women tomorrow which of these two images would you want to be

I replied the skinny girl she said ok now if you could only be the fat older women would you change?

I must admit it took me a long time to say yes - and when I did I said to her but when I do finally go the whole hog I will be better looking than her...

Jane I am better looking than her already. 

Yes was her reply but you are not a women. I was a little dumb struck and sat there in silence all you want to do not just you Tabby but all you transgenders is have sex as sexy women. 

Well I am a little shocked and still unsure what to say - what do you all feel. 


  1. I say BS on the survey: that's a bunch of shallow ignorant crap, dragged out of some pop-psychology website.

    And the comment about being fat is ridiculous too. If you are overweight and don't want to be fat, make sure you have more calories going out than coming in. It's that simple. (Maybe some people have chemical problems, but eating habits of people I've known who are overweight explain their physiology.)

    You are who you are, and don't let other people dictate your own needs and desires.

    To give some constructive criticism, it would help the readability if you would use quotation marks and identify who says what...

  2. She's absolutely right that we'd all rather be utterly hot little least those of us who are sexually oriented transvestites. True transsexuals aren't often as looks oriented as we TVs... but who cares?

    I fantasize about being a hot little slut who provides oral ecstasy to women and men, and who gets fucked hard. It gets me hot just writing about it.

    You can't argue with the stuff that gets you wet.

  3. maybe i'm looking at different pics lol - i think both those ladies are equally sexy, and the slightly larger lady would look MUCH better in a corset :) but i think everyone's body decisions (whether transitioning, losing weight or getting heaps of cool tattoos and piercings) is up to the individual. don't let anyone dictate your sexuality xoxo lissa