Friday, 10 July 2009

A little Captioned Story

Mistress Tabby worked her way through the class she smiled and cast her mind back a year the blonde she was testing was an unruly and down right rude, obnoxious and arrogant 25 year old criminal she had taken a while to break and now he was one of the best in class. 

Tabby checked the girls breasts and smiled and told Paris that she was developing well. Moving onto Caitlin the dark haired sultry little bitch that Paris had be-friended she was a perfect girl and had joined Miss Tabby's Academy by her own volition. 

Some girls join the academy because they needed to become girls and some were sent by the state as their last chance. 

Miss Tabby insisted on the girls being uniformed and strict controls on their sexual appetites she had found that keep these little whores wet for sexual release and they soon forgot about being naughty and start to look for ways to please the staff so they are allowed release. Today was special the girls were trained and ready for graduation.

Tabby moved on to her favorite student Ginger the girl lay her head on her teachers breasts and cried a little as Tabby examined her she smiled and spoke softly darling you are blossoming 

Tabby then began her probing the girls new sexual tools needed to be measured and tested 

Tabby lined the girls up along her desk and pulled up their skirts and their knickers down and started to spank them she knew from bitter experience the girls would have to get used to this treatment. 

She continued to spank them till they were red raw 

She then put the two girls on her desk and made them wear a dildo facemask and had them face fuck each other while she spanked the third girl long and hard she kept whispering to the girl as she spanked her you need this it makes you feel like you belong to your master - the girl heard her but did not understand and through her tears she quickly forgot the subliminal message Tabby had been feeding her. 

Tabby then swapped the girls around and proceeded to spank the new girl 

Whispering to her she could see that already Caitlin was enjoying the process. 

Next she allowed the girls a little pleasure so they began to play with each other. Tabby loved to suck on the face dildo and lick up all the new girls juices she felt that somehow it kept her young

Tabby got a little stern and had the girls lick her shoes and legs she needed to make sure they responded to the treatment and the girls all had subliminal messages fed to them while they slept this process was joining the dots in their minds and making it feel natural for them

Tabby loved the last day of term she felt proud her girls always proved to be the best and always proved to demand top dollar. She licked this little group and would be sorry to see them go. But needs must...

Finally Tabby called a halt to the sexual scene as she sensed the room had gained some spectators she quickly lined up the girls and asked them all to sit on her desk.

The girls obeyed Tabby smiled she knew the chemicals and the programming would all be settling down and clicking into place soon these girls would become perfect women.

Three fat business men walked in with a fourth man - Tabby's master. Tabby had all the girls sitting on the table displaying themselves and she turned to the 4 men and curtsied she then dropped to her knees and took her masters cock into her mouth and licked it and then proceeded to do the same to each of the other men their cocks now fully hard she stepped behind the desks and held Gingers legs up in the air displaying the poor girl like some hung meat.

The first business man stepped forward and prodded the girl and asked Tabby did she which she thought was the best - Tabby smiled sir these are like my daughters she replied I could never choose but if you insist sir I would suggest Ginger - she is truly a million dollar girl as Tabby spoke she pulled Ginger's legs back and up to give the fat old man a full view of Ginger's ginger...


  1. That was a very seductive story.. It got my juices flowing ;-)