Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Short Story - Helpful Steve

Steve's wife was annoyed she shouted at Steve.

Steve I have had the builders on the phone again complaining that you are being too helpful and getting in their way. 

Steve sat on the sofa his small frame hunched up and looking a little lost. 

His wife took pity and sat next to him on the sofa playing with his long hair darling she said softly your not really a man are you you know that your very femm and that you will never make a builder. 

Steve was upset he desperately wanted to be a builder or at least accepted as one. HE started to cry and his wife said look I have an idea but it might be a little extreme. 

Steve eyes widened and he looked at his wife with anticipation. 

Hun we can make you a beautiful girl and the builders will accept you are a girl and that your ability to help is not great. Imagine your a below average builder and handy man as a guy but as a girl you will be amazing. And  the builders will never know.

Steve thought for a moment and then agreed. 

They both woke early in the morning and got Steve ready. Steve stood infront of the mirror he looked amazing he jumped with glee and squealed his excitement. 

His wife said what name shall we give you. 

The both giggled and said Stephanie at the same time. 

Steve's wife left the house as the builders were coming in and getting ready for their days work. She walked towards the builders and told them that Steve was away for the next month and that Steve's sister was staying to help out. 

Steve's wife called out Steph oh hun stephy dear please come out and meet the guys. 
Steve stepped out of the house and strutted towards the builders he looked stunning, amazing, the builders watch the foxy women walk towards them and introduced themselves. 

The day went smoothly and Steph made teas and bacon butties and generally was very lady like. She was getting a little annoyed at not helping and approached Mark the lead builder. 

She asked if she could help - Mark ever the ladies man smiled and said yes. Steph giggled with glee as she passed length after length of wood to Mark. 

Mark turned to Steph and said your a great help. Much better than your brother. Steph's heart skipped a beat and she smiled wow she thought I am being accepted. 

Mark took Steph's reaction as a come on sign. He builder did not have to be told twice.
Steph was shocked at the speed of Marks attentions and the intense feelings she was experiencing She shivered as he unbuttoned her top. As his hand brushed her breasts forms 

(his wife had stuck them on she had several pairs as she was quite flat chested and these were her best pair they had little wires connecting Steve's real nipples to the breast form nipples and would pass on any sensations) 

Steph gave herself away by purring - Mark now knew he had a home run all he had to do was bring it home. 

Steve's head was spinning the sensations were amazing so strong and the hulk of man his smell his body everything about him was sooo intoxicating.

Oh my Steph squealed as Mar nibbled her nipples and Mark gently pushed Stephs hands towards his cock 

Without realizing it his hands were trying to gain access to Marks cock 

Mark was now naked and Steph dropped to her knees and started to suck on the mans cock she breathed in deeply thrilling in his manly scent 

Mark laughed long and loud 

Steph looked up hurt thinking that her cover was blown her eyes asked the question and Mark saw he had upset the girl and said no hun your amazing I am laughing at your builders crack 

Steph felt around her back and realized her jeans were very low and her pert bottom was on display. 

Mark forced his cock back into the girls mouth and said now you are a real builder 

Mark pushed Steve onto a chair and started to ram his cock into Steve's mouth. Steve was getting soo hot and horny he started to play with his cock while sucking on another he loved the way Marks balls slapped him on the cheek and chin as Mark pounded his mouth and he loved the way he breasts pulled at his chest as they bounced in response to the face fucking he was getting. 

Steve or Steph was in seventh heaven and continued to suck on Marks cock licking the pre cum up and purring the builders had all left and only Mark and Steve remained. 

Steve was ready to take the builders cock deep into his mouth and throat and was ready to take the mans load when he heard footsteps.

He looked up and his wife was standing at the doorway while he had a mouthful of cock. His wife's mouth opened to say something just as she did Mark shot his first load into the cute Stephs mouth and his wife smiled....


  1. I seriously wish I had the body and feet for those boots.

  2. Tabby,
    Great story - keep it up!

    And those boots are hot!