Monday, 20 July 2009

Real Girls

I spent so much time looking at images of real girls studying how the move walk talk and stand. I find this really helps and sometimes I recall an image and try to adopt the position. 

I find images of girls getting dressed especially interesting and useful in terms of copying them. 
Do send me any images you think may help.

These images have been sent in to me and I like to describe why they work for me and also have helped in my femm-ing. 

This is an intimate moment and although she is not being very femm her attire more than makes up for it and the moment of intimacy is rare and very special. 

I love researching how women cover them selfs I love this image as it is obvious she is a total slut but she is also being coy. 

The perfect standing pose. Weight on one leg, hip pushed out, other leg slightly bent and crossed over slightly, upper body curved upwards from hip, shoulders dropped toward raised hip. Hand gently resting on waist or thigh. Utterly femm and perfect pose. 

How much confidence can a girl have well if your Natalie as much as you want! Giggle
She is siting like a man arms wide open laughing and in total control she knows she is amazing and everyone is hoping to glimpse her pert breasts but she does not care she is totally in control I adore this girl. 

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  1. I´m inloved for your blog, is so sexy, so hard and delicate at one time!!!!
    It's one of my top favorites.
    Big kiss.