Monday, 6 July 2009

Amazing girls

I spend hours responding to emails and to requests and all sorts but I had a great request this evening and I had to respond 

The request was simple please help me understand why I need to be femm. Well as this is my most fave subject I gave it a lot of thought and instead of being in bed catching up on my beauty sleep I am working for my public - giggle. 

Just look at her she is sooo perfect so femm and so lost in her own pleasure - men can never reach this place they can never relax enough to be in that special and wondrous place of complete and utter abandon and total wonton pleasure look how she rubs her thighs together to make her pussy lips rub her clit 

amazing tummy so tight and pert bum and breasts her nipples point skyward great body 

so youthful and so pert and sexy 

this women can pose I love her stance

So cute girl next door totally adorable 

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