Friday, 17 July 2009

Another Poll - Secretaries

Well another poll over and you girls continue to surprise me So you all want to be Secretaries, then Housewife's and the 3rd highest choice was a prostitute.

I find this very interesting I wonder how many girls who voted for the secretary option have secretaries in their real lives - do you?

Do you watch her from your office looking closely at her clothes imagining what she is wearing underneath, do you wish you could chat with her as her equal dressed like her. 

do you long to touch her but only to understand what she is wearing and how she moves. 

For your pleasure I have selected a number of shots that I feel speak volumes 

A typical Secretary - blonde long hair tight blouse and pencil skirt and heels. Is this your secretary is this what you want to be. Would you wear glasses what about your underwear 

would you bend over and show your boss your pert bottom and lick your lips slightly to show him how much you need to suck him. 

Would you strip for him down to your knickers, suspender belt and stockings and thrust your chest forward so that he can cum on your pert breasts and you can then lick them clean. Do you long to be her...

Do you want to suck on his cock your head moving up and down on his fat erect cock while his balls slap your chin and your earrings gently hit your cheeks 

Do you look up at the CCTV camera and take his cock deep into your mouth and throat knowing that the security guards will be watching your performance 

You beg him to fuck you you are a slut and you need a good fucking he laughs and picks up his cane and smacks your bottom you gasp and wiggle your bottom trying to shake off the sting but it makes him slap your ass again you squeal part pleasure part pain 

Or are you an upper class PA do you know how to be sultry and do you prefer a certain level of indulgence - you must wear la perla and prada you must wear choos. Your look is total sophistication and you know how to charm and entertain.

You turn this way and that showing of your amazing body tiny waist and flared hips and the most pert breasts you walk with your head held high. You strut your way through life. 

You look amazing and you know it men want you women want to be you

Your boss likes you to lounge on his office sofa and you do so you look at him intently and when he looks at you you smile politely and lick your lips you are a goddess of seduction. He leaves his desk and walks towards you unzipping his fly and pulling forth his weapon it is semi erect and you smile a wry smile you adore it's taste and savour his musky manly smell. 

As he crosses the vast office you sit forward and lift your glasses out of harms way and place them on top of your beautifully styled hair you unbutton your blouse a little to show your magnificent pert breasts, your impossibly tight skirt hiked up around your waist legs spread looking wontedly at your boss. 

And now for some fun....

A little captioned story The Secretary and her bosses cock.

Tabby...TABBY....TABBY Morgan shouted 

Yes Miss coming Tabby hurried over to her bosses office - Massage my shoulders girl demanded Morgan

Tabby started to rub her bosses shoulders and slowly but surely Her boses huge cock became semi -erect Morgan Tabby's boss shifted in her seat and had to get onto her knees as her cock became too large to allow her to sit on her office chair and contain her monster in the tight pinstriped fabric of her skirt. 

Tabby groaned as she saw the beasts head emerge from the bottom of her bosses skirt. Morgan smiled a wry smile that slut she thought to her self can not help herself

Tabby took her bosses shirt off and played with her breasts - Tabby's cock started to fill and her boss stroked the outline which showed in her tight linen trousers. 

Tabby pushed her cock into her bosses mouth and moaned as her boss licked her tip. 

Tabby boss moaned and then told Tabby she needed her cream as her guests were arriving soon and she wanted to fill the pastries with fresh girly cream. So her bosses started to pump Tabby's cock.

Soon Tabby was cuming into each little pastry. Her boss told her to save a little for her fave pastry 

Tabby squirted more cum onto her bosses pastry while she ate the yummy little dessert. 


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