Sunday, 23 May 2010

Short Story - The Temp

Dear Diary something happened today that has changed everything....

I adore my job I love to temp. I love filling and organising people, I love to make sure my boss male or female is looked after. I also have very restless feet so temping is ideal I can come in support someone and then leave after a few weeks.

I am very very good at my job. However I found that people expected me to be female you see I have a rather femm name and femm job so when I used to turn up the people that had hired me would say but your a guy. Things would always start off rather clumsily. Until they realised I was actually excellent but as a temp that was about the time the company would no longer need you.

I have always been a little femm and from time to time experimented with dressing up. One night I was working at home sending out my resume and updating my profile online.

I had recently been told that I should be using a new services specially for temps called Temps Link. I logged onto their site and filled in my name I typed in my first name Peyton and then my surname Jones. The site updated itself and then presented me the female form to fill in.

I pressed back and tried to find the male selection but it would simply not let me select male I changed the name to John and it selected male forms. I was sooo upset and tired I just filled in the forms as a girl and went to bed.

I woke late on Saturday morning to find that my inbox was full of temp requests - wow this site was amazing. I looked through the offers and noticed that there was a company that needed help on Sunday through to next Friday as they were stock taking and were very behind. It was long hours but the pay was amazing.

I clicked yes on the link and the site fired up and sent me back the details confirming my hourly rate, time of work and start and end date. I also got the address and whom I should report too.

I sat on the sofa drinking a cup of tea and watching tv when it dawned on me they are expecting a girl.....

I panicked and then calmed down and went to my bedroom and pulled out from under the bed an old suitcase. My hands were shaking I had not looked in this case for more than a year. I clicked open the locks and pushed the case lid back and there she was. The female Peyton. Brunette wig, top of the range life like breast forms, a wonderful array of lace, silk, leather, cotton underwear and clothing. Heels and all the accessories a girl could want.

I knew I had to get ready it was a while since the girlie Peyton was around so I needed a little practise and preparation. Being femm and not very hairy small and slim makes my transformation easier but I do like to be very convincing so I made sure I was totally hairless from the face down. I took out the special adhesive and smeared a little on my chest and then a little in the back of the breast forms. I waited a moment the glue had become tacky and then I leaned forward and attached them I made sure my real nipple sat in the special little hole which would activate the fake nipple and send the stimulus through to me. I held my breasts in place and let the adhesive set and then I pinched my fake nipples which immediately sent signals to my real nipples and made me jump. I was always amazed at how sensitive and accurate these fake breasts were.

Next what outfit to wear?

I know I giggled to myself my lacy black bra from Rigby and Peller with matching thong, suspender belt, fishnet stockings. Next I added a lace chocker to hide my adams apple and to press it slightly to help raise my voice. Next a super tight thin wool pencil skirt. Finally my white cotton fitted blouse.

I then added the brunette wig and sat down to apply my makeup, fake nails and accessories.

Stunning I giggled.

I spent the day moving, sitting standing walking and typing I had to look effortless.

Finally satisfied I went to bed. I did not eat a thing I wanted to be as slim as possible.

The next morning I woke had a small cup of green tea and then dressed. I felt so alive so full of energy so in tune with my senses.

As I left my flat I put on my trench coat and tied up the belt like I had seen many women do. I put my hand bag over my shoulder and joined the other women and men who every morning walked to the tube station.

I paid for my ticket and got onto the escalator I was not used to be in heels and I lost my balance slightly the man behind me caught me in his arms and said are you ok miss.

I looked back and smiled yes thank you - sorry

it's ok he shrugged

I smiled and blushed

Thoughts rushed through my head what is his cock like, hummm is he married, wow he is kind of cute in a manly way.....

I blushed deeply and then stepped of the escalator and walked onto the platform my man went southbound and I was northbound

I sighed - Then I caught myself what was I thinking come on Peyton get your mind back into the game I told myself sternly.

I walked along the platform revelling in the sound my heels made as they clicked and clacked on the hard surface.

How do women not spend their entire lives in the throes of ecstasy, I could just about contain myself. I could feel the tightness of my fitted blouse the skirt restricting my movements the wind blowing through the tunnel moving my hair and the wind rushing up my skirt and cooling the tops of my thighs the suspender belt and how it pulled at the stocking tops the heels and how they made my thighs elongate, the thong string pulling between my ass cheeks as I sat down and finally my nipples erect from the sudden rush of air as the tube train announced its imminent arrival. I was sooo entranced by these sensual feelings I could not imagine how a women would make it through the day without cumming.

I sat on the tube and tried to be as lady like as possible knees pressed together handbag on lap hands ontop of bag staring forward. I wish I had remembered to bring a book with me.

Only a few more stops to go.

The train slowed and stopped the door opened and three early 20 somethings got on and sat opposite me. They were so brash and loud, so full of testosterone I found them enticing I could not help myself I bit my lower lip and lowered my head the guy opposite laughed and put his hand on his crotch and grabbed his cock.

Several older women turned up their noses and several younger women including myself blushed. My mind raced thoughts of cock, sweaty bodies, rough sex in alleyways entered and danced around my mind then in flash vanished.

The train was pulling into my stop I stood up and so did the guys several other people got ready to alight the train.

I was standing near the door and as always on london's tube network the tube was crowded I was pressed against a slightly older women and she smiled at me as we were jostled and bounced into each other, I mouthed sorry and she did also.

I felt a hand on my ass the hand rubbed me then spanked me gently I turned to see the guy who had grabbed his crotch standing behind me. He looked directly into my eyes I could see the sheer animal lust this guy did not make love he fucked.

I smiled sweetly and he grinned showing his three gold teeth amongst the other teeth.
He pressed in closer I turned around and fell slightly back into him it was such a small movement but it spoke volumes I had submitted to him his hands slowly made their way around my waist and up my now untied trench coat he slid his hand onto my breast, I felt his cock twitch and prod me from behind.

The women who was standing next to me turned away and tutted I blushed and the guy just laughed he leaned forward and said to the women stood next to me

whats wrong bitch are you wanting some of this too.

The door opened and he pushed through with his friends and was gone.

I stepped off next and the women behind me stepped off she walked past me and mutter slut under her breath

I giggle yes I had been

I stopped at the sweet shop and purchased a small bottle of water and enjoyed the act of paying finding my purse in my hand bag and then paying and putting it all away.

I arrived at the office reception and calmed myself down I handed my details over to the girl at the reception desk and she said oh Hi I am Jenny, please take a seat Peyton Alan will be down soon.

I smiled and thanked her.

She smiled back and said it was a pain but it seemed everyone was working today this stock take was taking for ever.

Alan arrived and took me up to the room

He smiled and was very sweet I smiled back and flirted a little

I was put in a small room with files to sort through. I began to work but I just could not stop enjoying being dressed. The pc I was using had a web cam it was used as a video conferencing tool and I just kept posing in front of it.

I lifted my skirt and stroked my sissy clit I was sooo horny and quickly came into a tissue which I hid in my handbag. I managed to calm down and get back on with my work.

What I did not know was that my PC and web cam was tied into the boardroom and was designed to cast into the board room next door the moment the web cam was switched on

The door burst open and Alan marched in he almost shouted and I jumped out of my skin what the fuck are you doing and what the fuck are you? He screamed.

He pushed me down lifted my head up and rammed his finger into my face pointing and shouting I just saw you wanking your a man your a fucking sissy faggot man what the fuck are you.... you you you fucking twisted fucking whore....

I started to cry

Fucking follow me you faggot

I followed Alan expecting to be thrown out but instead he led me into a small store room and told me to strip

I stood in my underwear while he snarled at me I looked ashamed and humiliated.
He laughed and said your amazing if it was not for your cock wanking antics I would have never guessed.

turn around he commanded

he ripped of my bra and played with my breasts and then pushed me to the floor.
He started to unbuckle his trousers and unzip them as he spoke

so Peyton you want to be a girl... You want to dress like one act like one smell like one do you
I just nodded I knew instinctively that is what he wanted to see and hear.

He pulled out his now erect cock and I gasped he laughed.
What is this he spat at me
Your cock
Who's cock
He slapped my face and I cried
Your masters cock bitch say it
I whispered it's my masters cock
good girl he stroked my hair gently

Open wide he whispered with a slight snarl and smile

He rammed his cock into my mouth
thoughts, ideas, feelings vanished there was just a flat colour white and with each thrust the white slowly faded and was replaced with nothingness a black soo deep nothing would ever escape or be the same again...

I could hear him now the rushing in my ears and the pounding in my head had slowed down a little I could just make out in the distance 2 voices one in front of me and one behind...

I tried to focus and listen the voice behind was shouting stop this Peyton your a guy come on push him away and tell him no....

but the louder voice was infront and it was getting closer and closer the voice was Alan's he was telling me to do something

He was telling me that I was his girl and that all sissy faggot whores should be on their knees infront of their masters he was snarling and thrusting and hurting my mouth he pounding was relentless.

I let out a slight moan and he laughed and with one hard and final thrust he pushed the old Peyton away and made room for the new improved Peyton...

I let out another moan and and purr.

He laughed and told me to look up at him I did he seemed like a mountain huge impossible, strong I gripped his legs and speeded up my sucking.

He said gently good girl I can see you are almost broken but I need to take your last vestige of man hood I need to fuck you my virgin little whore.

He pulled me to my feet and ripped of the reaming items of clothing left standing in my stockings he said very coldly and very deliberately

Peyton I am going to turn your around and bend you over and insert my cock into your asspussy is that clear

I nodded he slapped me hard

Yes master My hand on my cheek rubbing the soreness away I bit my lower lip and said but sir

He slapped me again

I lowered my head and said yes sir I understand

Good now I am going to fuck your ass until I cum and then I am going to wipe my cock clean in your hair. I will leave you bruised and broken on the floor here with cum leaking from your ass while your body shakes with a deep female orgasm

do you understand

Yes master

good girl

He started to dis robe as I stood there naked watching his huge cock bounce as he took of his shirt my mind slowly melted away and Peyton the girl moved in.......

He slid into me and like every other virgin I moaned and screamed with pain and pleasure and true to his word I was left shaking and moaning in ecstasy

women as pets

Dear darling readers you all know by know this blog is really intended to allow me to discover who, what, where I am in live. I try to explore all aspects of my situation, and reality. I will never do anything I feel is dangerous (having said that I have gone home from parties with men and women that I have not known - but then so do genetic women) at odds with my morals or just plain horrid.

I have over the years find my line and I will not cross it. I have played around with being a sub and a little bit of a dom - I think my natural leaning is being a sub but I do love to boss around sissy faggots they are sooo keen to please - giggle. I have dappled with being a pony girl and tried my hand as a pet kitten to a master but this post opens up an amazing new angle to the whole pet girl thing.

Read on dear reader and I shall do my best to explain as I sit in my bedroom in my la perla baby doll and finish typing up my notes and musings on the subject.

I have been speaking with a genetic girl called Katie she is happy I use her first name but not her last or any other information that my or may not identify her. I have tried over the last 3 weeks to get to grips with what she loves to do and what she means.

I think this is why I feel women connect more with stories as they try to understand what the other person is saying. Listening is stage one - understanding is stage two - empathy is stage three most of us never pass stage one.

I think today we have had a breakthrough at her request I called at 8am this morning (UK time) ladies and gents I DO not get up on a Sunday at that time but this was important and Katie likes to jog she it allowed us to have a conversation while she sat in a local park with no one to distract us.

Katie lives with 2 other genetic girls in London. She is intelligent, articulate funny and charming. I would love it adore it if we could be friends.

Katie emailed me sometime ago desperately wanting to understand tgirls and if her then boyfriend was gay. We spoke via email. We swapped numbers and chatted on and off. She called me several weeks ago and told me she had split up with her old boy friend and was now seeing a very different guy. He was very masculine, very aggressive and as she put it made her do things while they made love.

Being the slut I am I had to ask - what things!

She said oh you know moan and groan and stuff....

My immediate response was you mean he likes a moaner - a girl that makes noise...

She replied sort off


Well he likes me to purr and meoww like a kitten and last night he put a bowl of wine on the floor for me. He had also purchased a kitten outfit from Ann Summers

Ok firstly - I said Ann Summers - how cheap and nasty god girt dump him giggle and then what outfit she said oh just silly ears, a collar and black gloves...

I could tell there was something else... and... I pushed

I could feel her blushing and a tail she almost whispered

What is wrong with that she almost snarled out the words it was attached to a but plug

OH i responded

She said I hate anal sex but he got me drunk we were playing he is sooo yummy and well forceful I just let him

We chatted for a while longer and then nothing a few weeks later she called again and we spoke very briefly she said things were ok but she was beginning to get sacred.

I emailed her the next day and got a response that she was ok

I called her at the end of the week and she burst into tears and explained she felt ashamed and humiliated but just could not stop

Between sobs and moments of clarity she said her live was so out of control she had spent a fortune on her credit cards was just about keeping her head in work, she was scared about the election (UK) and what would happen would the cuts effect her. (Her job and industry is very much the role that gets cut in a downturn)

Yet somehow with this guy she was told what to do she did not have to think, she just re-acted she just did. She could enjoy the moment without fearing the future.

She sobbed that she felt she was hiding from her problems and she should sort things out but she just could not face them.

She started to explain that the moment she would arrive at his home he would not acknowledge her the protocol was to enter the his flat (she has a key) at a pre agreed time (mostly he would be out until later) she would enter the spare room strip and cleanse herself put on her cat ears, collar with bell, lead, but plug and tail and her fish net hold ups and 5 inch black patent heels. She would then if he was home on her hands and knees crawl to him and pretend to be a kitten or if he was not home crawl into her basket and sleep until he came home and woke her.

I must admit this excited me and I expressed that to her she giggle and sobbed and said I know but I also find myself crying myself to sleep feeling like I should die.

She broke out into a huge sob and said what if my mum and dad could see me....

She hung up...

We spoke this morning she had not seen him for a few days he has gone to a work thing (how she put it I did not press)

We chatted and I think finally she has come to accept her need to be sub I did my best not to offer my opinion and not to push any particular path on her I do worry for you Katie and think you are a darling and no you are not odd or strange. I would ask my readers to post their thoughts and feelings I for one have fantasied about being a pet a maid and kept sexual object and I expect most tgirls have.

I would love to hear from any genetic girls and dom men who read this blog.

I have selected several images below and expressed my opinion on them to help readers whom are unfamiliar with the pet girl world.

I find this exciting but I am not sure I would like to be one of those girls.

I do adore pony girls I am not sure why

I find this quite difficult to accept she looks totally dumb. Her eyes rolled back like that she looks totally broken - is that sexy?

I think for me this is too far

Kitty Kat fun - adorable

So sexual so intense soo yummy

I adore this picture I find it soooo sensual

Cute as a button


Giggle I do adore this idea

Main stream kitten


Oh my purrrr

I do wish this was me

I like this I really do.


Bunny's soo main stream

Giggle great use for a tail

Wow is this sooo erotic giggle I am blushing now


very batman catwomen

Interesting is this moving to close to bestiality?

Very Sexy

Friday, 21 May 2010

short Story- My sisters job

Please Sally please

Tom look you promised

But look at me I look like well like you....

Exactly she snapped back. Now stopped moaning I have a huge hangover and I just need you to cover me today. You know that Steve has warned me if I miss one more day I will be sacked.

My sister hugged me and kissed me on the cheeks and said look Tommy if you do this I will let you off the three months of rent you owe me.


oh you look sooo cute. She kissed me again and continued to dress me.

She slid on her white cotton boy shorts and then she fixed on the fake B breasts and then she helped me on with the her uniform blouse. I asked about a bra and she said your me remember I never wear a bra I love teasing the passengers.

Next came her light blue skirt and she then styled my hair and did my makeup she tied her scarf and then popped on her little cap then gave me her purse her jacket and handed me her 6 inch heels.

She started to remind me of the people that she worked with I had met most of them and she made sure I had all the info I needed.

I stepped out the house and clicked clacked along the footpath till I reached her car. I had dressed several times before. Yes I adore to cross dress and my sister had known this. I am very femm and in fact I am her twin we look very similar and sound alike. Sometimes I am mistaken for a girl.

I wiggled along the path setting one foot in front of the other the heels elongated my legs and helped to push out my bottom. I bent at the waist and pushed the car key into the lock and as femm as possible side stepped into my sisters little pink mini.

I drove to the airport and started to get into Sally. I have secretly envied my sister she is sooo popular and pretty much gets what ever she wants she loves her job as an air stewardess as she gets to be a slut around the world and can re-invent herself.

I had worn her clothes quite a few more times than she knew and on more than one occasion we had gone to parties as each other.

The lights turned red and I pressed onto the brake. My god how did she drive in these heels. I adjusted myself in the seat and my skirt rode up further. The blouse was light and I could see the nipples showing through why oh why did she have to use the breast forms from last years party I giggled at the erect nipples at the time.

I adjust the blouse and felt that I was being stared at I turned quickly to see a van with a guy staring at me trying to pull my skirt down while fondling my breasts well at least that is what he thought. I blushed crimson red and turned away.

The lights changed I drove away.

I arrived at Sally's work and parked the car.

I took a deep breath reached for the door handle the door swung open and I told myself Tommy boy you have a 3 minute walk to Sally's boss' office on that journey transform yourself be Sally.

I swung my legs out and just like I had seen Sally step out of the car I did the same. I closed the door and bent from the waist to lock it and then with my handbag over my shoulder I placed my feet in front of the other and gently rotated it slightly as I moved the next foot forward I moved my hip and then stepped forward again. I enjoyed the movement I felt the skirt pull tightly at my thighs, I felt my breasts bounce gently at each step I listened to the click of my heels on the pavement and my hair being gently blown in the wind.

I felt electric. During the walk my senses had come alive I felt amazing wow does Sally feel like this all the time is this why she dresses the way she does. I walked into the office my boss had not arrived so I started sorting through the flight stubs. Sally had t0ld me to make sure I get the folders in order as soon as I arrived - She laughed and said since she stopped going out with Steve she had to work for a living.

I heard the door open and I turned to face Steve - I had met him while ago with Sally for drinks. He was such a mans man we never really got on.

I could not help myself I had gone soo deep into being Sally I posed as he entered the room fully.

I almost covered the words in honey as I spoke - good morning sir. I parted my legs and pushed out my hips and placed and hand on it and smiled.

Steve looked me up and down.

Sally he said shaking his head get me a coffee..

I enjoyed he stares and thought I would continue my little game. I bit my lower lip and and leaned on the desk pushing my pert arse in the air and lifting one foot up and almost purred at him

yes sir.... how many sugars sir......

Sally stop playing around...
I giggled and walked out the office making sure he could see my arse sway this way and that as I left the room.

I got back and sat on the chair my skirt pulled up tightly I sat with my hand on my waist and my back as straight as possible pushing my little pert breasts forward.

He called me over to his desk and handed me a sheet of paper and asked me to read through the duty roster I leaned over the cupboard as I looked through the duty roster I asked him why I was on 3 nights this week.

I felt his hand stroke my ass then my thigh...

He gently guided me onto his lap and took the sheet of paper away. I felt his cock twitch I purred and looked coyly at him.

He stood up and his hand went straight to the front of my skirt and he pulled up and started to fondle my sissy clit and balls.

I pulled away thinking my cover was blown but he pulled me tightly to him and whispered to me I know it's you Tommy that is why I split I with Sally I prefer girls with a little something extra....

He slowly slid down pulling up my skirt his fingers touching searching digging into my ass holding onto my thigh. He kissed my chest. I moaned and sat back onto the desk.

I gasped and he let me sit back down.

I purred and undid my blouse and said what do you mean sir.

He just took out his cock and I licked my lips.....

Interview 1 - Frances

Hi all I have started to interview various well known tgirls my first is the lovely, sexy and all round stunning Frances

1. Ok my readers often ask me how to select a femm name can I ask how you selected yours?

Easy, my Farther was named Francis as was my Grandfather, thus I was too. It's now changed by deed poll to Frances with an 'E.' Although, if I'm honest, I wasn't too keen on the name as a child, it was like being called 'A Boy Named Sue'.

2. What is your most fave casual outfit

Nothing beats an old pair of jeans, a nice Liberty print shirt and a pair of leather moccasins.

3. Are you bi? Do you think most Tgirls are? When did you discover your need to dress and be femm

Yes, I swing both ways, all the more for me then! Most T girls would claim to be hetero, but I'm sure that most people given the chance, would try something different, even if it was just to see what it was all about. I was a late developer in the dressing stakes, having never dressed in my life, I hit an age and thought, 'I'm bored, what else is out there,' obviously, I got a little carried away with my curiosity.

4. What do you think makes a women / what is the main mistake T girls make.

Femininity and sensitivity make for a a woman. If you mean mistake as in not passing, well some things can't be changed, if you're 6ft your 6ft and that's that so embrace it If you're talking about being under the radar, don't wear stiletto's, fishnets, leather mini skirts and a tight blouse. Sure, women wear all of these items, but never all at once, it just screams 'I'm a Trannie.'

5. Do you swallow giggle?

Nope, one tends to go around gagging all day.

6. Describe your perfect date

Generous, courteous, clean and polite, suffice to say, a Gentleman, do they still exist?

7. What are your fantasies - What is your most secret hidden dream the one that makes you blush - giggle

As an Escort, I have realised all of my fantasies and those of my clients.

8. How well do you think you know the femm you.

I live with her everyday.

9. If you were dressing to impress what under wear would you select - describe in detail.

La Perla or Rigby & Pellar, a suspender-belt, but it has to be metal claps, all eight of them.

10. What annoys you?

Cheap and dishonest people, I've known a few.

11. What makes you laugh?

Myself, I'm very good at laughing at myself.

12. What makes you cry?

Scrooge (1951)

13. What are you ashamed of?

Life is too short to be going around feeling ashamed, if you're ashamed of something, stop doing it, change it and move on.

14. What advice would you give a young tgirl / crossdresser?

Less is more.

15. What are you the most proud of?

Without doubt, my five children.

Frans Links

Thursday, 20 May 2010


I find most tgirls frustrating. I spent two hours today chatting with Sally on the phone she emailed me and wanted to chat about my blog and my ideas and she sounded great. Her email was well written and I felt that perhaps I had found a girlfriend I could chat with on the phone about clothes, sex, love and life.

We started to discuss the idea of being ladylike - what is it, can a working class girl be lady like? Can one train a tgirl to be femm and then to be lady like. I know many genetic women who are femm but are far from being lady like.

Well back to Sally. Our chat started off well. But soon she descended into the usual pathetic fake tgirl only do it for sexual gratification, what are you wearing while I pull on my cock conversation.

Now ladies do not get me wrong I adore dressing and yes it has a sexual plus for me and I adore talking about what I am wearing and what you all are wearing....

So why am I complaining....

Sally it is because you lack any trace of sensuality you attempts at being femm are clumsy and you do not want to grow as a women because your male self is gratified by your need to ejaculate, while your female self is desperately trying to tell anyone who will listen that you are wearing this thong and that high heeled shoe and oooh would it be amazing if a big black cock was being pushed into my mouth.

Yes Sally it would and then maybe you would understand why I hung up on you. I am not a prude but dont waste my time trying to use me as an excuse to wank.

Now onto more positives matters what is lady like and can a tgirl be it?

So far I can think of only two or three tgirls that have ever made it to that status and they had to go all the way. I think perhaps there is only one tgirl I know that has accomplished the impossible and has become ladylike while still keeping her little sissy clit.

What is lady like?

As always a picture paints a 1000 words well it is breeding, elegance and poise. But also knowing your self and revelling in your self. Feeling sensual and sexual but not being glam not pouty lips but smouldering eyes are a must.

As is being well dressed and well groomed.

eating and drinking is important a lady is all about indulgence without being blingy - WAGs can not be lady like - sorry girls if you aspire to marry a footballer then you are reading the wrong blog.

A lady marries, landed gentry, something big in the city or military and into music or the arts. Never ever into pop, football or property.

spending wisely is lady like buying the best because it has true value. Avoid transient brands and stick to traditional well crafted brands. Hermes etc.

taking time to sleep well and spend time on pampering your self

Create a perfect space for you and only you

learn how to use your femininity

have plenty of shoes

learn french and read poetry

Become a romantic

make sure your husband buys you a country retreat

Sally I hope you have taken notes. Stop being a slut and become a slutty lady! yes there is a huge difference. Ladies I invite you to comment...