Sunday, 23 May 2010

women as pets

Dear darling readers you all know by know this blog is really intended to allow me to discover who, what, where I am in live. I try to explore all aspects of my situation, and reality. I will never do anything I feel is dangerous (having said that I have gone home from parties with men and women that I have not known - but then so do genetic women) at odds with my morals or just plain horrid.

I have over the years find my line and I will not cross it. I have played around with being a sub and a little bit of a dom - I think my natural leaning is being a sub but I do love to boss around sissy faggots they are sooo keen to please - giggle. I have dappled with being a pony girl and tried my hand as a pet kitten to a master but this post opens up an amazing new angle to the whole pet girl thing.

Read on dear reader and I shall do my best to explain as I sit in my bedroom in my la perla baby doll and finish typing up my notes and musings on the subject.

I have been speaking with a genetic girl called Katie she is happy I use her first name but not her last or any other information that my or may not identify her. I have tried over the last 3 weeks to get to grips with what she loves to do and what she means.

I think this is why I feel women connect more with stories as they try to understand what the other person is saying. Listening is stage one - understanding is stage two - empathy is stage three most of us never pass stage one.

I think today we have had a breakthrough at her request I called at 8am this morning (UK time) ladies and gents I DO not get up on a Sunday at that time but this was important and Katie likes to jog she it allowed us to have a conversation while she sat in a local park with no one to distract us.

Katie lives with 2 other genetic girls in London. She is intelligent, articulate funny and charming. I would love it adore it if we could be friends.

Katie emailed me sometime ago desperately wanting to understand tgirls and if her then boyfriend was gay. We spoke via email. We swapped numbers and chatted on and off. She called me several weeks ago and told me she had split up with her old boy friend and was now seeing a very different guy. He was very masculine, very aggressive and as she put it made her do things while they made love.

Being the slut I am I had to ask - what things!

She said oh you know moan and groan and stuff....

My immediate response was you mean he likes a moaner - a girl that makes noise...

She replied sort off


Well he likes me to purr and meoww like a kitten and last night he put a bowl of wine on the floor for me. He had also purchased a kitten outfit from Ann Summers

Ok firstly - I said Ann Summers - how cheap and nasty god girt dump him giggle and then what outfit she said oh just silly ears, a collar and black gloves...

I could tell there was something else... and... I pushed

I could feel her blushing and a tail she almost whispered

What is wrong with that she almost snarled out the words it was attached to a but plug

OH i responded

She said I hate anal sex but he got me drunk we were playing he is sooo yummy and well forceful I just let him

We chatted for a while longer and then nothing a few weeks later she called again and we spoke very briefly she said things were ok but she was beginning to get sacred.

I emailed her the next day and got a response that she was ok

I called her at the end of the week and she burst into tears and explained she felt ashamed and humiliated but just could not stop

Between sobs and moments of clarity she said her live was so out of control she had spent a fortune on her credit cards was just about keeping her head in work, she was scared about the election (UK) and what would happen would the cuts effect her. (Her job and industry is very much the role that gets cut in a downturn)

Yet somehow with this guy she was told what to do she did not have to think, she just re-acted she just did. She could enjoy the moment without fearing the future.

She sobbed that she felt she was hiding from her problems and she should sort things out but she just could not face them.

She started to explain that the moment she would arrive at his home he would not acknowledge her the protocol was to enter the his flat (she has a key) at a pre agreed time (mostly he would be out until later) she would enter the spare room strip and cleanse herself put on her cat ears, collar with bell, lead, but plug and tail and her fish net hold ups and 5 inch black patent heels. She would then if he was home on her hands and knees crawl to him and pretend to be a kitten or if he was not home crawl into her basket and sleep until he came home and woke her.

I must admit this excited me and I expressed that to her she giggle and sobbed and said I know but I also find myself crying myself to sleep feeling like I should die.

She broke out into a huge sob and said what if my mum and dad could see me....

She hung up...

We spoke this morning she had not seen him for a few days he has gone to a work thing (how she put it I did not press)

We chatted and I think finally she has come to accept her need to be sub I did my best not to offer my opinion and not to push any particular path on her I do worry for you Katie and think you are a darling and no you are not odd or strange. I would ask my readers to post their thoughts and feelings I for one have fantasied about being a pet a maid and kept sexual object and I expect most tgirls have.

I would love to hear from any genetic girls and dom men who read this blog.

I have selected several images below and expressed my opinion on them to help readers whom are unfamiliar with the pet girl world.

I find this exciting but I am not sure I would like to be one of those girls.

I do adore pony girls I am not sure why

I find this quite difficult to accept she looks totally dumb. Her eyes rolled back like that she looks totally broken - is that sexy?

I think for me this is too far

Kitty Kat fun - adorable

So sexual so intense soo yummy

I adore this picture I find it soooo sensual

Cute as a button


Giggle I do adore this idea

Main stream kitten


Oh my purrrr

I do wish this was me

I like this I really do.


Bunny's soo main stream

Giggle great use for a tail

Wow is this sooo erotic giggle I am blushing now


very batman catwomen

Interesting is this moving to close to bestiality?

Very Sexy


  1. I often feel so weak near a confident women or man that I enjoy behaving like a pet girl, crawling around, focused entirely on my owner's attention, following them around as they do people things. Curiously I find I accept the role of pet with a woman more easily than I accept any other form of relationship with a woman.

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  3. Concerning the picture under your comment "I adore this picture I find it soooo sensual", it's from a video. A girl is taken by her lover to a 'Puppy Training Café' and is shocked as she realizes what she's to become. She's taken on stage on a leash and, before an audience of masters and naked pets, made to undress, walk on all four, pee and poop like a puppy and so on. All along, she doesn't look very willing.