Thursday, 28 July 2011

The art of undressing

Ladies sit down and pour your self a cup of coffee or wine depending on the time it is in your part of the world. 

I have a very interesting post - I have been discussing this post with Sir (Mr Black) and several girlfriends and I am quite surprised by the various view points, understanding of the subject and general arguments we all had. 

Undressing well. No girls not stripping or dancing around a pole but the art of undressing sensually and getting dressed in front of a partner everyday year in and year out without looking clumsy, oafish (come on girls admit it you know what I am talking about) and portraying that certain glamour and felinity. 

Something that works well and always turns on a guy is contrast and a little bit of gypsy sluttery 
dark stockings shiny leather heels and shocking pink or red lace thongs around the ankles keep everything else on and then simple lift one foot high and deliberately and gently kick away the panties. 

Red shoes with black thongs also work doing this outside of the bedroom adds a level of naughtiness guys love. I did it once in a very quite shopping centre I went into the stairwell with the guy I was with and slipped out of my panties and let them slide down my leg I stepped forward out of them and kissed him turned around so my back was too him and then bent over at the waist to pick them up and I shuddered as his hands reached out to caress my ass. 

We left the stairwell and headed towards the cinema and I handed him my panties as a little incentive. Blush wow it still makes me hot thinking about it. 


Sandals work well with more grown up and less slutty undies 

The key to taking of your knickers ladies is to bend at the waist and then bend your knees a little hands on each side flick your skirt up if you can if not then slide up the skirt a little and then put your knees together and in one motion slide them down. 

Do not try to take them off let them fall to the floor and then step out of them. 


When dressing or undressing always show your partner / lover a little glimpse of what he is about to enjoy or has enjoyed always leave them wanting more. 


Bend at the waist - its naughty and much sexier then bending at the knees

Less is more... keep your clothes on ladies and expose yourself just enough for him to have a little fun. A quickie is soooo yummy I adore feeling his cum on my inner thigh...

Make sure you are always accessible 

I know it is not that sexy but if you know you are going to be naughty believe me cotton panties are much better than lace and fell less horrid wet. You can always carry a spare pair ladies. 

Have fun show off your undies let me imagine you... This is perhaps the most powerful arsenal in a women's armoury 

If you have the luxury of a bed near be playful

I love lying on my front and popping my bum up and then lifting up my thong and moving it to the side 
It is so naughty and it says take me without having to say a word - guys love this...

When taking off heels always point your toes down - it is far more elegant and sensual

Sometimes just a flash of leg in the right company exposes your femininity and fragility - just imagine those guys gang banging her what a treat 

And sometimes being totally exposed while doing something a simple as drinking a cup of tea and chatting can be soo sensual rather and than sexual

remember girls respect your panties it is your ultimate weapon and the doorway to your power.

what is the difference between a tgirl and a boyish genetic girl

For many years I was attracted to genetic girls with a boyish look - tom boys if you will. I know realise it was the guy look in a cute femm wrapper that had me excited, turned on perhaps even envious. 

I just cant sleep at the moment and flicking through several magazines got me thinking about this idea. The imp pixie look that was back in for a short while reminded me of those girls from school - they were always slim pert very small breasts and slim hipped but cute and femm in a unconventional way

Tgirls strive to be as femm as possible and yet these girls somehow manage it while being boyish. Is this because they are actually girls?

Have we and by the royal we I mean tgirls missed something?

Is the cock between our legs stopping us going forward?

A girl can be boyish but can a women?

What if anything still excites me about these genetic girls who explore the male side?

Yes I still find these girls attractive - if they were wearing a strap on I would fall to my knees and pleasure them but somehow without one I adore their boyish-ness but it ends there I need a real cock in my mouth and between my legs - not a small sissy clit but a fat thick vein covered rod. 

Lush big eyes and cute haircuts the order of the day - glasses help with that nerd look

Slender slender slender if you want to be a boy girl

I would adore it if she fucked me 

But we end on tgirls why are we superior are we the next evolution the 3rd way?
I really don't know and surprisingly I don't care - I have been soooo enthralled by men lately that I am beginning to think I might be a straight women after all. 

Sitting on the buss and watching the guys on the tube at my local coffee shop all I can see is guys.

What I think I really need is a tgirl girlfriend someone to share my changes, thinking and occasional sleep / sex buddy.

Then a genetic girl someone a little older someone with experience and who has a dom nature and then a boyfriend. 

I do imagine genetic girls having cocks I guess all tgirls do. Why does it excite us? 

Why is this creature so compelling 

I would worship her 

I wish that fat thing between her legs were real

She looks mean giggle I would love to be her pet - blush

OMG - is that perfection?

My local coffee shop is run by a group of Mediterranean guys, I think they might be italian and greek I am not sure. But I do like going in there for a coffee. They have never been horrid and they always seem to take that much more care of me - perhaps it is my imagination I mention this because like this post I find myself at odds with what I know I like and what I am actually reacting too. 

OMG maybe I am growing up! 

There is a new guy working there he does not speak much english, he cleans the tables - he is always smiling and nods to everyone and says hi in his funny mid med accent 

Why is this odd well normally I would not have given him a second look and originally I did not but slowly I have been thinking of him - he is mid height stocky a bit over weight but looks very powerful not muscular but strong he looks like he has worked hard - Am I making any sense?

He shaves his head and has a little stubble and has these eyes they, well they sparkle I think he has caught me staring a few times and always smiles and nods politely I blush and try to hide inside my coffee cup. 

I find myself imagining him taking me his arms are so thick his forearms look like steel girders. Pinning me down and howling like an animal as he pumps no thrusts no again these words don't explain the ferocity I am expecting from him - Jack hammers into me - I find myself blushing at home as I watch tv thinking about him partly from the shame of the strength of my desires and partly because I find myself getting excited, wet, horny and needing to well you can fill in the blanks

I also find myself wondering about Sir - Mr Black I would never do anything to upset him and would always ask his permission but somehow I don't want to make this fantasy real I want to imagine this guy this stocky thick set man as a toy another instrument of pleasure like my dildo or my new and luxuriant set of lingerie from Rigpy and Peller.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The perfect pair of breasts equals the perfect women

If I start to blush it is because I am hugely embarrassed by what I am about to admit. 

Like many of you I would sneak into my sisters room or even my mums and almost faint at the wonderful lace trimmed bra's some strapless some more supportive I did not understand the difference back then - As I grew older and discovered more about female clothing and styles. I began to read my sisters and mums magazines.

The highlight of my week was staying in on Saturday I would quickly rush around the house heart pumping through fear of discovery and excitement for what was to become my transformation into Tabby. Oh my I really am blushing. I used to call myself Lisa back then. I would rush around and dress my sisters thong and matching bra my mothers old tennis skirt (she kept it as an incentive to lose to weight and get back into it - she never did) and my sisters cropped and tailored blouse I would then rush back to my room and slip on my suspender belt hidden deep in my room and stockings and then slip into my sisters 4 inch heels. 

A little bit of red lippy and a spray of my sisters perfume and I would calm myself down and strut along the corridor and down the stairs I would then sit on the sofa and flick through Cosmo and Red and then tidy the room a little. Finally my lust, desire, needs call them what you will, would take a hold of me and I would rush to my room to play with myself. I would kneel down and reach into my thong and play with myself. I would find myself leaning on my bed my bra stuffed with socks would be pressed against my chest and my one hand pulling and flicking my sissy clit while the other would flick up the back of my skirt and a searching probing finger would desperately fuck my little hole. 

I remember thinking as I shook with delight and pleasure and my tiny little sissy clit would throb one two three little ropes of cum onto my thigh or hand - that breasts were the ultimate female body part as I pushed myself deeper into my mattress as my probing finger would send shudders through me I would imagine large round fleshy breasts nipples erect and sensitive rubbing on the bed sheet cool and sensual adding to my sheer excitement I would literally squeal - blushing like mad now. For a long time I imagined myself with huge breasts and longed for this I even purchased bras with huge cup sizes and one year I managed to save some money and purchased an awful pair of E size breast forms. 

Imagine the years rolling by my understanding of what it means to be a women exceeds that of dressing and breasts size - I start to take hormones my tastes change I change...

For many guys and tgirls alike this is the ultimate female form curvy large breasts bubbly girly and pretty - I hate breasts like these - perhaps hate is too strong I just could not imagine having to carry them around  worst of all they limit the type of underwear you can wear the dresses, biniki's etc. 

This shape and size is far better it also suits her frame and shape. 

Again slightly too big

Just the right size but not pert enough and the other girls are far too small  

Perfect size and pertness and shape. 


Having said all that there is one thing I still do envy girls with cleavage 


Well ladies what are you big - small pert or huge and saggy do tell and why....

Monday, 11 July 2011

My Assignment - The Perfect BJ Part 1

What is the perfect technique for a blow job does it exist and if so can a tgirl administer it? Ok I guess I need to be pretty open about all of this ladies as Mr Black is watching and I am fast approaching my end of July live test. 

I have spoken to 6 male friends (both straight and gay), 3 tgirl friends and only 1 genetic girl (2 if you include my sister) I know this is not going to be solved in one day and I know I am going to have to explore several facets of my personality that I have kept locked away. Yes I have given several blow jobs but this task this test is different Mr Black rewards femininity he expects his girls to be....girls he wants total and utter submission and most of all he wants to see real emotion. Something I think we tgirls lack. Let me explain we build in our minds the perfect fantasies that we hold so close to our hearts and yet when we explore them they fall apart like a house of cards. 

I wanted to start with my feelings and thoughts on the perfect blow job (does anyone else hate that phrase?) I really hate it it just feels clunky does that even make any sense? I will then explore what I have been told and then refer back to my personal experiences and with your help perhaps I might even impress Sir.

I see cocks like weapons a mans tool his spear and I have learnt that to please a man you must admire his manhood, cock, tool call it what ever you like but admire it, kiss it and tell him it is huge and you are not able to take it all. One thing I have found really makes a guys happy, read happy to mean hard is to look at his cock, lick it, kiss it and generally play with it for a while. Almost like a kitten does with a ball. Guys love it adore it when you fall in love with their cock. When doing this hold it tightly, stroke it and purrr in a feline satisfied way. He will ask what are you doing and reply giggling and blushing very coyly that you are getting to know him (meaning his cock) and that you just can not believe how hard it is. He might laugh and let you carry on or he might feel his confidence grow and grab a handful of your hair and start to face fuck you. Which ever he chooses you have pleased him and we are moving in the right direction. 


Hold your mans cock look at it explore it taste it. Get to know what he likes which parts tickle him which parts make him moan and which parts to avoid. 


Teasing a guy. Guys love bj's as demoed here by our lovely Rosie you can take pretty much any action and imply sucking a cock. Guys love this and you need to show your man that you love the idea of his cock in your mouth - this will make him want you more and believe me when I say this - you can really control a guy just with a little bit of clever teasing. But do be careful not to go too far and make it clumsy and emotionless. 

The perfect position many pairs of stockings and tights have been ruined in this way but it confirms your lower position and gives him control - this keeps him happy and hard. 

I have found that a little reluctance goes a long way the guy forcing you down he loves this and your role is to push back let him force his hand onto the back of your head and push harder. When you eventually take him into your mouth never show any reluctance enjoy him and let him use you. 


If you are lucky enough to have a cock with a girlfriend or your genetic girl partner then share the work lick his balls and hold onto his cock. Guys love this idea

Let him take control of your head and let him guide you.

Something that sends guys wild is to pretend your a virgin and let your girl friend help you take his cock mark the occasion with a picture - it is sooo rare and wonderful a treat


The sticky subject ;-) of cum learn to love it enjoy it you have no real choice. So girls keep tasting your own and keep trying to learn to deal with the sensations and feelings - try to control your gag reflex.