Monday, 11 July 2011

My Assignment - The Perfect BJ Part 1

What is the perfect technique for a blow job does it exist and if so can a tgirl administer it? Ok I guess I need to be pretty open about all of this ladies as Mr Black is watching and I am fast approaching my end of July live test. 

I have spoken to 6 male friends (both straight and gay), 3 tgirl friends and only 1 genetic girl (2 if you include my sister) I know this is not going to be solved in one day and I know I am going to have to explore several facets of my personality that I have kept locked away. Yes I have given several blow jobs but this task this test is different Mr Black rewards femininity he expects his girls to be....girls he wants total and utter submission and most of all he wants to see real emotion. Something I think we tgirls lack. Let me explain we build in our minds the perfect fantasies that we hold so close to our hearts and yet when we explore them they fall apart like a house of cards. 

I wanted to start with my feelings and thoughts on the perfect blow job (does anyone else hate that phrase?) I really hate it it just feels clunky does that even make any sense? I will then explore what I have been told and then refer back to my personal experiences and with your help perhaps I might even impress Sir.

I see cocks like weapons a mans tool his spear and I have learnt that to please a man you must admire his manhood, cock, tool call it what ever you like but admire it, kiss it and tell him it is huge and you are not able to take it all. One thing I have found really makes a guys happy, read happy to mean hard is to look at his cock, lick it, kiss it and generally play with it for a while. Almost like a kitten does with a ball. Guys love it adore it when you fall in love with their cock. When doing this hold it tightly, stroke it and purrr in a feline satisfied way. He will ask what are you doing and reply giggling and blushing very coyly that you are getting to know him (meaning his cock) and that you just can not believe how hard it is. He might laugh and let you carry on or he might feel his confidence grow and grab a handful of your hair and start to face fuck you. Which ever he chooses you have pleased him and we are moving in the right direction. 


Hold your mans cock look at it explore it taste it. Get to know what he likes which parts tickle him which parts make him moan and which parts to avoid. 


Teasing a guy. Guys love bj's as demoed here by our lovely Rosie you can take pretty much any action and imply sucking a cock. Guys love this and you need to show your man that you love the idea of his cock in your mouth - this will make him want you more and believe me when I say this - you can really control a guy just with a little bit of clever teasing. But do be careful not to go too far and make it clumsy and emotionless. 

The perfect position many pairs of stockings and tights have been ruined in this way but it confirms your lower position and gives him control - this keeps him happy and hard. 

I have found that a little reluctance goes a long way the guy forcing you down he loves this and your role is to push back let him force his hand onto the back of your head and push harder. When you eventually take him into your mouth never show any reluctance enjoy him and let him use you. 


If you are lucky enough to have a cock with a girlfriend or your genetic girl partner then share the work lick his balls and hold onto his cock. Guys love this idea

Let him take control of your head and let him guide you.

Something that sends guys wild is to pretend your a virgin and let your girl friend help you take his cock mark the occasion with a picture - it is sooo rare and wonderful a treat


The sticky subject ;-) of cum learn to love it enjoy it you have no real choice. So girls keep tasting your own and keep trying to learn to deal with the sensations and feelings - try to control your gag reflex. 



  1. Tabby,
    Maybe another way to look at this task is to think about your devotion to Mr. Black. Use the emotions you have for him and channel them into feelings that can allow you to let go of any other thought than giving him pleasure. I know it probably is silly coming from a non-op like me that has only had cyber sexual encounters, but I really do think the mind is the most powerful tool you have. Do not think of this as a "task" because it is not. It is an act of devotion to your patron. This is a way to show how much you appreciate the things he has done for you.

    I know that since Mr. Black came into your life, the posts are more positive. You have more confidence in the way you talk about yourself. It shows that he has allowed you to focus on you and your success in achieving balance in body and soul. Use that to your advantage here.


  2. Thank you Tabby to share with us this great lesson.
    Your blog is perfect.

  3. Thank you Alexis for your frank and informed point of view. You are right I to see Tabby as being stronger and to an extent blooming with a new confidence. She has had many issues to deal with recently and she has proved herself quite the warrior princes.

  4. blushing thank you sir. Alexia I agree to some extent a women can give herself to a man and this I believe makes her more femm - but I also believe there must be some resistance some form of fight if not then she is a domesticated pet and not a women.

  5. Sorry, I guess part of my fantasies slipped into my comments. I don't think being a domesticated pet sounds all that bad most days. *grins* Good Luck Sweetie.

  6. Alexia do you want to be my little kitty?

  7. Miss Jones, when will I be getting part two?

  8. Shortly Sir I am just writing up the final part and adding in the images and editing my images- I hope that is ok Sir

  9. Tabby this is wonderful advice wonderfully illustrated! i hope Mr Black is very proud of you!

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