Thursday, 28 July 2011

what is the difference between a tgirl and a boyish genetic girl

For many years I was attracted to genetic girls with a boyish look - tom boys if you will. I know realise it was the guy look in a cute femm wrapper that had me excited, turned on perhaps even envious. 

I just cant sleep at the moment and flicking through several magazines got me thinking about this idea. The imp pixie look that was back in for a short while reminded me of those girls from school - they were always slim pert very small breasts and slim hipped but cute and femm in a unconventional way

Tgirls strive to be as femm as possible and yet these girls somehow manage it while being boyish. Is this because they are actually girls?

Have we and by the royal we I mean tgirls missed something?

Is the cock between our legs stopping us going forward?

A girl can be boyish but can a women?

What if anything still excites me about these genetic girls who explore the male side?

Yes I still find these girls attractive - if they were wearing a strap on I would fall to my knees and pleasure them but somehow without one I adore their boyish-ness but it ends there I need a real cock in my mouth and between my legs - not a small sissy clit but a fat thick vein covered rod. 

Lush big eyes and cute haircuts the order of the day - glasses help with that nerd look

Slender slender slender if you want to be a boy girl

I would adore it if she fucked me 

But we end on tgirls why are we superior are we the next evolution the 3rd way?
I really don't know and surprisingly I don't care - I have been soooo enthralled by men lately that I am beginning to think I might be a straight women after all. 

Sitting on the buss and watching the guys on the tube at my local coffee shop all I can see is guys.

What I think I really need is a tgirl girlfriend someone to share my changes, thinking and occasional sleep / sex buddy.

Then a genetic girl someone a little older someone with experience and who has a dom nature and then a boyfriend. 

I do imagine genetic girls having cocks I guess all tgirls do. Why does it excite us? 

Why is this creature so compelling 

I would worship her 

I wish that fat thing between her legs were real

She looks mean giggle I would love to be her pet - blush

OMG - is that perfection?

My local coffee shop is run by a group of Mediterranean guys, I think they might be italian and greek I am not sure. But I do like going in there for a coffee. They have never been horrid and they always seem to take that much more care of me - perhaps it is my imagination I mention this because like this post I find myself at odds with what I know I like and what I am actually reacting too. 

OMG maybe I am growing up! 

There is a new guy working there he does not speak much english, he cleans the tables - he is always smiling and nods to everyone and says hi in his funny mid med accent 

Why is this odd well normally I would not have given him a second look and originally I did not but slowly I have been thinking of him - he is mid height stocky a bit over weight but looks very powerful not muscular but strong he looks like he has worked hard - Am I making any sense?

He shaves his head and has a little stubble and has these eyes they, well they sparkle I think he has caught me staring a few times and always smiles and nods politely I blush and try to hide inside my coffee cup. 

I find myself imagining him taking me his arms are so thick his forearms look like steel girders. Pinning me down and howling like an animal as he pumps no thrusts no again these words don't explain the ferocity I am expecting from him - Jack hammers into me - I find myself blushing at home as I watch tv thinking about him partly from the shame of the strength of my desires and partly because I find myself getting excited, wet, horny and needing to well you can fill in the blanks

I also find myself wondering about Sir - Mr Black I would never do anything to upset him and would always ask his permission but somehow I don't want to make this fantasy real I want to imagine this guy this stocky thick set man as a toy another instrument of pleasure like my dildo or my new and luxuriant set of lingerie from Rigpy and Peller.


  1. oo Tabby this is wonderful as usual...i dont usually like the girly boy - boyish girl? look but you illustrate it so well - and of course the other gurls..yummy!

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