Monday, 31 January 2011

Big or Small Breasts

For years I wanted huge femm breasts like most Tgirls I associated size with femininity - the smaller my sissy clit and the larger my breasts the more women I was. 

But really girls do you prefer this girl 

Or this girl - unfair I hear you all shout but ladies look at how silly the girl above looks and how divine this girl looks. 

Silly bouncing breasts pointing in all directions floppy and saggy spoiling the shape, outline of a women - yes to breasts no to super enlarged balloons 

Just look at how her breasts make her look fat - would you want that? Don't you prefer the slim pert 

breasts that can point upward...

That have nipples that are not aimed at the floor?  

breasts that will stay in a sexy bikini 

That don't require scaffolding to be kept in place. Imagine being able to leave the house without a bra and feeling the sexual thrill of having your nipples caressed by your t-shirt. Large women can not do this. 

B cup's C cups are perfect 

Girls I mean really do you think that is sexy? They look like cows ready to be milked. 

Or are these so much more divine and femm. 

What is your vitality score?

Girls you have to check this out. I have been using Alpro's products for a while great for weight loss. They have put an app on their wall and it seems to be fully launched now.

I really love it - you can track how much you eat and drink and if you are a goody two shoes and recycle.
I am going to try to use it and see if it can help me lose a little more weight.

Oh I have some pretty cool posts coming up - several friends have been involved. If you are interested in joining in my little discussion groups either in person or via email let me know in the comments below.

Love and hugs

Short Story - A Docu Drama The Life and Times of Successful Tgirl

It's Saturday morning and we are with Tabby Jones, the worlds most successful Tgirl. Her husband has just left to play golf and she is getting ready to meet with her ladies that lunch group at the tennis club. 

Camera 1 live - Tabby's bedroom....

Hi everyone my name as you already know is Tabby. The producers have asked me to tell you a little about me and my success and well a little about my private life also. Most of you know my story but for those that don't I will give you a little reminder. 

I was a born a boy and knew early on that it was wrong so I left home and went to Las Vegas where I learnt all about the wrong side of life. But I did meet several lovely tgirls that helped me.

A few years passed hormones and a couple of special surgeries later and I am Tabby truly. I am a pre op in that I and my husband like my little sissy clit where it is - I may go the whole way but for now we are happy. 

I started to design my own underwear and for those that do not follow fashion it became a huge hit.
In fact this lovely pink nipple line bra is from my new collection - Preppy in Pink. Oh girls highly recommend wearing pearls with it guys go wild. 

It's a mixture of almost revealing your nipples while looking demour. Giggle oh my I am blushing. 
I also recommend a single pony tail it says school girl and frames your face beautifully without being all yucky and two pony tail Britney - which is soooo crass.  

Well I met my husband when I made my 3rd million he is the CEO of the bank of USA and is very wealthy. We met at a ball and he swept me of my six inch heels giggle. 

Oh yes I forgot to mention the skirt this is also from the collection and is such a great tease item - guys love you to take of your knickers and then keep on the skirt and sit on their cocks while you bounce they love that idea. Giggle it has never failed me! 

As you can see this is my bedroom and the painting on the far wall is a gift from Kate Middleton I designed her wedding day underwear and her wedding night sexy romp wear giggle - I promised not to tell anyone the details but I can tell you viewers that she wears the pants in that relationship...

Now take a look at my matching flirt skirt thong - I love the little lace skirt but it is still a thing amazing really such a small item but so beautifully made - so many different techniques, stitches...

Girls always remeber to lift your leg up to take off your skirts or knickers firstly you can show off your heels and also try to bend at the hips and not the knees - good girls bend their knees bad girls bend at the waist... 

Do you like my butterfly tattoos 

I love to pose for my two neighbours they are such a yummy gay couple - Martha and Samantha. They have tried soo many times to get me drunk and involved in one of the sex sessions but I can not do that to my husband - well not unless he is there - giggle

Remember a pouty smile goes a long way girls. Show of your assets and girls be true to yourself. 

I wonder when my hubby will be home... 
I let out a purrr and gently touch my breasts... 

The director tells me it's a wrap and they all leave my bedroom I kiss each person on both cheeks and thank them for making me look sooo hot. 

I lie on my little makeup square and pull my knickers off smiling I can see myself in the mirror and blow myself a kiss... 

I sit up and push my bottom into the air and wait for my husbands cock.....

Friday, 28 January 2011

Cocks, cum and up your bum - giggle

I have been asked by several tgirls what is it like having a cock in your mouth? does it hurt when he fucks you hard in the bum? Do you know what it is like to be made love to in a pussy? 

I want to invite all of you who have had any of the experiences to comment for what it's worth my thoughts and experiences are:

Taking a mans cock into your mouth for the first time is sooo thrilling I remember watching his face and 
trying to take him all in. I love to take his cock when it is soft and flick my tongue over the tip and then let it grow and expand in my mouth.... 

Most guys have some many tale tale signs they are going to cum that it is almost impossible to be there if you don't want to. Unless he is holding your head down - which is also quite exciting and can make it even more thrilling 

I have been with a couple of guys that just erupt with no warning but these guys are few and far between. 

Yes cocks do taste, smell and feel different - I do prefer fat thick must black cocks as they feel and smell more manly. 

I adore holding a mans balls as I wank him and suck on his cock tip - Girls this will make pretty much any guy cum in half the time. 

Look into his eyes and show him your his - his toy, plaything. Oh and always tell a guy he is the biggest you have ever been with and be sincere when you tell him. 

One of my most fave things is to let a guy put his hand on the back of my head and then let him face fuck me. They love it and it turns me on so much it can hurt and I have gagged in the past which is not sexy or fun and it tends to ruin the atmosphere - blushing like mad now. 

I adore clean powerful guys with thick, fat cocks and full balls a good body helps 

I have been greedy in the past and have been known to take 2

I can tell you girls you must get fucked by two guys at the same time it is amazing - one to do before you die. 

I am not sure why but I have found some guys like to cum on girls and then watch the girl as she goes about her business with the cum still on her. One guy I knew used to cum on my face and then make me call my sister for a chat while I tried to lick the cum of my lips and cheek. 

Other guys cum and go - I honestly had a guy once cum on my face and breasts and then turn over and go to sleep I sat there for 5 mins in shock and finally got up and went to the bathroom to clean myself. 

What does it feel like to be made love to......I think I will try to answer that in several ways

full, a little painful depending on how big he is, sometimes I feel like I need to go to the loo. 
I love it once he is in and then the pleasure starts its not like cumming it's much deeper much more slower when he pulls out I feel empty and need him back in.

I have selected these images because I think they add to the explanation 

I feel full and need him I begin to enjoy it and start to push back onto him impaling myself I lose myself and can only think of the cock throbbing inside me I blush and moan like a slut...

When he first enters me I am very aware and feel somewhat uncomfortable it hurts a little and I try to relax but I am tense and tend to wiggle my bottom to find a position that works I get very tense and sometimes I feel shame.

Every now and again the guys gets carried away and pounds me sometimes he is small and it does not matter. Sometimes I scream out - ladies I think you get it. 

Please dear darling readers post your comments so we can help these virginal few - tell them your story and let them discover their own....

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Bottom pleasers

What a beautiful strap on I would be sooo proud to be used by it. 

Which shape do you prefer ladies? 

Tell me girls what would you do

Girls tell me what would you do...

1. Lick it up his cum

2. Run away

3. giggle lick your lips and take his cock into your mouth

4. blush and suck on his head 

tell me darlings what would you do

Service - An interesting idea.

Last night I had a wonderful wine fuelled chat with a friends - Tom bi male and Sally bi female - they are sort of in a relationship with each other. 

We drank a lot of wine and chatted into the early hours - I have just got up and wanted to note down our drunken ideas. 

Oh and for those that are interested I am wearing the most divine silk satin babydoll nightie from Parisian design house Liliana Casanova. 

It is made from silk satin Nuisette and muslin folded into gentle pleats and a Chantilly lace panel. I feel so yummy in it and when I have lost a little more wight and feel brave I will do a little shoot wearing it. 
Oh and for those that want one it costs almost £500 but it is worth it and was a gift - I did earn it giggle - seriously blushing now...


Tom and Sally suggested that tgirls could earn their place - couples, females, males that were so inclined could adopt a tgirl and help her through the transition she would have free room and board and a little spending money and be allowed to explore her well needs. 

Tom suggested that there would be 4 stages. Stage one would be the pet stage. This is were the tgirl learns humility and has her diet controlled so she looses weight, is trained in yoga so she can get a more femm shape. 

She would also explore her sexuality so she could understand where and what she was / liked etc. 

Each girl can agree what she wants to wear and earn the right - Collars and leads, heels stockings and panties tail attached to a butt plug. 

Perhaps some light bondage hand cuffs 

The pet girls could be used out of home once they are trained 

Punishment would be simple but strict 

The tgirl would learn to love her master or mistress or couple. 

I must admit I was shocked by my friends mad little rant but somehow I was also turned on excited by the idea of tgirls becoming the norm and their training and growth even their transition being managed by their adopted family. 

You could imagine tgirl auctions - wow as I type this I feel sooo sexy, turned on wow I am blushing and imagining myself at one of these auctions.

Maybe it was the drink or the truth but I blurted  this out to my stunned friends - blushing deep red I continued..

This is sooo sexy I would adore being a pet - I would fetch his paper and try to please him...

I would be a kitten and suck on his cock while he relaxed and watch tv or looked through a magazine

Giggle you could imagine the ads - Get a pet - buy your tgirl here fully trained and house broken

Walkies would be the only way you were allowed to cum and this would be in special parks were other tgirls on leads would suck each other. 

If you were lucky you would have a companion 

And as you progressed along your journey you would be allowed to dress more 

Be allowed to explore your needs

Once you had proofed your worth, transformed somewhat you would then be allowed to select your new master or mistress you would pledge servitude to them 

You would then be allowed to take the position of maid. 

Some girls would never pass the maid level they would enjoy serving and the fetish of being a maid far too much 

Each maid would have to be dressed as their master intended 

Punishment would be simple but severe - a simple look would put the maid in the prone position and the spanking would begin

Wealthier households could have several maids

It's not all doom and gloom as a gift for doing well a tgirl could make a formal request to have a fantasy fulfilled 

She could select from 4 fantasies as everything a tgirl is exposed too trains her further

She could be gang fucked 

Boyfriend girlfriend experience - but the boyfriend would have to be a dom

 A date where she is ritually humiliated 

or a school girl experience with a spanking

Finally once she has served 2 years as a maid she is then allowed to progress and select certain roles. A housewife, a secretary, a pop queen or movie star.

I giggled and blushed my way through my friends drunken ravings but that night I orgasmed 3 times just thinking about it. 

Blushing I need sleep.....