Monday, 31 January 2011

Big or Small Breasts

For years I wanted huge femm breasts like most Tgirls I associated size with femininity - the smaller my sissy clit and the larger my breasts the more women I was. 

But really girls do you prefer this girl 

Or this girl - unfair I hear you all shout but ladies look at how silly the girl above looks and how divine this girl looks. 

Silly bouncing breasts pointing in all directions floppy and saggy spoiling the shape, outline of a women - yes to breasts no to super enlarged balloons 

Just look at how her breasts make her look fat - would you want that? Don't you prefer the slim pert 

breasts that can point upward...

That have nipples that are not aimed at the floor?  

breasts that will stay in a sexy bikini 

That don't require scaffolding to be kept in place. Imagine being able to leave the house without a bra and feeling the sexual thrill of having your nipples caressed by your t-shirt. Large women can not do this. 

B cup's C cups are perfect 

Girls I mean really do you think that is sexy? They look like cows ready to be milked. 

Or are these so much more divine and femm. 


  1. Hi Tabby - on this occasion I have to say I do disagree with you - small boobs are nice a cute and femme but nice large boobs - the sort that you can't help people always talking to your chest, made to be aware of them with every jiggling step - are the best! xx

  2. Sorry, Tabby . . . I gotta stick with big and beautiful. I want them to be all wobbly and jiggly, to overflow my bra, and to be more than a handful.

  3. I want little match my little clitty.

  4. just as there as such as too big. . there is such as too little. healthy girls with just a touch more can be fun. Massive monsters aren't the best either.

  5. I'm with you on this one Tabby. I find nothing attractive about a huge rack. Real ones look grotesque, fake look comical. I certainly appreciate perfectly formed B and C cups, but on the right woman A and even smaller can be incredibly erotic.

    Now look! Just thinking about them has gotten my dick all hard. . . .

  6. I'm not a fan of big breasts. B is perfect.

    But a great pair of legs can never be too long!

  7. Elise darling you are sooooo right!

    Love Tabby

  8. I have to go with big boobs, guys like them and I believe they really make you look extremely female.

    <3 Tina

  9. I think it depends on your frame: if you are slim then small and pert is great; a bigger girl can really wear her chest! melody xx

  10. well as the proud owner of huge breasts I gotta say Im a suppporter of "bigger is better" lol but seriously, I think I agree with Miss MT. it all depends on a body type. Im a bigger girl, and if I have DDD breasts but Im proportional. If I had anything smaller I wouldnt look right. I also think the opposite is true. if a girl is as slim and slender as you are and she has boobs as big as mine she would be a walking punch line. its all about proportion. but as for my personal preference on a playmate...I want to be able to bury my face in her soft round pillows :D

  11. oh and btw, I love your blog! its always so fun to read and I love the visuals you use to tell your stories, so sexy ;)

  12. sorry tabby, i want nice big ones !

  13. you 're sooo right...
    in fact most of the things you say are right!!
    keep up sweety!!

  14. i like little tennis ball tits.

  15. Big bubes are kinda gross especially as you get a little older. I love a nice set of perky b's. Large looks nice when dressed but not nude. They just look sloppy.