Tuesday, 18 January 2011

How to undress and be sexy for your man

I adore images like these soo much as they help tgirls - well they help me understand what it is to be femm. I spend hours sitting at a coffee shop watching how women move, talk, eat and drink - how they engage with other women, how they flirt with men.

Over the years I have realised there are certain must haves to being femm a part from the obvious ones. A certain lightness and accommodation - not being sub but more about being friendly, smiling.

Long hair, being slim, good skin and a sensitivity. Your body needs to react to touch much more than a mans. The feeling of your hair on your shoulders should please you, the lightest fabric brushing on your nipples should tease you.

I love this girl she is divine and her outfit so cute. I look, no look is wrong I study images like these and absorb the detail. The earrings and the shiny silver bracelet add to the outfit and scream femininity

Her position slightly turned to face us sliming her waist and notice how she leans forward ever so slightly displaying her breasts.

He tiny shorts showing off her legs and that yummy top tied just below her tiny bust to help draw attention to it.

This image screams girl next door - sexy but approachable, friendly

In this image she acts a little more demurely. Notice how she lets one of the straps slip off her shoulder she turns more to one side and leans her head over - she is exposing her neck and inviting you in her legs touch at the knees so she can slip of her shorts.

Her position is prone and like female animals she is sending out signals that she is submitting

Only a women can change so quickly from demure and submissive to playful and naughty. She knows you lust after her and the little slip and exposure of her breast is perfect she may even blush - personally I find nothing more intoxicating than a blushing women.

The mood change allows her to continue to undress and now she looks directly at you she is inviting you in drawing you into her needs folding her need sates...

Notice how she lifts her leg high to allow her to pull off her panties

She now uses her hair to frame her face and poses for you she bends over pushing her pert ass out and crosses her leg to lift her heel to her hand so she can pick up her panties - Good girls pick them up - bad girls let them drop to the floor and then they step out of them.

She turns and displays herself

a perfect little sequence - tgirls remember to practice!

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