Sunday, 28 November 2010

so gentle and sensual

I adore this clip. So gentle so sensual.


Imagine being on holiday with your boyfriend and then you meet a special friend oooohhh I so want to be the blonde.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Fat Cocks and Strap Ons

Why is a women with a fat strap on so sexy


Women have a way about them when making love, a sensuality a femininity that is intoxicating.
Ladies I suggest you study this video clip and next time your sissy little ass gets lucky remember this video.

wow so cute

girls which girl would you be...

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

A chat with a girlfriend

As you all know I have always been very femm and bi for most of my life. At college I dated a several genetic girls. One girl whom is married and has a family now but we stay in touch through emails etc. I will not use her name as she keeps her friendship with me secret. 

We were chatting via MSN and she mentioned had I had a two hander yet. Well I was un-sure what she meant. Well girls apparently a two hander as shown below is a cock so thick and long that it needs two hands to hold. 

The answer is yes ooh my yes giggle. Has anyone else had a two hander or even a three giggle!

I asked her had she ever seen a cock she was afraid of - She laughed hysterically and replied yes but only once. She told me she was dating a guy who was a little over weight and pudgy not great at sports and really she only ended up with him because he was the last guy at a new years eve college party. 

She said she was horny and was dying to fuck and started to undress him. When he pulled out his cock she said at its base it was as thick as a large mans wrist and had to be over 10inches.
She added that she had seen long cocks and fat cocks but never something like that

The guy lets call him Dave turned out to be an amazing lover. She told me she could not walk properly for about a week. Giggle. 

She told me a secret but since she does not read this blog I will tell you all. She told me that 0ver 80% women she has met in her life have fantasied about this and have all over the years tried for something like this. 

Her big secret - she would dream of being gang raped by lots of Daves. 

Such a yummy thing to worship. 

Short Story - The trip

Your standing at the doorstep of your home. Your wife is going on a business trip, its Sunday morning and she is getting into a taxi.

You kiss her good bye and she turns on her heels and walks to the cab you admire the tight skirt and the shape of her hips you lick your lips and try to control yourself.

The taxi pulls away.

You wave goodbye and then close the door

You stand still and wait, you count slowly to 100 your sissy clit is rock hard and you know you will need to deal with it before you start your transformation.

You walk slowly upstairs and log onto your computer and start to read fictionmania you pump your sissy clit like a manic machine your hand sliding up and down pumping it you jerk and then moments later you cum in your hand.

Shame fills you. Your face burns red and you force yourself to lick the cum off your hand.

You blush as you lick your fingers clean. The house phone rings you pick it up your wife says

Hi hun I am at the airport, what you doing?

Oh nothing you know this and that watching top gear. I am going to miss you hun.

Yes so am I. Oh I think they are calling my flight love you hun...

Love you too...

You put down the phone and head into your bedroom your walk into your wife's dressing room.

Your head is spinning you know what you want to do, what you want to be.

You rush into the bathroom and draw a bath and add scents and salts, you light candles and then you sink into the bath your pretty hairless you like to keep yourself tidy but not too much not enough so your wife starts to ask questions.

You trim your little patch around your little sissy clit and then you touch up your arms and legs you are perfect you step out of the bath and dry yourself and then apply your wife's body cream next comes the powder and then the perfume.

You step out of the bathroom and into the bedroom and then into your wife's boudoir her little dressing room each step brings you closer to becoming Nicole...

You select a red and black deep lace suspender belt and clip that around your impossibly small waist you then select the matching lace front thong you step into one side and then the other and slowly wiggle it up your thighs you tuck away your clit and gently place the string between your pert sissy faggots ass.

Next the breasts forms are attached you spent a fortune on them they are ultra real and feel amazing when you glue them in place. The pull on your chest is enough to make you swoon.

You pick up the matching bra and carefully adjust your breasts. You take a moment and admire yourself in your wife's mirror.

You sit on her stools and start to apply your makeup and carefully paint your nails. You sit crossed legged admiring your nails as they dry.

Next you roll up the stockings and pull at the straps. You stand, look in the mirror and Nicole stares back at you. You giggle, flick your long blonde hair and turn to select your blouse.

White starch cotton tightly fitted, next comes the pencil skirt you wiggle and shimmy the skirt up your legs and past your hips. You adjust the skirt and pull up the zip. You smooth down the skirt and then put on your wife's blazer.

You slip your tiny feet into your wife's heels and stand in front of the mirror you blow Nicole a kiss and walk out of the dressing room.

You recall your wife's movements and you try to emulate her strut as you walk out of the bedroom and head towards the lounge.

You sit on the couch and brush the hair out of your face you look at your reflection in the mirror and giggle. 

You can not help yourself and you start to pose

You almost faint with excitement the tightness of the blouse the bra the knickers pulling at you

You kneel down feeling wonderful as the thong pulls at you, splitting you apart.

You pose, you giggle, you play with your sissy clit. You know you need, desire to cum but you also know the moment you do shame will fill you and as always you will rush like mad to put back your wife's things clean your face from all the makeup and unstyle your hair

You blush as you feel so horny and shame fills you again.

Why cant you stop you keep telling yourself as you pose further now your dancing too music and pretending to strip...

Mad thoughts flash across your feminines mind - I need cock, I wish a huge black guy would burst in and rape me, I want to make love to a women as a women, What would my wife think god what would my parents think - shame makes me blush I look in the mirror and the blushing just seems to make me look like a women on heat...

I strut this way and that as each click of my heel sends electricity through me

I start to pull up my skirt and giggle I love the way womens clothing is designed. The straps of the suspenders frame a women's sex and the triangle shape created by the material of her thong is like an arrow pointing to her entrance.

My breasts forms are so real and I love them I love the way the pull at me and create a sense of reality to my shape

My clit is so hard now I really need to cum.

I do not want to spoil moment but my need to cum is overpowering

I remove my bra hurriedly and pose for a few more moments

I turn my back to the mirror and grasp my clit and start to pump it twitches, I turn back to the mirror and
try to look sexual, I bite my lip and then let out a low moan as I cum into my hand, bra and my wife's knickers....

The shame slowly floods over me I blush and look down between my breasts at my tiny cock and my cum I lift my hand almost in a trance and lick my hand....

The door slams

I jump out of my skin

I turn my cum covered hand in my mouth my tongue greedily licking up my sissy milk. Half undressed still in heels and with my breasts exposed my shame turns to fear

My wife is standing at the entrance to our living room watching me she taps her foot and smiles....

I start to shake with fear...

I open my cum covered lips to say something, but my wife raises a hand cutting me short She struts into the room and sits on the arm chair and picks up the TV remote make me a cup of coffee she says outloud and to noone in particular the request is a command so I turn towards the kitchen trying to put on my bra, blouse and arrange my skirt as I head towards the kitchen.

I put on the kettle and then wash my hands and dress fully. Coffee made and my appearance corrected as much as it can be still dressed as a women. I walk into the living room heels clicking on the floor. Each step sending waves of embarrassment through me.

I place the coffee mug on the side table next to my seated wife and stand waiting.

She ignores me for a while then with one eyebrow raised she turns to me and says

What is your female name?

I respond Nicole

Are you a virgin Nicole?

Yes I respond

Are you a lesbian Nicole?

I am not sure

So you like men Nicole?

I think so

Do you want a fat cock to slide into you my wife's voice now raised and with an edge to it

I whisper ...yes.....

Are you a whore Nicole?


What should we do with you bitch?

I start to reply but my wife stands up and grabs a handful of my hair and drags me to our bedroom and pushes me onto the bed

Tears start to form I try to speak but my throat will not let me

She opens her draw and pulls out her dildo and then turns to me so you want to be a girl........

Question - what is your perfect day as a women?

My sister and I spoke for about an hour last night and she asked me what a perfect day would be for me. I immediately responded to shop, dance then fuck the night away.  She laughed, I giggled then blushed a little.... Ok a lot. 

It takes a lot of courage to admit to your sister you want to be a women and you want to be used by men.
We chatted a while longer - family, life, money all the usual subjects. 

I had a simple night that night and after a glass of wine too many started to think about her question. Maybe it was the wine, maybe it was the embarrassment but my mind started to wander...

A perfect day sort of a poem (oh my is that just too girly?).....

Well I am alone, it is rainy outside and cold. My flat is warm and I have just woken up. 
I like to sleep in a thong and nothing else. I leave the warmth and comfort of my bed and slip on my thigh high socks and tight little cropped wool cardigan and giggle a little as my nipples are teased erect by the fabric of my cardigan. 

I pause and stretch and then make a coffee. Standing by the window I sip my drink from an oversized mug.

I pause to think my mind totally blank - I love the sound of the rain 

I pull back my hair and try to sense my body, I shift my weight my womanly hip pushes outward as I place all my weight on one leg. The soft wool encasing my legs feels divine. The cropped cardigan feels like silk and my tiny pert breasts are happily trapped in the wool embrace.

The thong feels tight and comforting I love crossing my legs the pressure from my thighs causes the fabric to rub my clit. I giggle a little blush and then let out a purrr.

I feel horny, sensual and naughty all at the same time. I love the feelings across my body. My hair tickling me, the way my body moves and changes shape as I stand or sit, I love the way my breasts bounce I feel alive sooo full of sensations. 

I need release......

Monday, 15 November 2010

Weekend Image Overload

I adore this lady - I wish I had her poise, grace and elegance.  

I love her hair and adore her dress. 

Stunning - just look at those lips girls. 

I wonder what she is thinking. Please ladies do not laugh at me but I do try to emulate her pout. 

Love that man thing with the tweed giggle. 

Could this girl be any better Keira you are a tgirls dream girl. 


Relaxed look stunning as always

Why does this make me feel soooo hot? 

I love her look. She looks so strong so confidant with a body like that you can understand why.
Girls I think this should be another look we try to perfect. Sooo sultry. 

Which girl here would not love to be a bride? Do I need to explain - giggle (blushing)

Blonde, thin, tall, fashionable, sexy and what a strut giggle why does femm clothing look so sexy. Even when its winter clothing? I wonder how many Cross Dressers would not cross dress if male attire looked like this or looked as good as this?

Giggle Maids every tgirls dream. 

As is being the other women. How many of you have stayed in hotels and dressed like this and pretended to be the other women?

Cute-ness made flesh giggle I adore ribbons and 

I adore fakes especially when they are so well done. I really want to know honestly from straight women and men is this sexy?

I love the eyes rolled back and totally sub she is his pet - why do I find this so sexual so exciting?

The other women she teases him he wants her desires her but is caught between his needs and his love.

She lives for the night forever leaving and entering hotels in perpetual state of undress 

Being everything he wants you to be. Just so that you can be his for the evening


I would love to be her girlfriend 

Why does this make me horny - blushing like mad now why do I want to be her collared and on my knees?


Yes please

I am more and more convinced in several years tgirls will be the norm and most guys will have tried it as well as girls. 

So cute

So naughty giggle

So sexy 

So dreamy

Is this real - I don't care it is sooo yummy

Even our heroines are at it 

You can hear her softly speaking to her telling her all will be well just do as I say....

purrrr giggle

I love to dress up and as a boy loved comics so is this a manifestation of both needs?

My fave cartoon giggle is kim possible glad to see she is growing up giggle. 

I love to dress up and adore girls that let it all out and enjoy their bodies their sexuality and their 

utter perfection

Miss Emma Watson you are sooo naughty. Giggle the darling of the moment with a little cum on her. 

Many Lea's giggle - Boys calm down giggle

More Kim

I now this is on a lot of tgirls minds but i find it wrong am I mad? I just think it should be the other way and a girl should be sucking on her cock? 

Oops Miss Natalie Portman has a secret


Is she upset

So cute

So tasty

It hurst real good - so blushing 

So yummy

Just soo pert