Wednesday, 17 November 2010

A chat with a girlfriend

As you all know I have always been very femm and bi for most of my life. At college I dated a several genetic girls. One girl whom is married and has a family now but we stay in touch through emails etc. I will not use her name as she keeps her friendship with me secret. 

We were chatting via MSN and she mentioned had I had a two hander yet. Well I was un-sure what she meant. Well girls apparently a two hander as shown below is a cock so thick and long that it needs two hands to hold. 

The answer is yes ooh my yes giggle. Has anyone else had a two hander or even a three giggle!

I asked her had she ever seen a cock she was afraid of - She laughed hysterically and replied yes but only once. She told me she was dating a guy who was a little over weight and pudgy not great at sports and really she only ended up with him because he was the last guy at a new years eve college party. 

She said she was horny and was dying to fuck and started to undress him. When he pulled out his cock she said at its base it was as thick as a large mans wrist and had to be over 10inches.
She added that she had seen long cocks and fat cocks but never something like that

The guy lets call him Dave turned out to be an amazing lover. She told me she could not walk properly for about a week. Giggle. 

She told me a secret but since she does not read this blog I will tell you all. She told me that 0ver 80% women she has met in her life have fantasied about this and have all over the years tried for something like this. 

Her big secret - she would dream of being gang raped by lots of Daves. 

Such a yummy thing to worship. 


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