Sunday, 7 November 2010

Darlings I adore you all

I adore getting to know you all. I love to think that there are girls out there just like me and that we all share a common bond something real women have. Something I have searched for. 

I love running polls and the results always make me smile and it seems darlings that you are all desperately in need of cock. I will run another poll to understand what type you prefer but for now you all seem to be dying to suck cock 

Do you like it when he cums on your face?

Do you long for a fat black cock do you want to know what it tastes like or is it a fantasy
Look at the girl in the picture can you imagine it is you? Can you imagine sucking that monster?


Does your desire drive you to humiliate yourself. How low would you go to suck a cock

Does it define you do you long for a fat set of balls resting on your chin as you suck on a huge thick cock 

do you long to look into his eyes as your mouth is full of his man hood?

Do you think she is looking at her husband?

Do you want to be her? Do you want your holes raped fucked and sore?

Would you be fearful of that much meat - she seems to be giggle

Once you have satisfied him what do you dream of doing next what do you need and wish for?

I hope she is on the phone to her mother telling her about her first blow job. 

Do you desire to be used do you want his cum in you on you?

Would you lick his cum from another womens / tgirls pussy?

You all seem to enjoy the act of dressing the act of becoming feminine. I adore this image as I imagine you all do too. 

I love her slim pert body and her wide hips. I love her looking over her shoulder. I adore her glam underwear her heels but most of all I adore and wish I could experience how it feels to have your knickers pulled tight against my womanhood to feel my lips clench the fabric tightly. To feel my clit being gently rubbed by the fabric as I move. I would wiggle my hips and place one foot in front of the other to create the specific movement to tease myself and continually rub my clit. I have always wondered if women do this - please someone tell me let me know. 

Most of you responded in the poll and admitted to be CD's then Sissy's and then Tgirls. Do you all long for this to be dressed soooo femininely. Would you abandon your sensibilities and allow the women in you to surface to be the wild cat she needs to be?

So to feel femm you all want to wear heels then dresses and then a bra 

Imagine being a high class prostitute and waiting for your customer on his exclusive jet. Dressed in the most luxurious bra and knickers and the most exquisite heels. 

Or a stunning model walking along a new york high street. Hearing the clicking of your heels. 

Or an office slut ready to have her ass fucked by the boss? Which one are you?

Maybe you need to be controlled

or are you the type that likes to serve 

Or do you demand service 

It looks like Cat women won the poll - giggle purrrrr my darlings purrr


  1. I'd like to be the woman in control, the one with men wrapped around her little finger, anxious and willing to fulfill all of my needs.

    But I also want to find a lover who knows exactly what to say and what to do to make me want to lose control, to charm me, to make my panties wet just thinking about him touching me...