Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Short Story - Trans Air

Welcome to Trans Air sir

Can we get you a drink?

Bing Bong... This is the Captain speaking welcome aboard. Please allow me to introduce the two lovely tgirls who will make your flight as comfortable as possible. 

The bubbly blonde is Mimi - she is 28 and is 36c 24 34 5 foot 8 and is 8 inches uncut her balls are nice and heavy and gents may I suggest you try her asspussy it is the sweetest tight little hole this side of Japan I know....

Mimi Blushes as their passenger eyes her up and down...

and the dark haired raven is Colette she is a naughty french girl and is 34 she is a stunning six foot and is 34dd 23 32 and has the cutest 4 inch sissy clit I have ever seen. Boys if you want a wild one she your girl. 

Colette was prepping the table for lunch and the rather drunk and horny russian diplomat strated to stroke her ass. 

She turned and grabbed him by the tie and face and pouted at him 

Do you want me sir she sneered 

He just nodded 

Colette smiled and called to Mimi and told her to put on a show
Mimi started to dance around the passenger as Colette dis-robed him. 

Mimi was playing with her sissy clit and starting to rub the diplomats cock

having stripped him of all his clothing the girls get to work. 

Bing bong this is your pilot speaking we are now over Paris and on a clear day you can see the Eiffel Tower gleaming and erect over the city. 

The two girls giggled and blushed as they stroked the diplomats erect cock 
Mimi giggled as she held the fat balls in her hand 

Mimi sneered at Colette going bitch she taunted suck his cock her fingers flicked her sissy clit and she purred as she watched Colette suck in the full length of the russian passengers cock. 

the two girls fell to their knees and waited for their prize
the passenger groaned and mumbled something in russian and then let go a huge
load of cum the girls giggled and licked the cum and gently rubbed it into each others faces

They turned and kissed and then licked the Russians cocks clean.
The passenger sank back in his chair and closed his eyes for a quick nap.

The giggling girls left him sleeping returned to their hand bags and took out their diaries 
Mimi giggling said oh Colette your such a slut you are 5 nationalities in front of me. 

Colette smiled and said as she ticked the box labelled Russian 
Mimi darling you just got to fly more...


Tuesday, 28 September 2010


Who do you want to be. Why do you want to be I find these questions mark the difference between a tgirl who is ready to be herself and those of us who are still caught. 

If you saw this girl on the street what would you first thoughts be?
1. I want to fuck her
2. I want to be her
3. I want to wear what she is wearing 
4. I want to dress up like her and have her fuck me

which one is you? 

Two sexy blondes on holiday what would you do?

Do you want to be her?

You walk into an office for a meeting you have your girlie knickers on you love the feel beneath your suit the secretary is staring at you does she know or have you been staring at her wishing you were her. 

When you see a sexy PA / secretary what goes through your mind? 

Monday, 27 September 2010

I want cock - My Sunday afternoon

oh my I am blushing sooo much. I am really not sure why. Is it because I have a need a desire to be full of cock again to slide back onto the fat hot organ sticking out of the male of the species? Is it because I am ashamed of my needs and myself?

Yes, Yes and yes....

I want to post about my holiday but I my master has told me to stop posting until he has read through my diary and notes. I am frustrated by this but he has told me very clearly and I must obey.

I spend too much time wondering about my next big thing, my next adventure as a tgirl my next thing to tick off and I have forgotten why I chose this lifestyle why I left home, why I have moved 4 times in one year.

I was out yesterday in a local starbucks and minding my own business drinking my coffee - yes I was dressed en femm (hard not to these days) and two women asked if they could share my table it was so nice the older women (called Kate) tapped me on my shoulder and said sorry do you mind if we share your table and I smiled and said please do.

Kate sat down and introduced her slightly younger friend (both women were in their 40's very sweet and ever so middle class) This is my friend Natalie.

They both smiled at me and I smiled back and said in my best femm voice I am Tabitha...

The women smiled back and started to chat and pretty much left me alone. I flicked through my magazine and continued to drink my coffee

They chatted about their friends, husbands and their children - I sat quietly and allowed myself to absorb the yumminess of it all.

They chatted about not having enough time for a manicure and having their eyebrows done.
They started to discuss a mutual friend of theirs and how she was cheating on her husband and how he did not know but they knew through Kate's husband that he had done something similar a while back and now that was ok as the books had been balanced

Kate disagreed with Natalie and they giggled and argued and chatted about all sorts of subjects and then they would slowly drift back to cheating...


I almost jumped out of my seat Kate was asking me a question and I had been so absorbed in the experience I had missed her asking me if she could ask a question.

I took a sip of coffee and spoke softly hands trembling gently.

Yes what do you think...

Sorry about what...

Oh Tabitha please we know you were listening

I blushed they giggled and said tell us what you think do you think all is fair and they should now consider the slate clean?

Ummmmm I responded...No I don't think so. Oh and do call me Tabby everyone does.

We chatted a little more and then Natalie paused and blushed deeply. I know what was coming.
Tabby can I ask.....

Kate shot her a look

Yes I am and yes I am half way through the process...

I blushed now and they paused so they whispered your a tranny...

No I am a tgirl - I am on hormones and I am living as a women. I have breasts and starting to get a female body but I still have my well you know...

The girls giggled nervously

I smiled and said it's ok I can leave if you prefer.

They both said no we well we are sooo fascinated with well you and....

I smiled and blushed lightly ok...

They chatted to me for a while we swapped numbers and I left them chatting.

I walked to my home and my mobile beeped I looked and it said

"Tabby your a darling Nat and I wanted to say you look amazing and
we think of you as a total babe"

I sent this back

"thank you so much"

Since that afternoon Natalie has called and we chatted for an hour I think she is fascinated with me. I am wondering if I should share this blog with them?

That night I felt marvellous and sat down to watch a girlie flick and drink too much wine.

My drunken mind needed to to expand on my I want cock comment so I pulled out my laptop and uploaded these images why I am not sure as I did it yesterday night

So I will try to explain...

I felt empowered I felt womanly and I felt like I belonged - this image said it all. Oh and she is sooo sexy which always helps giggle.

Celebs with cum on their faces is always sexy but Emma Watson the good girl of holywood being naughty well that is very sexy...

But why this pic... I love her finger gently pushing a little bit of cum into her mouth...

need I explain this girls?

I adore the idea of these women being lower than the dog and that he is standing watch and making sure they fuck themselves silly then he gets to fuck them.

cute girl, cute headband, fucking amazing cock

I adore the idea of being naughty - why?

yummy - I love the ginger girls facial expression.

Could this girl be any cuter - I soooo want to be her.

I guess this is what I want to do for a living...

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

I sooo want to be her

She cute, sexy adorable and has a head band. I love how she grips the bed sheets and just how divinely adorable she is.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

some thoughts and ideas

I have posed this image before. I love it I soo wish to be her. She has totally given herself to him and the only thing missing is her cat tail.

I adore this idea I would love to have sexy tgirls and genetic girls around my home like ornaments I could use them at any time. Imaging the humiliation being treated like a side table does this make you more femm?

Is this the most perfect women ever?
I adore her face her hair, Her body is amazing her breasts are almost perfect her thin body is divine leading into her curvy hips and amazing legs - the under wear highlighting all these areas the thick band of those perfect thongs make me feel all giddy.

come to be eyes - with a skirt garter belt - I love love love this outfit.

Fear makes things much more intense - do you ladies agree?

Oh my I wish I was at this school

what a lovely little pony

I adore this image she is in control and the her slave is sooo much in need

A friend made a comment about cat walk models she said they all look like femm tall thin boys - this made me think most guys in fashion are gay perhaps that is why they prefer stick women to curvy ones?

Waiting for master - honestly darling which one would you be the maid or the master?

Monday, 20 September 2010

interesting question

What is the most humiliating thing that you have ever done and yet still been turned on?

Thursday, 16 September 2010

getting married

One just for you lucky genetic girls. Is the ultimate in womenhood getting married? I know the real answer is having a child but we tgirls are a little well lets say under equipped.

So to re-ask the question fully - is the ultimate thing a women can do (that a tgirl can also emulate) is to be married - to be given away - I adore how that sounds.

I adore the whole structure the dressing up the special underware but most of all the transition the women makes it is soooo amazing - A women starts of in church as a virgin she is given away like a tool / property to another man whom promises to look after her because she is unable to look after herself.

Then the party and then the couple leave she changes clothes and becomes a sexy married attentive toy but the final transition she makes - she becomes a whore in the bedroom.

Now one for the tgirls tell me darlings what would be the ultimate wedding - the one you dream about?

The virginal sensual lace, girly and femm under wear

I adore little tiara's daddy's princes all over again. Dads how do you feel giving away your sweet little girl knowing shortly she will be on honeymoon on a beach somewhere with a cock in her mouth?

wedding sluts - some times even I WOULD SAY NO

A yummy lesbian wedding - well ok not really but it could

I love veils

Hold ups and garters

I so wish this girl is a real bride and the other two girls are the bridesmaids

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Short Story - Being useful to the team

I adore sports. I love rugby but I am quite small and slow. No matter what I did, tried, experimented with the coach said no.

The guys on the team and the coach were all pretty cool about it. They respected me for trying and they knew I was eager to please and desperate to be part of the team to feel like I had helped us win.

After another unsuccessful tryout the coach asked me to meet him in his office. I got cleaned up and met him He said look hun your just not going to make it as a jock.

Your too femm too cute and far too precious. I blushed but I did not want to argue with him as I was desperate for their approval.

He continued I have an idea how you can help the team. There has been new research conducting in Japan and sports guys need to be released their stress and sexual gratification needs to be taken care of. The Japanese found that tgirls gave the top athletes the best release and after a night with a tgirl they were found to perform upto as much as 35% better.

The coach stood behind me and placed his hands on my shoulders now he spoke slowly and purposefully now he repeated you are a special person - very femm, very cute, very slim and most of all you even have a girls name. It was true everything the coached said I blushed and tears started to roll down my high cheek bones

Now Nikki way do you think you spend all your time here even though you, I we all know you will never ever make it as a sports guy.

I shrugged the coached smiled and said that is because you need to be near alpha males you are an alpha female and you desire them you need them.

The coach cleared his throat and in walked the female coach of the school.

Now he said go with Miss Hardy and do as she says.

I stood and nodded and followed Miss Hardy. We entered the female locker room and she turned and said. Now you fucking stupid fucking sissy faggot strip.

I slowly undressed

Do you know why tgirls work she snarled she walked around me as I undress she grabbed a handful of my femm pert ass and lowered her mouth to my ear and whispered - because you fag our jocks like to fuck girls but they worry about getting them pregnant, about being in a relationship with tgirls its no strings attached fun fucking.

She fingered my hole and smiled nice and tight the boys will love that. Now let me get a good look at you she smiled as she held my tiny cock and balls and said you are soooo a girl it is not funny. She said follow me and like a lost naked lamb I did.

I stood in Miss Hardy's office and she took out a syringe and bottle and injected me once in the in each ass cheek and then once in each arm and then handed me a bottle of water and a series of tablets to take. One by one I swallowed each pill.

She then handed me a pair of pink thongs, a small butt plug, a letter and a magazine. She told me to put on the thong and as if to give me no choice she picked up my male boxer shorts and rolled them up and put them into her bag.

She watched me slide the impossibly small panties up my legs and smiled at me as she watched me settle the string between my cheeks she leaned forward and patted me on the bottom and said well done just like a real girl

I smiled and blushed I then quickly dressed my little sissy clit was as hard it has ever been small but hard she laughed and sent me home.

I hid in my room and read the letter

It was simple Miss Hardy had typed out several points.

1. You will each night read through this female magazine you will learn from the stories how to please men you will think of cocks and you will wish you can suck on them

2. you will continue to take the tablets I give you and you will practice being femm the magazine has lots of tips.

3. you will report to me each day

4. do NOT play with yourself

5. use the butt plug on your self only

The last para was from the coach he said welcome to the team Nikki you will help us win against our enemy next weekend. I want you on the team bus.

The week past in a blur I was given more female hormones and further injections my body started to change to soften further and little a cup pert breasts were beginning to grow.

It was Saturday night and the team were eating their dinner I was prepping myself to be the fuck toy of each star athlete. First I would be fucked by the captain then the 2nd in command and so on. The coach said this would also make the players work harder so that they were not fucking me last.

I got a call from the coach Nikki please goto room 112 Leon is waiting.

I knocked on the door I was dressed as a cute cheerleader obvious yes but it excited me.
Leon shouted it is open I walked in and he was lying on his bed with just his t shirt on and nothing else his cock was huge I stripped down to my string panties and crawled onto the bed.

The training and hormones took over and I started to suck his cock like a whore
He moaned and pushed my head further down his cock.

I looked across the room and say a cute teen girl sucking a huge jock and I blushed my little clit dribbled a little pre cum and my nippled hardened

I held the monster like an ice cream cone and licked the top

wanking him, taking him deep into my throat
licking the tip then deep into my throat
Slowly and quickly I kept the pressure up knowing I had several other men to please this evening.

Finally my lust, eagerness and curiosity made me sit down hard on his spear I squealed like a girl and giggled and blushed.

I looked over my should and gasped at how amazing I looked with a cock sliding into me.

He pushed me onto my back and my first jock came on my tiny budding breasts I licked his cum and gasped at the sheer pleasure and lust I was feeling.

I left Leon snoring away and headed to Karls room, I giggled as the cum ran out of my abused asshole and ran down my thigh I felt such a whore and so much part of the team.

Short Story - Time to grow up

Yes I was stunning, I could pass in most situations and I knew it.

It really annoyed my Tgirlfriends and genetic girlfriends I used to tease them all about how sexy and girlie I was.

I would tease guys and dress up looking ever so - well you know giggle. One evening I was out with some friends and as always I was perfect dressed in the most perfect black cotton thong and matching padded bra to give that little bit extra up top.

My cute little wool pleated skirt and the most cute tight little wool cardigan top. To finish of the look I wore my big glasses and my black flat shoes.

I was easily the best looking girl in the bar we chatted and I flirted finally the girls were sick of my vanilla behaviour.

Steph almost pulled my hair and arm as she dragged me into the ladies. NOW TABBY she almost snarled we are all a little bit bored of this bad girl - good girl act. NOW GROW UP AND GO GET FUCKED.

I blushed and giggle nervously...but....but...

WHAT she spat back

I am well I don't know what to do.

Steph calmed down and smiled

hun look at you

she stepped to the side and we both stared at my reflection

hun you have nothing to worry about....

We left the bathroom and headed back to our group. Shortly after we got back a rather large powerful looking guy strolled up to our group.

Hey he said to me

Hey I smiled back

how about a drink with me

I smiled and nodded he held out his hand and I took it

We drank a few and then he whispered into my ear hun lets go back to mine I wanna fuck you I could feel him lusting after me and this got me hot I oozed sex

We arrived at his home and I stood by his desk in his den smiling and laughing at his jokes.

He sat down on the couch and took out his cock and stroked it

I blushed and licked my lips

He laughed and worked his cock faster and growled does my little cunt like this

I nodded pursed my lips and started to take off my cardigan

I turned my back to him and slid off my skirt I felt amazing so girly so alive so fucking hot

He groaned and said that he was going to fuck me silly

I whispered please sir...

I slid off my bra and held my breasts and pinched my nipples.

I looked deep into his eyes and whispered sir, fuck me make me yours make me a women

He stood up and pulled at my thong and pushed me onto the desk I lifted my knee and placed it onto the desk widened my stance to show my willingness and pushed my pert sissy faggot ass high into the air.

I felt his hot fat cock head push into my ass cheek and then his hard hot hands clasp me around the waist.

He held me in place and then with one swift jerk of his hips impaled me I squealed a little and gasped as he slid into me.

I expected pain but nothing but pleasure washed over me. My eyes rolled back as he held my balls tightly and squeezed hard at the same time he pounded into me

I gripped the desk and let out a guttural moan and started to cum not like a man but like a girl my sissy clit was still soft and yet somehow I was cuming more like taking a weak slow pee and then he hit my g spot and I screamed and passed out.