Monday, 13 September 2010

Summer Hols - Part 1

Hi ladies,

This post is going to help me set the scene. What scene I hear you all ask. Giggling into your white wine and being ever so bitchy...yawn another story, thought from Tabby will that girl ever shut up and just open her legs and get fucked liked the rest of us.

I have finally caught up with my diary entries and would like to update you all on the mad goings on that is my life.

What I did over my summer hols. Now I know I have been a bit of a slut in the past and have waned and waxed between being some mad cock sucking bitch to almost being a nun but hey a girl can change her mind can't she?

This email is to help readers understand how I got chatting to the couple whom eventually invited me to their home and allowed / forced / helped / everything and nothing to explore what it means not only to be a tgirl but to be Tabitha Jones.

For the first time I felt like I was a real person. Yes they humiliated me and I adored it yes they abused me and to my shame I adored it but I left feeling stronger more whole somehow.

How I met my Master and Mistress

I was sent some images with a simple message. It simply said Tabby we want to help you discover you....

Hang on ladies before you mock me for being an easy catch the images were very well selected and well thought out and this caught my eye.

They felt grown up and real yes I know there not real girls and all the shots are staged but they felt sooo right for me.

The image below plus the message and a mobile number. Like a frightened deer I called the number putting on my best femm voice, fear making me feel dizzy.

Yes answered a stern voice

Hi sir, my name is Tabby.

Yes what is it Tabby

I was a little taken aback they had got in touch with me they had given me their number why was he being funny? I ummed

Well girl what is it

Sir i finally replied I got your email and felt compelled to call.

Good, why did you feel you had to call tell me GIRL - his voiced lacked any patience and I
quickly responded The images sir

Ahh good ok tell me what you like about each one take your time my little pet.
My clit twitched and I blushed

I adore her body sir I want to look like that I love her strength

go on Tabby tell me everything

I love her hair sir and most of all her lips.

good now on to the next image my little tgirl slut

I giggle like a silly school girl and blushed twice as brightly

Sir I just simply adore the femm-ness of this image it is almost perfect and I sooo
wish it was me. She is not as sexy as the first girl but she is sooo darling.

Do you like those clothes girl

Yes sir

Tell me the TRUTH TABBY his voice was hard are you playing with you clit

I looked down and was stunned my hand was gently stroking my clit and fingering my asspussy I had not noticed this at all. I ummmed

Well you fucking bitch are you.

Yes sir

Good now continue but DO NOT CUM is that clear

Yes sir I whispered

He laughed.

I blushed

Oh and sir I adore her heels

Tell me do you like to be spanked

Yes sir I think so a little sir

Do you like this picture

Oh yes sir very much she is stunning. Amazing figure and all that rubber / pvc / leather makes me sooo yummy sir

I love the whip too.

Do you think women should be in control Tabby

No sir men should then women sir then tgirls

What is the purpose of a tgirl why should they exist my little pet

Sir I think they should simply to serve sir. Some people are simply more sexual and have more needs than others and they can become tgirls sir.

Is that why you think tgirls exist Tabby

that and their need to change gender sir - for the clothes, the sex, the attention - perhaps that what it means to be a women sir.

Expand on that thought

Yes sir well as I see it women are designed to be penetrated the most dom of women always have a dom male and if they are gay they still have their partners penetrate them.I see penetration as weakness only real men fuck everyone else gets fucked sir

Good girl

How does this make you feel Tabby

Sexy, turned on and hot but most of all sir I am envious of her

Why his voice was sweet and soft now

Because I want what she has sir

Lets move on Tabby darling I have so many girls to train - He seemed bored with me

Sir have I upset you - almost in tears - I hated myself for caring what this stranger thought of me and yet I needed his approval

Stop it GIRL and tell continue

Yes sir

I adore the image sir I would love to be a bubbly blonde or a severe brunette. I find this fascinating sir. Why is the same women perceived so differently if she changes her hair colour?
If she is dark haired she is serious and if she is blonde she is silly.
I find this another example of women being the vessel and their need to play different roles to attract the type of man they want.

Expand on that Tabby

Yes sir. When a women is younger she explores her sexuality and sleeps with various men she dyes her hair blonde to create the illusion she is wild, bubbly and silly - this ties into the men she is looking for at that time of her life. Her make up, clothes and walk is also a reflection of this.

When she is looking to settle down and be with a single man - she darkens her hair, her makeup and her clothes she becomes more elegant and creates a new persona.
I love this about being femm you can re-invent yourself everyday.

Tabby darling you are soo naive and yet compelling


Just continue my little pet.

Sir I am feeling very excited

Darling are you near to cuming

Yes sir


His sudden anger and then sweetness through me and my clit withered, partly to please him and not to cum and partly from fear I somehow knew he would literally fuck me till I bled.

Now girl are you under control

I almost whispered back in fear - yes sir.

What role do you think a women should have - should she work?

Yes sir a women should have one of these careers only sir and she should the moment she has moved in and is living with her partner she should stop working and serve him totally.

What careers should she have

Well sir one of these

1. Secretary (she should then marry her boss when her boss tires of her she should smile and let him have a younger girl - she should then grow old serving him)

2. Air Hostess - only for the younger girl and a girl that likes to fuck

3. Librarian - older women

4. Maid - any age but should focus on serving her man

Tabby darling you are perfect do tell sir which career path is for you?

Well sir I love the idea of being an air hostess and Secretary

Sir this image is amazing I am sooo enticed by her. Why do men love the idea of schoolgirls and why do tgirls love it more?

Tell me why you like her body

Yes sir - her breasts are large but not hanging they are still pert. She is slim and her tummy is taught - I love her stance which exudes sexiness and the flare of her hip. I love the trick of wearing short hold ups to create the effect of longer legs.

Her skirt is to die for and l love her hand holding the hem. I love heels and not platforms they are a little slutty for me. Oh and I adore the tie. Giggle

Are you still playing with your self Tabby

Sort of sir I like to play with my sissyclit like a real clit. It is soo tiny even when hard that I can get away with doing so. I also have my hands free ear piece on so I can finger my asspussy.
I love to tease it with my vibrator.

Good girl. Now Tabby don't cum otherwise I will be upset.

Yes sir I understand sir.

Tell me what you think of these

Ohh sir they are soo yummy I think they are by Jean Paul Gutiuer for La Perla Sir.
Ohh my I adore the femm stern severe look sir sooo tgirl - I am convinced Jean Paul used to cross dress.

Now Tabby I have sent you through several very femm images of dresses, bridal hair bands, etc. Just tell me in 1 sentance why you like or dont like them

Yes sir I will try...

I love, adore, need them to be whole to be me

Good girl - I have been taking notes now I want you to tell me your deepest hidden most shamefull fantasy

Sir I...

Tabby tell me and make sure you are honest...

I start to cry...

Sir there are several and they change sir

tell me them all NOW

Yes sir....

Sir pls...




He put the phone down and I cried myself to sleep....


  1. You are so incredibly amazing, Tabby - thanks for sharing!

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