Thursday, 16 September 2010

getting married

One just for you lucky genetic girls. Is the ultimate in womenhood getting married? I know the real answer is having a child but we tgirls are a little well lets say under equipped.

So to re-ask the question fully - is the ultimate thing a women can do (that a tgirl can also emulate) is to be married - to be given away - I adore how that sounds.

I adore the whole structure the dressing up the special underware but most of all the transition the women makes it is soooo amazing - A women starts of in church as a virgin she is given away like a tool / property to another man whom promises to look after her because she is unable to look after herself.

Then the party and then the couple leave she changes clothes and becomes a sexy married attentive toy but the final transition she makes - she becomes a whore in the bedroom.

Now one for the tgirls tell me darlings what would be the ultimate wedding - the one you dream about?

The virginal sensual lace, girly and femm under wear

I adore little tiara's daddy's princes all over again. Dads how do you feel giving away your sweet little girl knowing shortly she will be on honeymoon on a beach somewhere with a cock in her mouth?

wedding sluts - some times even I WOULD SAY NO

A yummy lesbian wedding - well ok not really but it could

I love veils

Hold ups and garters

I so wish this girl is a real bride and the other two girls are the bridesmaids