Tuesday, 7 September 2010

who to be, what to be and when to be

I am asked practically by everyone I meet what type of women do you want to be?

The Fairy Tale posts have got me thinking. What if you could start again. What if you were a women and you could start life at any age and any point?

I gave this a lot of thought last night and although I have not got one answer I think making a list has helped. Is that the male side of me coming out?

I want to know from all you genetic girls - if you could start again what, who, how would you be.

I want to know from all you tgirls what dream do you dream what girl do you wish you could be or are you happy being a tgirl.

All you sissy faggots tell me what women do you long for deep inside. Finally guys the few straight ones out there tell us who you like to fuck the most.

I love this girl I adore her body her pert breasts her utter sheer over top cute OMG blondeness bubbly giggly pertness. She is so pert, so thin yet so womanly.

I think I would enjoy being a college girl girlfriend. I think I would explore my sexuality
form deep friendships, take up a sport perhaps yoga...no maybe tennis would be better for this type of girl. I would be sexual but serious and enjoy my body but I would be very difficult to bed.

I would love to walk around the sorority house in my undies and be ever so yummy

I think this women has the best body I have ever seen she is a Porn Star called Nessa (i think) she is truly stunning. She is truly a sexual being and to be given the gift of looking like her would be astounding.

I would explore all my deep dark ideas. I would have several boyfriends and holiday with them I would make them worship me, need me, I would make them all lick me.

In company I would be submissive and extol my boyfriends sexual power and appetite but in private I would make him earn my cunt.

I find this so strange two amazing women but each move me in very different ways. I expect very different things from them and somehow they provide a very specific feelings and desires.

I adore women - I want to be one. Sometimes I think like a guy and find porn girls just sooo but then my female hormones kick in and I just want to be a normal real girl not some charicature designed to let men wank.

I think she is stunning. Thin pert small breasts everything I adore but somehow she is less - would I be unhappy being her of course not look at her - but somehow she is less then the other girls....why.....

One element of women hood I really do wish I had more of an understanding and more experience of is the friendships little groups of women cliques that form life long friendships and explore each other when they were younger, holiday with each other and then
grow up get married and still stay in touch.

I wonder how many women out there who are married and have slept with their best friends without their husbands knowing - what is it like being in a clique and exploring life with close friends. I find this idea sooo appealing why do women have the best clothes, the best friendships, the best bodies - oh the bitches - giggle

I would love the idea of being the au per for a wealthy family. I would be from a small village in the med and I will travel to the UK or US and a wealthy family would employ me to look after their children I would be 18 and sexually naive

I would have a body of a temptress and would happily walk around the house as I do at home in my white cotton knickers and topless

The mum would take me to one side and explain that I can not do that and she would stare at me and then start to lick my nipples and I would moan and purr and she would tell me that she is going to educate me and help me become a women.

A strong desire of mine is to experience key stages in a women's life - going to college, making friends, losing your virginity. One of my wishes is to experience joining a preppy and ever so stuck up sorority. With girls whom are so wealthy and so removed from reality.

Our sorority house would be so luxurious and we would spend our time dressing, shopping and selecting which boy to marry from the appropriate level. Daddy would spend a fortune with the school so we would not have to do any work.

sometime I wonder what it would be like to be a famous girl. Would my experience of womenhood be more intense?

One aspect of womenhood I have not touched upon but I think is vital to experience to have a complete understanding of the way women think is love.

How does a women feel when she taken by her lover - how does she feel when she visits him at work and teases him - do they make love on the couch in his office

I am dying to feel that glow that women have when they are madly in love.

Another element I want to explore is the naughty daughter - I adore the idea of being prim and proper but behind the scenes, hidden away from daddy I am a total whore.

I want to be at my boy friends house but have told my parents that I am at my best friends house and when they call me my older boyfriend is playing around and takes out his cock I want to say to my dad yes daddy I am studying with Sally oh I am eating a lollipop yes it is nice thats why I am sucking so hard.

I want to feel all the feelings of a women in power. I want to make my sexy male PA eat me out.
I want to know how it feels to order a man about. To make him want me not to love me but to need to desire to fuck me.

I envy models and women of beauty they are able to make a living just by being. To be so sexual, so perfect so pert so just alive with feminine energy. I would pose and pout my way through the day.

Sometime I day dream sitting on the bus watching the world go by and I see a young women obviously she is on her way to work she is starting that journey and I wonder what it must be like to be her.

My mind races and I create wonderful scenarios for her eventually I drift back to imagining I am her on my knees sucking my bosses cock, giggling and purring to please him.

Somehow I know I want more. I am not sure what

Perhaps a housewife. I would upset my husband only to let him make up with me. Angry sex is sooo much fun giggle

Mostly I am desperate to explore female friendships. To be a lady that lunches, to be ever so elegant.

to be a tease

I adore the idea of being a high class private airline hostess serving drinks in the nude with my hat, gloves and heels on

I am so confused and so excited the possibilities - oh and I must tell you all about my holiday.


  1. If I could start over as a female I'd choose one of two options.

    Either I'd like to be a young housewife and mother. Staying at home, raising the children and keeping the house tidy. Being there at the end of the day for my husband to soothe away the stresses of work and keep him happy in all possible ways.

    Or I'd like to be a prim librarian, long hair pulled back into a bun, glasses perched on the end of my nose. Plain blouses and calf length skirts. Totally efficient by day. By night though a wildly sexual creature. Hair let loose and cascading down over my shoulders, skimpy tops and short skirts. Spending time with guys who satisfy my needs totally.

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