Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Short Story - Being useful to the team

I adore sports. I love rugby but I am quite small and slow. No matter what I did, tried, experimented with the coach said no.

The guys on the team and the coach were all pretty cool about it. They respected me for trying and they knew I was eager to please and desperate to be part of the team to feel like I had helped us win.

After another unsuccessful tryout the coach asked me to meet him in his office. I got cleaned up and met him He said look hun your just not going to make it as a jock.

Your too femm too cute and far too precious. I blushed but I did not want to argue with him as I was desperate for their approval.

He continued I have an idea how you can help the team. There has been new research conducting in Japan and sports guys need to be released their stress and sexual gratification needs to be taken care of. The Japanese found that tgirls gave the top athletes the best release and after a night with a tgirl they were found to perform upto as much as 35% better.

The coach stood behind me and placed his hands on my shoulders now he spoke slowly and purposefully now he repeated you are a special person - very femm, very cute, very slim and most of all you even have a girls name. It was true everything the coached said I blushed and tears started to roll down my high cheek bones

Now Nikki way do you think you spend all your time here even though you, I we all know you will never ever make it as a sports guy.

I shrugged the coached smiled and said that is because you need to be near alpha males you are an alpha female and you desire them you need them.

The coach cleared his throat and in walked the female coach of the school.

Now he said go with Miss Hardy and do as she says.

I stood and nodded and followed Miss Hardy. We entered the female locker room and she turned and said. Now you fucking stupid fucking sissy faggot strip.

I slowly undressed

Do you know why tgirls work she snarled she walked around me as I undress she grabbed a handful of my femm pert ass and lowered her mouth to my ear and whispered - because you fag our jocks like to fuck girls but they worry about getting them pregnant, about being in a relationship with tgirls its no strings attached fun fucking.

She fingered my hole and smiled nice and tight the boys will love that. Now let me get a good look at you she smiled as she held my tiny cock and balls and said you are soooo a girl it is not funny. She said follow me and like a lost naked lamb I did.

I stood in Miss Hardy's office and she took out a syringe and bottle and injected me once in the in each ass cheek and then once in each arm and then handed me a bottle of water and a series of tablets to take. One by one I swallowed each pill.

She then handed me a pair of pink thongs, a small butt plug, a letter and a magazine. She told me to put on the thong and as if to give me no choice she picked up my male boxer shorts and rolled them up and put them into her bag.

She watched me slide the impossibly small panties up my legs and smiled at me as she watched me settle the string between my cheeks she leaned forward and patted me on the bottom and said well done just like a real girl

I smiled and blushed I then quickly dressed my little sissy clit was as hard it has ever been small but hard she laughed and sent me home.

I hid in my room and read the letter

It was simple Miss Hardy had typed out several points.

1. You will each night read through this female magazine you will learn from the stories how to please men you will think of cocks and you will wish you can suck on them

2. you will continue to take the tablets I give you and you will practice being femm the magazine has lots of tips.

3. you will report to me each day

4. do NOT play with yourself

5. use the butt plug on your self only

The last para was from the coach he said welcome to the team Nikki you will help us win against our enemy next weekend. I want you on the team bus.

The week past in a blur I was given more female hormones and further injections my body started to change to soften further and little a cup pert breasts were beginning to grow.

It was Saturday night and the team were eating their dinner I was prepping myself to be the fuck toy of each star athlete. First I would be fucked by the captain then the 2nd in command and so on. The coach said this would also make the players work harder so that they were not fucking me last.

I got a call from the coach Nikki please goto room 112 Leon is waiting.

I knocked on the door I was dressed as a cute cheerleader obvious yes but it excited me.
Leon shouted it is open I walked in and he was lying on his bed with just his t shirt on and nothing else his cock was huge I stripped down to my string panties and crawled onto the bed.

The training and hormones took over and I started to suck his cock like a whore
He moaned and pushed my head further down his cock.

I looked across the room and say a cute teen girl sucking a huge jock and I blushed my little clit dribbled a little pre cum and my nippled hardened

I held the monster like an ice cream cone and licked the top

wanking him, taking him deep into my throat
licking the tip then deep into my throat
Slowly and quickly I kept the pressure up knowing I had several other men to please this evening.

Finally my lust, eagerness and curiosity made me sit down hard on his spear I squealed like a girl and giggled and blushed.

I looked over my should and gasped at how amazing I looked with a cock sliding into me.

He pushed me onto my back and my first jock came on my tiny budding breasts I licked his cum and gasped at the sheer pleasure and lust I was feeling.

I left Leon snoring away and headed to Karls room, I giggled as the cum ran out of my abused asshole and ran down my thigh I felt such a whore and so much part of the team.


  1. Wow . . . that was hot! Well done, hon.

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