Monday, 6 September 2010

Just a thought girls

What about a fairy tale for tgirls?

Who is your fave fairy girl I think it has to be Cinderella

Tinkerbell is stunning I think she is my 2nd fave

Snow White is soooo kinky giggle all those Dwarfs

Alice yummy... giggle


  1. Cinderella! Nodoubt! The stepmother an sister forcing her doing housework, th prince put the shoe.the dress for the ball, it's the perfect story for sissies!

  2. Snow White would be a perfect sissy as well.

    her gorgeous Stepmother ill-treats her because she is soo cute and pretty. The hunter displaces her to the woods and just God knows what he might have done with her. Then she has to serve the seven dwarfs who havn't had a real Woman for years at least. And finally the Prince who don't hesitate to force his love at the helplessly sleeping gurl and to make her His personal property!

    If this isn't a perfect sissy story as well...?

  3. Me--as Kate Beckinsale in Through the Looking Glass!

  4. Rapunzel, has always been my #1 fantasy. All that lovely hair for so many different styles