Monday, 30 November 2009

Short TRUE STORY - My First Mile High

I had a terrible year, heavy dieting, hormones and training and finally I passed.

I was giving my uniform and told to report to BA head Stewardess at Heathrow.
I woke early and bathed. I made sure I added the most sultry scents to my bath water. I then
tucked my little sissy clit away. I giggled as my new d cup breasts bounced and pulled at my shoulders and chest. I leaned forward and let them sway into and finally settle into the cups of my lacy bra.

Next I pulled up my matching lace thong I bent forward at the waist slightly to allow myself the room and slack to adjust the tight string I allowed it to settle in the middle of my crack and I felt happy that it pulled at me tightly.

I then rolled up my hold ups and smiled at the shiny silk and lace tops I thrilled at the sensations and marveled at my need to feel femm even after the year I had gone through.

I then stepped into my uniform pencil skirt and pulled up the zip on the side next came the tight white cotton blouse I left the top two buttons undone so that my breasts were on show.

I then pulled on my uniform jacket and again left the top 2 buttons open. Lastly I slipped into my heels and picked up my purse and got into my little pink mini cooper and drove to work.

I arrived at work and spoke with the Head Stewardess. she handed me my flight plans and detailed my work load and then welcomed me on board.

As I walked out she called out to me

Oh and Tabby those breasts are a little too showy. I smiled back and said yes Miss.


Good Morning ladies and gentlemen. Welcome aboard BA Flight 23. We will be taking off in 10mins expected flight time is 5 hours.

Your captain is Mr John Steele, I am the head onboard Stewardess and my name is Tabitha Jones. Please do let me and my team know if we can make your flight more comfortable.

Thank you.

Bing Bong

About an hour into the flight I am busy with the first class cabin and we encounter a little bit of turbulence and I spill a little vodka on the passenger.

I excuse myself and clean the mans lap but he is still quite wet.

Sir I am ever so sorry please follow me so I can dry you.

The man follows me. I turn to him and smile. Sir you can call me Tabby.

He smiles and you he says in a stern voice can call me sir. I lower my eyes and smile.

We arrive at the Stewardess station and I turn to him and say can I dry you off sir.
I lick my lips and smile.

I pull my shirt and jacket open a little more and...

He pulls them open further he then starts to suck on my nipples and I moan and purr Oh sir please

Shut up slut and get on your knees or I will report your spill. This is a bespoke saville row suit you clumsy whore.

I blush and smile yes sir

My mind is spinning I want this so much my little clit is hard my nipples erect and I am moaning like a bitch on heat

I fall to my knees and pull his trousers and underwear down I shrug of my jacket and start to rub and pinch my nipples I grab his cock and take him into me I can smell his musty maleness and his piss, the smell makes my mind spin it is so sexy and intoxicating.

I see movement out of the corner of my eye and look towards the entrance. Sally enters and smiles as she puts a tray back and picks up the fresh coffee pot and leaves

the girls have told me this is common and that when I catch one of them just smile get what you need and leave

Somehow Sally seeing me makes me even hotter and I squeal with delight.

I stand and wiggle out of my skirt and panties.

Sir I am shut up fag he spits at me almost I know what you are.

He lifts me effortlessly and drops my swollen and ready ass pussy onto his fat cock.
all the time he is telling me that I am the sexiest fag sissy cunt he has ever seen

I moan and bounce on his cock.

He forces his tongue into my mouth and almost spits his words into my now open mouth What are you fag tell me

I purr and squeal the words back your... ohh...myy..oohh.. your... slut... faggot sissy...bitch...hoooohhh
sir..ohh please purrr.. ohh ..myyyy please sir don't stop....

His thrust quicken and he shudders I feel his cock twitch then swell up and then shoot gallons of cum into my bowels his cock is sooo deeply pushed into my asspussy I could feel his cum inside my stomach.

He pulls his cock out and almost drops me on the floor I am panting like a bitch and I kneel infront of him mouth wide open he pushes his cock in and make me clean him he then wipes his cock dry on my face and hair and then dresses and leaves I am left exhausted and shattered.

Cum leaking from my mouth and asspussy.

Sally steps back in and says oh hun... She helps me up and takes a cloth and wipes my face and then my thigh and ass pussy she tuts at me and says hun ever heard of safe sex.

She picks up my thong and wipes up the cum on the floor and puts it in her jacket pocket. She opens the lower unit and I see its full of tapons, pads and simple white cotton knickers.

She says all the girls contribute to our special store it helps for moments like this. She wipes round my hole and smiles I see your one of them hun. She wipes down my sissy clit and I look up at her and smile and simply nod.

She slides up a cotton panties and places a pad and say there that should soak up any more leaking hun.

She hands me the make up case from the unit and I start to sort myself out. I dress and leave with Sally.

She is five steps ahead of me and she stops at the guy and leans over and says something to him and then hands him my panties.

I blush red and then get on with my work.

I bump into Sally at the coffee station and we joke and giggle and then I ask her what she told the guy.

She smiles and says I am sorting out your stay over. I look at her blankly

Hun when we land what are you going to do. I shrug and say got to my room.


Sally hun I reply I am now confused

Sally giggles hun I gave him your thong and told him you wanted him to remember you.
He will and I bet when he gets off the plane he will ask for your number

So you can have a little fun

I smile and hug Sally and simply say thank you...

Short Story - The Business Trip

I hate the train, I hate my job and most of all I hate my boss.

It's 3.30pm I am on the train from London to Manchester. I have a meeting first thing. I have packed my small case with everything I need.

My little sissy clit starts to get hard the train manager has just announced we will be in Manchester in 10mins. I know from experience I will be in my hotel room within the hour. Then and only then will Caitlin emerge. My sissy clit twitches at the thought of her name.

My real name is Carl. I am a nobody but Caitlin she is a goddess. SHe is all powerful. She would make my boss wince and turn around my boring nothing life. I calm myself and start to pack my laptop and cables. I take a final sip of tea and smile slyly as my tummy rumbles. I have been on a starvation diet for over a week.

The hours running through my yoga routines, all designed to tighten and feminise my shape, the low fat diet and the last week cutting back to less than 300 calories a day. All off it worth while becuase I am sooooo going to be stunning tonight. When I transform I will fit into the skirt and blouse. I will.

I alight the train at Manchester and head to the taxi rank. I look like all the other business men. Plain grey suit, sandy coloured trench coat, Lap top bag and wheelie case.

I arrive at the hotel my breathing is heightened, my senses are all on fire I can feel and hear everything colours are so intense I wince.

My hand is not my own I watch it sign the paperwork and I smile and thank the cute little clerk. She bubbles over with enthusiasm.

I can not help notice her uniform and smile at the fabric pulling tightly at her amble chest. I smile at over the top blonde hair and her overly painted face and worst of all her bloated tummy. A women should be thin and sexy at all times I hear myself think. I smile inside and think to myself Caitlin your such a bitch.

I enter my room and without a moment to lose I almost tear away my male clothing as if it is burning my skin.

I stood in front of the mirror naked and marveled at my thin and very femm frame. I showered and made sure I was hairless. I dapped myself dry and then entered my bedroom my clothes and underwear laid out

I sat on the bed every movement every gesture was female. I placed my full brunette wig on my head and then rolled my silk stockings up my leg. My painted toe nails shone through the impossibly thin yet encasing sheen. I added the glue to my chest and the little clip onto my nipples and then fixed on my d cup breasts I shivered at the realism and how perfectly womenly I looked. Next came my bra I reached back and clasped it closed and then adjusted my breasts so they sat in the cups perfectly.

I then slid up my matching thong and wiggled into it. I bent slightly at the waist and adjusted my string so it sat in the middle of my crack perfectly framing my peach of an ass. The came my matching bodice with built in garter straps. The materiel was thin and waspish and impossibly light. The silk was cool on my skin and made my now hidden sissy clit twitch.

I slid into the satin pencil skirt which was so tight I had to wiggle this way and that to get it in place. The the impossibly tight and fitted blouse.

I stood still watching myself in the mirror my eyes darted this way and that absorbing the beauty that stood there.

The last and most important steps I place my 5 inch heels on the floor and slide my toes into one shoe then the next the immediate effect was amazing in one stroke my legs elongated my clafs slimmed my thighs looked more womenly and my bottom stuck out. I through back my head and shoulders which made me look stunning and exaggerated my breasts.

I strutted around my room. My mind drifted to my boss and his little clique. I smiled I would show them I thought I would step out of the ladies loo at work dressed like this and strut into his office and show that big show off by sucking his cock till he pumps his cum down my throat

The I would leave knowing that he would never suspect it was me....

I blushed, I tried to hide my wonton shame and pretend I would somehow be getting revenge when actually all I wanted was to suck a dominate mans cock and I knew my boss was the closest thing I had to a dom man in my life.

I fell onto the bed and allowed each item each female item of clothing to pull at me, press on me or simply continue to encase me I enjoyed the feeling.

I turned my head to the side and switched on the rooms dictaphone - I wanted to practice my femm voice.

I pulled up my knees and felt my skirt ride up my bottom to reveal my stocking tops and straps. I almost came when I say how thin my waist looked.

I lay on my back and crossed my legs I gently rubbed my thighs to encourage a little stimulation I felt my breasts pull at my chest and I moaned in pleasure at the site of my stockinged thighs and heeled feet.

I stood and smoothed out my skirt and blouse and posed for the camera

The pleasure and the need combined to intoxicate me. I could not wait any longer. I took of my blouse and skirt and while on the bed on my knees I moaned as I took of the bodice.

I then lay on my side and began to run my hands over my smooth body. I pushed a large smooth glass dildo into my asspussy and then took my tiny sissy clit in hand with my little finger extended I gently and in a very femm like way pumped my sissy cock till the dildo and the wanking made me cum.

I closed my eyes and lifted my asspussy into the air and as the cum soaked my thong and slowly dripped down my thigh I dreamt of my boss' strong hands and fat cock ramming into my soft warm tight little hole.

I giggled to myself and whispered Caitlin loves her job....

Fetish 1, 2, 3, and 4

Wow girls some of you have responded in the time honored sissy way cocks in your sissy mouths and pushed into your sissy faggots asspussys and silky lace under things appears to be the top fetish.

But some girls have given the questions some real thought and have responded very honestly.

Casey darling I am sure your fetish is shared by every tgirl, sissy faggot whore deep down. They are just afraid to admit it.

Casey's fetish is simple and pure. She wants to be born again she wants to be a teenage school girl. She has sent in these images and has added her comments.

She loves this pic the girl is sooo fresh looking so pert and she loves the tan lines

Casey wants to point out in this shot the girls hair is sooo long and totally amazing.

Casey confirms that she would also shave totally

Run Casey run - giggle

Thank you Casey. I must admit the thought of waking up as a teenage girl has some real deep down pull for me but somehow I would prefer to be a young 20 something working in the big city perhaps for a fashion magazine.

Liam sent in the next few images his passion, fetish is a very strange one. He claims not to be a T girl or cross dresser but a new bred he labels himself a man girl. Hummmm I raise one beautifully plucked and shaped eyebrow.

He goes on to say he is straight and as a guy is totally interested in girls but would love to be a real girl. What he means is not a Celeb not a porn star but a girl next door. As a girl next door he would sleep with guys and girls and adds that this is ok as he is now a girl.

He also added these images are his fave girl next door girls.

Roxanne sent in these amazing shots.
Roxanne just added one sentence to her email. Please please Mistress Tabby I sooo want to be her. I will do anything.

Roxanne sweetie if I could transform you darling I would. I totally understand your need. She is amazing and has a body and looks to die for.

Finally Tim has begged me to post his fetish - strong women. It seems Tim wants nothing more then to be fucked by a muscle bound tgirl.

Tim darling your such a sissy.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Another Fetish

I had a selection of images sent to me by Mistress Kate. She wanted to add her fetish to the mix. She adores seeing sissy faggot girls covered in her mans cum. She said if any sissy wants to be used to send in their picture with cum on their face and she would consider them.

Giggle where do I sign up.....

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

My dream

Well ladies this is soo my fave I adore the outfit I adore her and I am so going to
try to relive this.

Blushing - why do I adore uniforms so much.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

My Dream

Oh my oh my I have been such a naughty girl I adore adore adore adore adore these clips I sooooooo want to be the girl in the uniform and be fucked by my captain.

I sooooo want this to be my life.

My dream

I adore the idea of being a flight attendant or air hostess call it what you will I would adore the job and I would fuck like a whore.

If anyone owns an airline and wants a tgirl slut to be an air hostess please do let me know. Blush.....

Help Help Help

I want to impress a gf she is visiting me this weekend and I want some new undies should I buy

outfit 1

Corset and matching knickers


Outfit 2

I know what all you sissy t girls will say well it depends hun what are you going to be doing.

Well ladies if all goes to plan I want to be dressed in either outfit and then make love.
Or as my gf says fuck my sissy faggot waxed asspussy. Well she is from the eastend giggle.

Ladies which outfit is sexier. Votes, comments and suggestions.

Images and my war effort.

Every now and then I come across a few images that express clearly what it is I adore about the 3rd sex. Yes ladies I am ever so sorry but I am back on that train of thought. Perhaps it is the wine I am sipping while I type this entry or the cock I had earlier today.

Yes ladies I have been naughty... I know you have all put me luscious self on a pedestal but I have strayed will you ever forgive me. Giggle.

I am currently wearing a very cute babydoll and matching nickers from Hotmilk (I got them from figleaves)

I love the fact the babydoll is so short and your bottom peeks out.

The front is the perfect length and just sooo cute and femm

Could the knickers be any cuter!

I took the day off and spent most of the day tidying up and getting ready for my visitor. I was introduced to him by a friend and we really hit it off. We have been trying to find some time to spend together he is married (yes I know I know he is married a girl should respect etc etc but a sissy fag needs her cock injection too) Army officer. He will be leaving soon and we were trying to well you know - blush.

When I found out he was leaving I spoke with him online (he was drunk at the time) and managed to find out a few of his fetishes and I wanted to send him away with as many as I could ticked off. He had some very normal ones schoolgirl and airhostess but he also mentioned he wanted to fuck a princess.

I could not let him down I purchased a princess outfit from 3 wishes

And let him have his way with me. Giggle. He is six foot 5 very and a very tough fit man.
I pleased him and after he came in my faggot asspussy he told me to put on my new babydoll and he collared me and a lay at his feet as we watched tv. Every now and then I would suck on him and purr like a kitten.

So he has left and I feel empty and a little sad. I know he will never make me a part of his real life. I am just a distraction a fetish an itch he needs to scratch a little and that made me think about us girls - yes my fellow T girls tell me ladies how many of you are respectable men, how many of you hide your needs and desires how many of you fear your families founding out.

How many of you buy your wives lingerie and secretly wish you were wearing it. How many of you cry dry and silent tears with shame and humiliation while your sissy clit rages and draws you towards the lace, silk and femm underthings?

These images have a sense of that which is why I find them sad. I am sat on my sofa with my laptop and I am trying to type but as allways the fabric the silk the breastsforms pulling at my chest all contrive to distract me and before long like all sissy faggots I am wanking my tiny sissy clit and pulling at my knickers so I can expose my asspussy and finger myself.

I lick my hand clean the cum tastes salty and acrid - perhaps my shame has turned my cum bitter.....

I love this image she is beckoning her man to her hotel room

Yes mistress, curtsey - where every sissy fag should be ready for her punishment by her mistress

Oh my this image is stunning - I can imagine she has just been making love and her man has pushed her out of the hotel room because his wife is on her way up she was just reaching orgasm and her needs are so great she falls to the floor and must finish herself off.

Look at her eye women beg for mens cock

Monday, 16 November 2009

A selection of images

Ladies you make me blush. Giggle I adore the images you send through. I love commenting on these rare and refined beauties.

Stunning french women I love these two pics. She is so coy so nymph like, so elfin. Yet power and danger pour from her like wine.

Oh to be young and blonde.

Does this women's legs ever stop.

Pert, cute and naughty

Could this be the perfect female body

Red heads

Cock head ooh my

Close friends

I adore real girls there is something so sexy and oh soo yummy about them.

What a pose

Oh my I am going to have to take a break