Monday, 2 November 2009

Short Story - Caught At Home

I loved to dress. Every now and then I would take a sick day from work and pretend that I was ill. I would lie in bed and wait for my wife to leave. Once she was gone I would dress in her work clothes and pretend to be the sexy little slutty fag secretary I always dreamed of being.

Today was no different I lay in bed and whined. My wife got ready for work around me. As she left she called out that she was expecting an important parcel and to make sure I was awake to answer the door in the afternoon.

I smiled I would be done by the afternoon and lay in bed waiting to for the click of the front door.

The door clicked and like a starters pistol in the women's (giggle) 100 meters I was out of bed and in the shower.

I used all of my wifes products. I had a curvy femm type body and long hair. I had very little body hair and my wife liked me to be smooth so I regularly waxed.

Before long I was dressed and posing in front of the bedroom mirror. MY breast forms jiggled and bounced with each pose.

There was a knock on the door I stood still like a rabbit in a headlight. I did not know what to do I heard a van door slide and then I looked out the window to see a huge delivery guy staring back at me.

Instinctively I darted away from the window

shit shit shit shit...

damn I whispered he knows I am here I need to collect the parcel otherwise my wife will kill me and shit shit shit.

I pulled myself together and calmed my nerves and walked down the stairs and opened the
door. The man handed me the package and almost pushed himself in the house

Sorry miss I need to use your toilet

I smiled afraid to talk he took this as an invitation.

I waited at the bottom of the stairs feeling exposed. Wow I thought when a women dresses up and puts out slutty image and feel she must feel so exposed.

I paced this way and that my heels clicking on the hallway floor. Mocking me as each click sounded like someone laughing at me.

I turned around and bumped into the delivery man. His hand brushed against my breast he held me close and squeezed a little harder.

Still I said nothing fear, shame and excitement.

In silence my hand slowly raised to hold his fat cock I gasped at the size. My mind flashed images of women with swollen lips sucking on fat cocks and I wanted to be one of those women. His cock swelled and twitched as I gently rubbed him. My mind raced thoughts that I never expected to think entered my mind

wow so this is what a real man feels like

I wonder what his cum tastes like

oh I wish he would fuck my sissy ass

I was lost in feelings, sensations and thoughts I never had before. I felt his hands gently push down on my shoulders his scent was strong manly and intoxicating. I somehow needed to please him. To make him happy to make him want me.

I succumbed to the pressure on my shoulders and fell to my knees. He pulled down his trousers and his shorts to proudly display his cock.

I fell to my knees, enjoying the feeling of the suspender belt straps pulling at my stocking tops I loved the thong pulling tightly against my sissy asspussy.
The tight skirt holding my knees together the form fitting blouse along whit his manhood made me feel so femm.

I took his cock in my hand my painted false nails highlighting the difference between us. Me the female slut his slave his cock whore - he was my master the man the stallion

With that thought I let my painted lips part and took another mans cock into my faggoty mouth I moaned in pleasure as his cock filled my mouth and I started to pump his cock with my hand and suck on it with my mouth.

I giggled to myself and remembered how my wife had done the same to me and how I had watched whores in porn clips suck cock.

I abandoned myself to him and let the stranger face fuck me

He undressed me andI stopped him from taking down my thong I wanted the illusion to last and watched him kiss my all over. I squealed with delight as he bit my nipples my breasts forms bounced and jiggled to his touch.

Finally he pushed me to the floor and came all over my face and in my mouth he laughed as I moaned and purred and then he wiped his cock clean on my face and hair and dressed and left as he walked out the door he turned and said..

Bitch you are perfect silent and you know how to please a man. I stood in the hallway in just my heels and thong and dripping with his cum I smiled.

He said same time next week bitch

All I could do was nod.


  1. GR8 story

    love his hard cock photo

    wish I was him in the skirt

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