Monday, 30 November 2009

Short Story - The Business Trip

I hate the train, I hate my job and most of all I hate my boss.

It's 3.30pm I am on the train from London to Manchester. I have a meeting first thing. I have packed my small case with everything I need.

My little sissy clit starts to get hard the train manager has just announced we will be in Manchester in 10mins. I know from experience I will be in my hotel room within the hour. Then and only then will Caitlin emerge. My sissy clit twitches at the thought of her name.

My real name is Carl. I am a nobody but Caitlin she is a goddess. SHe is all powerful. She would make my boss wince and turn around my boring nothing life. I calm myself and start to pack my laptop and cables. I take a final sip of tea and smile slyly as my tummy rumbles. I have been on a starvation diet for over a week.

The hours running through my yoga routines, all designed to tighten and feminise my shape, the low fat diet and the last week cutting back to less than 300 calories a day. All off it worth while becuase I am sooooo going to be stunning tonight. When I transform I will fit into the skirt and blouse. I will.

I alight the train at Manchester and head to the taxi rank. I look like all the other business men. Plain grey suit, sandy coloured trench coat, Lap top bag and wheelie case.

I arrive at the hotel my breathing is heightened, my senses are all on fire I can feel and hear everything colours are so intense I wince.

My hand is not my own I watch it sign the paperwork and I smile and thank the cute little clerk. She bubbles over with enthusiasm.

I can not help notice her uniform and smile at the fabric pulling tightly at her amble chest. I smile at over the top blonde hair and her overly painted face and worst of all her bloated tummy. A women should be thin and sexy at all times I hear myself think. I smile inside and think to myself Caitlin your such a bitch.

I enter my room and without a moment to lose I almost tear away my male clothing as if it is burning my skin.

I stood in front of the mirror naked and marveled at my thin and very femm frame. I showered and made sure I was hairless. I dapped myself dry and then entered my bedroom my clothes and underwear laid out

I sat on the bed every movement every gesture was female. I placed my full brunette wig on my head and then rolled my silk stockings up my leg. My painted toe nails shone through the impossibly thin yet encasing sheen. I added the glue to my chest and the little clip onto my nipples and then fixed on my d cup breasts I shivered at the realism and how perfectly womenly I looked. Next came my bra I reached back and clasped it closed and then adjusted my breasts so they sat in the cups perfectly.

I then slid up my matching thong and wiggled into it. I bent slightly at the waist and adjusted my string so it sat in the middle of my crack perfectly framing my peach of an ass. The came my matching bodice with built in garter straps. The materiel was thin and waspish and impossibly light. The silk was cool on my skin and made my now hidden sissy clit twitch.

I slid into the satin pencil skirt which was so tight I had to wiggle this way and that to get it in place. The the impossibly tight and fitted blouse.

I stood still watching myself in the mirror my eyes darted this way and that absorbing the beauty that stood there.

The last and most important steps I place my 5 inch heels on the floor and slide my toes into one shoe then the next the immediate effect was amazing in one stroke my legs elongated my clafs slimmed my thighs looked more womenly and my bottom stuck out. I through back my head and shoulders which made me look stunning and exaggerated my breasts.

I strutted around my room. My mind drifted to my boss and his little clique. I smiled I would show them I thought I would step out of the ladies loo at work dressed like this and strut into his office and show that big show off by sucking his cock till he pumps his cum down my throat

The I would leave knowing that he would never suspect it was me....

I blushed, I tried to hide my wonton shame and pretend I would somehow be getting revenge when actually all I wanted was to suck a dominate mans cock and I knew my boss was the closest thing I had to a dom man in my life.

I fell onto the bed and allowed each item each female item of clothing to pull at me, press on me or simply continue to encase me I enjoyed the feeling.

I turned my head to the side and switched on the rooms dictaphone - I wanted to practice my femm voice.

I pulled up my knees and felt my skirt ride up my bottom to reveal my stocking tops and straps. I almost came when I say how thin my waist looked.

I lay on my back and crossed my legs I gently rubbed my thighs to encourage a little stimulation I felt my breasts pull at my chest and I moaned in pleasure at the site of my stockinged thighs and heeled feet.

I stood and smoothed out my skirt and blouse and posed for the camera

The pleasure and the need combined to intoxicate me. I could not wait any longer. I took of my blouse and skirt and while on the bed on my knees I moaned as I took of the bodice.

I then lay on my side and began to run my hands over my smooth body. I pushed a large smooth glass dildo into my asspussy and then took my tiny sissy clit in hand with my little finger extended I gently and in a very femm like way pumped my sissy cock till the dildo and the wanking made me cum.

I closed my eyes and lifted my asspussy into the air and as the cum soaked my thong and slowly dripped down my thigh I dreamt of my boss' strong hands and fat cock ramming into my soft warm tight little hole.

I giggled to myself and whispered Caitlin loves her job....


  1. Yummy story, sweetie, thanks for sharing. Your boss sounds dreamy, too!

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