Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Help Help Help

I want to impress a gf she is visiting me this weekend and I want some new undies should I buy

outfit 1

Corset and matching knickers


Outfit 2

I know what all you sissy t girls will say well it depends hun what are you going to be doing.

Well ladies if all goes to plan I want to be dressed in either outfit and then make love.
Or as my gf says fuck my sissy faggot waxed asspussy. Well she is from the eastend giggle.

Ladies which outfit is sexier. Votes, comments and suggestions.


  1. From either perspective, I prefer 2.

  2. Hi Tabby,

    It has to be number one, the matching corset and briefs. They are sooo sexy I just love them and the colour is perfect too!

    Y. xxx

  3. 2 votes for outfit 1 and 1 for outfit 2 Ladies let me know what you think.