Monday, 2 November 2009

Lifestyle Section

Hi Ladies another new section to the blog. I am going to call it The Lifestyle Section. I will cover off fashion, home and garden and partying.

Paris has always had a special place in my heart and with boudoirs like this it should have a place in yours too.

Adore these heels I would wear them in the bedroom happily

I adore this set the pearls are sooo divine

My next bedroom - I would do anything for you if I could live here. Blushing I am such a slut.

love love love this outfit. The shoes are sooo there and the colour is yummy

High waists girls

My next party outfit...Perhaps a red clutch and heels

Office outfits so divine it will make your boss want you

The perfect thong

My perfect bathroom

The prefect babydoll must be worn with the gloves

Oh adore this chair I would lounge on it and spend all day perfecting my makeup

more lacy bows please us girls like girly

The next few images are stunning I am so happy with the development of underwear and
the sophistication is utter joy

Who I want to be. I adore adore adore this image.

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