Monday, 30 November 2009

Short TRUE STORY - My First Mile High

I had a terrible year, heavy dieting, hormones and training and finally I passed.

I was giving my uniform and told to report to BA head Stewardess at Heathrow.
I woke early and bathed. I made sure I added the most sultry scents to my bath water. I then
tucked my little sissy clit away. I giggled as my new d cup breasts bounced and pulled at my shoulders and chest. I leaned forward and let them sway into and finally settle into the cups of my lacy bra.

Next I pulled up my matching lace thong I bent forward at the waist slightly to allow myself the room and slack to adjust the tight string I allowed it to settle in the middle of my crack and I felt happy that it pulled at me tightly.

I then rolled up my hold ups and smiled at the shiny silk and lace tops I thrilled at the sensations and marveled at my need to feel femm even after the year I had gone through.

I then stepped into my uniform pencil skirt and pulled up the zip on the side next came the tight white cotton blouse I left the top two buttons undone so that my breasts were on show.

I then pulled on my uniform jacket and again left the top 2 buttons open. Lastly I slipped into my heels and picked up my purse and got into my little pink mini cooper and drove to work.

I arrived at work and spoke with the Head Stewardess. she handed me my flight plans and detailed my work load and then welcomed me on board.

As I walked out she called out to me

Oh and Tabby those breasts are a little too showy. I smiled back and said yes Miss.


Good Morning ladies and gentlemen. Welcome aboard BA Flight 23. We will be taking off in 10mins expected flight time is 5 hours.

Your captain is Mr John Steele, I am the head onboard Stewardess and my name is Tabitha Jones. Please do let me and my team know if we can make your flight more comfortable.

Thank you.

Bing Bong

About an hour into the flight I am busy with the first class cabin and we encounter a little bit of turbulence and I spill a little vodka on the passenger.

I excuse myself and clean the mans lap but he is still quite wet.

Sir I am ever so sorry please follow me so I can dry you.

The man follows me. I turn to him and smile. Sir you can call me Tabby.

He smiles and you he says in a stern voice can call me sir. I lower my eyes and smile.

We arrive at the Stewardess station and I turn to him and say can I dry you off sir.
I lick my lips and smile.

I pull my shirt and jacket open a little more and...

He pulls them open further he then starts to suck on my nipples and I moan and purr Oh sir please

Shut up slut and get on your knees or I will report your spill. This is a bespoke saville row suit you clumsy whore.

I blush and smile yes sir

My mind is spinning I want this so much my little clit is hard my nipples erect and I am moaning like a bitch on heat

I fall to my knees and pull his trousers and underwear down I shrug of my jacket and start to rub and pinch my nipples I grab his cock and take him into me I can smell his musty maleness and his piss, the smell makes my mind spin it is so sexy and intoxicating.

I see movement out of the corner of my eye and look towards the entrance. Sally enters and smiles as she puts a tray back and picks up the fresh coffee pot and leaves

the girls have told me this is common and that when I catch one of them just smile get what you need and leave

Somehow Sally seeing me makes me even hotter and I squeal with delight.

I stand and wiggle out of my skirt and panties.

Sir I am shut up fag he spits at me almost I know what you are.

He lifts me effortlessly and drops my swollen and ready ass pussy onto his fat cock.
all the time he is telling me that I am the sexiest fag sissy cunt he has ever seen

I moan and bounce on his cock.

He forces his tongue into my mouth and almost spits his words into my now open mouth What are you fag tell me

I purr and squeal the words back your... ohh...myy..oohh.. your... slut... faggot sissy...bitch...hoooohhh
sir..ohh please purrr.. ohh ..myyyy please sir don't stop....

His thrust quicken and he shudders I feel his cock twitch then swell up and then shoot gallons of cum into my bowels his cock is sooo deeply pushed into my asspussy I could feel his cum inside my stomach.

He pulls his cock out and almost drops me on the floor I am panting like a bitch and I kneel infront of him mouth wide open he pushes his cock in and make me clean him he then wipes his cock dry on my face and hair and then dresses and leaves I am left exhausted and shattered.

Cum leaking from my mouth and asspussy.

Sally steps back in and says oh hun... She helps me up and takes a cloth and wipes my face and then my thigh and ass pussy she tuts at me and says hun ever heard of safe sex.

She picks up my thong and wipes up the cum on the floor and puts it in her jacket pocket. She opens the lower unit and I see its full of tapons, pads and simple white cotton knickers.

She says all the girls contribute to our special store it helps for moments like this. She wipes round my hole and smiles I see your one of them hun. She wipes down my sissy clit and I look up at her and smile and simply nod.

She slides up a cotton panties and places a pad and say there that should soak up any more leaking hun.

She hands me the make up case from the unit and I start to sort myself out. I dress and leave with Sally.

She is five steps ahead of me and she stops at the guy and leans over and says something to him and then hands him my panties.

I blush red and then get on with my work.

I bump into Sally at the coffee station and we joke and giggle and then I ask her what she told the guy.

She smiles and says I am sorting out your stay over. I look at her blankly

Hun when we land what are you going to do. I shrug and say got to my room.


Sally hun I reply I am now confused

Sally giggles hun I gave him your thong and told him you wanted him to remember you.
He will and I bet when he gets off the plane he will ask for your number

So you can have a little fun

I smile and hug Sally and simply say thank you...


  1. sxi story :P

    Im trying to set up a fun blog

    cud u help me get it set up


  2. All I can say is that I think I've been flying the wrong airline.

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