Monday, 16 November 2009

Short Story - Transformation

I site on my own quietly sipping my coffee. I wait, over the years I have become an expert in waiting. At first I would jump in and out with abandon. Over the years I have become a connoisseur.

I discovered many years ago that I could with effort cast my mind into others and enjoy their life for a while. At first I would jump into guys but I soon learned that women had far more intense and interesting lives.

I stopped sipping my coffee and watch her. Yes she was the one. She looked perfect.
I had a taste for a certain type and she was perfect I watched her move she was amazing her poise, her long legs, her posture were all that of a dancer. I quickly scanned the area and my hunch was right. The Royal Ballet School was just behind me.

She walked over to a her car a cute little mini and bent over to unlock it and get in. I had never seen such pert legs and ass.

I licked my lips.

My eyes rolled back and I pushed out my mind and entered hers. I sat in her amazing body and almost squealed with excitement I had to calm myself. The sensations were overpowering. Her body was amazing the tightness of her leggins and the thong that pulled gently at my lips.

I sat in the car and watched as my body got up and like an automated robot went home.
Satisfied my body was safe and on the way home. I turned my attention to who I had become. I searched through her purse and discovered I was a dancer at the royal ballet and that my name was Nikki.

This women was amazing her senses were so alive the fabric of my bra gently rubbed my nipple which then sent waves of pleasure through me I could feel my groin grow damp. I clamped my thighs together and gently rubbed my thighs I gasped....

I had to get out of there before I started to frig myself I smiled and blushed at the thought. I drove to the closest hotel and checked in.

I almost ran to the room and began to undress I stood infront of the mirror drinking in her astounding body.

I watched my breasts bounce as I took of my bra

Then I took off my leggins and marveled at how well toned she was and yet still womanly

I stood naked apart from my boots staring at her body for hours gently exploring each element each facet each hidden gem.

I smiled as an idea entered my mind. I picked up the phone and order a bottle of champagne.

There was a knock on the door and I posed and called come in. The door opened to reveal a young fit porter I smiled at him as he unzipped his trousers...

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