Monday, 16 November 2009

Weekend legs

I adore hosiery, heels and tight pencil skirts. I am sure you all do too. I decided to take a number of shots of my legs in various tights, hold ups and stockings as well as some of my heels.

Do be gentle ladies I have put on a little weight this month and my yoga lesson due to money being a little tight have been cut back to 3 a week.


  1. Your legs look so incredibly sexy,
    please show us more

  2. Actually, you do have great legs!

  3. Hi Tabby,
    I really love your blog, please keep up your fantastic posts!
    If you are still looking for pics of sexy things I just posted a caption about eating sexily which you might like on my captions blog, Yvonne's Caption World.
    Take care,
    Yvonne. xxx

  4. Blushing thank you so much I am soooo touched

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