Monday, 9 November 2009

Short Story - Maid to my Wife

Sally had caught me several times. I loved to wear her underwear and dress like a slut I would then push my wife,s dildo into my faggots ass and wank till I came in my hand I would greedily lick my cum from my hand before the humiliation and embarrassment would sink in.

I would then quickly change and put away her things. The shame would burn my cheeks red.

I quickly learnt that keeping myself on the edge of cumming would mean I would feel all the pleasure and only deal with the shame once I had cum. This would mean dressing for longer which I always enjoyed.

Well I like you sissy reading this story pushed my luck once too often and on the 8th time my wife had, had enough.

Right she almost screamed.

In one quick motion she grabbed my penis and balls and half dragged me into the shower she pushed me in and through her hair removal cream at me she then went into our room and waited I followed the instructions and was soon totally hairless from the neck down.

I stepped into our bedroom naked and scared

Right my wife stood up and walked towards me and with one hand motion slapped my tiny erection and she the laughed at me as I cowered.

I want a man she shouted someone who will impale me on their man hood someone who will fuck me. I want to hear a man growl and grunt as he fucks me. Not whimper and moan like a schoolgirl I am sick of you dressing in my clothes I am sick of your love making and most of all I am sick of you.

She screamed

Tears began to form I felt alone, humiliated exposed and sacred

She laughed and sneered at me she then began to tell me about her lovers cock how magnificent he was and how much of a sissy faggot I was she pushed me onto the bed and I curled up and cried she walked behind me as I lay curled up on the bed sobbing and without a warning she rammed her dildo deep into my ass it hit something deep inside me I shuddered and my eyes rolled back I squealed like a girl and then started to dry hump the air. My movements were so erratic that my wife let go of the dildo I turned in the air as I humped an imagined lover and fell hard back onto my ass the exposed part of the dildo was then pushed deeper into me as I landed on it and it hit the little bud of electricity inside me again this time I went wild.

An image of a porn star entered my head as she squealed and moaned as she orgasmed I did the same my tiny sissy clit as hard as it has ever been send tiny strings of cum every where I had covered my face and the sheets with my sissy milk and my wife stood and watched she
laughed at me as my orgasm racked body recovered and my humiliation set in I returned to my curled up position.

My wife simply sneered.

She then slapped my blushing face and screamed if you ever cum on my sheets again I will castrate you.

She pulled the dildo from me and I whimpered she laughed oh does poor little faggy want more
she rammed it in me again and then pulled it out and again each time she did this I twitched as if foreign thoughts and feelings were being rammed into me instead of a dildo.

I could not take it any more and I begged her to stop begged her to do anything to leave me but just to stop this the humiliation and the feeling of utter pleasure and my total shame was causing such huge rifts in my mind that I was almost totally lost.

She laughed a deep and revenge filled laugh.

ok she said softly ok honey she patted my now ravaged ass and said once more ok darling.

She stood up and said come on Kiera darling time to get ready

Somehow I knew I was going to be for ever Kiera and without hesitation I stood and curtsied my wife smiled and said good she then told me to fetch my breasts forms and she attached them with permanent glue and said these will have to do until we can help you grow your own. I nodded and thanked her.

Next she pulled up a tight cotton black thong she helped tuck away my now totally flaccid and tiny cockette and then she rolled up some hold ups.

Next she put on my uniform as she did this she told me I must always wear this dress this maids dress unless she tells me otherwise. Finally she helped me slip into 6 inch heels.

Next she told me to go downstairs and prepare a meal for her and her lover. She then dressed and left as she did I saw her to the front door and she told me she would be back soon with some wine an shortly after her return her man would arrive.

My wife left and I hurried back to the kitchen I loved the way the dress felt on my bare thighs and the contrast of my hold up clad leg and the bear colour of my thigh, I would get little pleasure sensations as my breasts forms moved and pulled at my chest continually reminding me of their weight and their existence. The heels made my legs look amazing and I loved moving around the kitchen in them. The click clack of the heel on the tiled floor.

I switched on the radio and began to cook.
I loved my femm styled hair and the feeling of my now dyed blonde hair on my shoulders
My hands looked so femm holding the big chopping knife and the french polish made the femm look complete. I licked my lips and smiled and blushed as I tasted the lipstick on my now femm lips. My wife had coated my lips with her best lipstick and I was totally enthralled.

I could not help myself and would look at the mirror on the wall by the entrance to the kitchen I adored the way I looked. My femm submissive side took over and I really started to enjoy the experience.

My wife arrived back with wine and she was not happy she stood looking at me hands on hips and said

stupid cow I knocked three times why did you not answer the door

I found my response was automatic - sorry mistress I was so busy making sure your meal was perfect and preparing my thoughts for pleasing your lover that I did not hear you knock.

You stupid bitch she responded turn down the radio next time. Now do not upset me any further or you will BE SORRY. she said harshly.

She then handed me her hand bag to put away and I placed the wine in the fridge

I moved towards the work top to place her bag there for the moment and then my wife gasped she said well done my little pet wonderful Leroy will love this.

I smiled and curtsied and then returned to my cooking. My wife took her rightful seat at the head of the table and began to chat to me like one of the girls.

I heard the door bell ring as she finished describing Leroy's cock. Her lover the man that will now take my wife as his while I watch.

If I am lucky I might be allowed to suck his cum from my wife's swollen and bruised pussy.

My wife smiled and then sent me to answer the door.
I should be ashamed, I should be angry, I should be ready to fight this man like a man for my wife.....

but I don not feel any of these feelings instead I can not wait to part my painted lips and clean my wife's pussy juices from my new masters cock.

I open the door and blush.

The huge black man laughs a deep laugh and steps into what was my house to claim everything including my ass as his.

I curtsy and ask him to follow me to the kitchen

I can feel his eyes bore into me and smell his scent my clitty twitches and and feel my panties dampen and my head spin.

Kiera I think to myself is truly born.