Friday, 13 November 2009

Short Story - Forced Femm

I live on my own in the artist section of town. I paint most days and the rest of the time I love to cross dress. I have a very femm body and stunning red hair. I try to spend as much time dressed as possible.

I am not gay, I adore women and only dress becuase somehow it is who I want to be. I told myself many times if I was a real women I would be a lesbian as I had no interest in men.

One evening I had been out dressed and had met some friends for a drink. There was a guy at the bar who would not leave me alone. He would continually offer me his mobile number
I took the scrape of paper in the hope he would go away. I finally told him that I was a tgirl and he blushed bright red and left the bar.

I had no idea he had hidden outside the bar waiting for me. I walked home slightly tipsy and enjoying the tight femm jeans and my heels, my breasts forms that bounced with each step.

I got to my door and went into the shared lobby of my building.

I always walk up the stairs it is great exercise and keeps the legs toned. I wiggled my hips and enjoyed the feeling of female power.

I arrived t my apartment door and felt someone grap me I was too shocked to scream and then the person pushed me in my flat and closed the door.

He rammed me against the wall and started to grab my breasts...

right you fucking faggot you will see what it means to be a women, like dressing up and looking like a girl but you dont want cock who are you kidding you fucking whore.

I was frozen with fear and too my shame my little sissy clit started to get hard.

I tried pushing him away but he just smashed my head back against the wall and continued with his groping

he was half shouting half whispering his anger was so intense he was spitting his words at me
you fucking whore you are gonna learn tonight this is not going to end till you are bleeding like a virgin on prom night.

I gave up fighting and started to sob...pleading him to stop, he slapped my face twice hard and said beg me like a women.

I switched to my femm voice and sobbed begging him

he spat in my face and laughed. and shouted FAG you FUCKING FAG
He started to undress me. I had given up and was at his mercy.

He ripped my top of sneering at me

He started to grope my breasts. I had used my best breasts forms they have a small clip which is attached to my real nipples so when the breast forms nipples are rubbed they pass on the feeling to my real nipples

His rough hands had my nipples erect and I blushed i tried to hide a smile and my clit twitched
my mind raced i dont like guys I prefer women this guy is rapping me why am I getting excited.

My mind did not have the chance t process the thoughts as his rough hands moved to my throat and started to strangle me as he also pulled down my jeans and thong

he flipped me over and pulled my jeans down and shouted at me to stop moving
I froze in fear

the pain was awful he was pulling at my thong it was cutting into my balls and ass. I whimpered please....

He spat at me WHAT FAGGOT WHAT

please dont I whispered


no please i whispered...

I was almost naked now his hands were probing me in areas I had never been touch before by a women let a lone a man. My sissy clit was rock hard

he laughed at me

I blushed and closed my eyes in shame as I humped his hand

He took off his clothes and then pulled my face onto his cock
I could smell his scent, it was strong and musty, a mixture of piss and stale sweat.

I resisted but he pushed my head down and pinched my nipples I moaned like a whore and he
laughed and almost spat in my face the words FAGGOT.

I opened my painted lips and like all women across time I allowed a man to turn me into his subservient sexual toy. My jaw ached as he face fucked me.

Finally he pushed me onto the bed on my hands and knees he invaded my asspussy and without mercy he fucked me hard.

He was pounding into me with such force I could feel thing inside ripping but I did not care I was lost in ecstasy I pushed back onto his cock and purred like a faggot whore.

He did not last long with a pop he pulled out of my wounded asspussy a mixture of his cum and my blood dripped out of my hole and ran down the inside of my thigh

He wiped his cock on my face and hair and then pissed on my face I tried to swallow his piss as a sign of my total submission to him he roared with laughter and pushed me onto my stomach he then smacked my ass three times I cried and the pleasure fled my body to be replaced by shame and fear.

He noticed the change and whispered so you fag you do like cock dont you between my tears I nodded he laughed and told me that he would be back with his friends. I heard him dress and leave my flat.

With a click of my front door closing my rape was finally over. I lay in bed sobbing...

I fell asleep.

I woke the next morning sore and covered in cum I showered and ate some breakfast. I changed into my cute sexy baby doll and sat on my sofa a little sore...

I giggle to myself blushed and bit my lower lip I smiled slightly and started to dial his number....

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