Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Short Story - My Temper

The credit crunch had ruined me. I was desperate a two bit actor with no money, no hope and even less chance of finding work.

As a trained actor I had learned to play many roles and this is what led me to interview successfully for a receptionist, PA style role for a small company in my local area.

I dressed as most young women do who are employed as PA's. It was early and warm so I decided to walk the short distance from my home to the office.

The sound of my heels on the pavement, the weight and movement of my breasts forms which I had glued to my chest late last night. Even my naturally long hair was styled and presented in a femm way.

My short skirt fluttered in the wind and folder in hand I slowed my walk so that I could enjoy the sensations that thrilled my body and mind.

I was greeted by the three guys who owned the company and they were all happy to see me. I shook hands with them all and was quickly shown my desk.

The MD sat with me for a while explaining who and what each person did and which clients were assigned to each team member.

The morning passed quickly and I had several calls from one client who would call and then ask to be put through to and as I did they would say sorry and hang up because their mobile was ringing. Finally as always my anger got the better of me and I slammed the phone down on a client. As I did I shouted call us when you have time too.

My bosses looked mortified and asked me to leave - They cited gross mis-conduct and showed me the door.

I started to cry and begged them not too. I need the job - they offered me a 2nd chance and I hugged them all saying that I would do anything for them.

Carl the older of the two looked at me and said anything
I simply nodded
He smiled and unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock.
I knew what I had to do and without a word I fell to my knees and took one cock into my mouth and the other I started to wank with my hand.

Soon all three cocks were prodding and pushing for time in my mouth and I did my best to please them all.

Finally they all came on my face and glasses and wiped themselves clean on my hair and face and then returned to their desks.

Year later...

I am know their office cum whore. They have employed another girl to get the phones I spend all my time relieving them of stress and helping the other girls adjust.

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