Monday, 2 November 2009

Short Story- The cheapest Bride

I love Vegas.

I stepped of the plane and let the sun soak into me.
Yes Mister Scott your room is ready. Please follow the bell hop.

I walked behind the bell hop and followed him to my room. He turned to me and put out his hand. I gave him a small tip and closed the door.

My rooms tv kicked into action

Hi Mr Scott.
A handsome black man appeared on the screen and started to introduce himself. I am Bruno anything you need anything you want in my hotel and casino just ask.

Now remember to have fun and gamble....

The screen flickered and then switched to a radio channel.

Wow I thought what a great room. I sat down on the bed and tested the porn channel. The brochure had said all tastes catered for and true to his word Bruno the handsome black owner
had all day live Tgirl porn channels 8 to be accurate.

I lay on my bed and pulled out my tiny little cock and wanked like mad.

I am not gay I don't dress I just like these girls they try harder and want you much more. I hate real girls they just don't try these days.

I order some room service and had a shower and then went down stairs to the casino. I won a little and lost a little but ended up evens for the night.

I fell into the bar around 3am and found a noisy group of girls and guys and they were betting (what else) each other to do silly things.

I joined in and slowly the dares got more and more intense till finally a rough guy bet me $1,000 to totally swap clothes with his slim blonde sexy girlfriend. I said no and he demanded the money I had to pay.

I left in a mood and went back to my room now down totally I had saved for months and in one night blown a weeks gambling money.

I sat in my room brooding and stood up and stormed back down stairs determined to win my money back but they had left the bar so I stormed back to the gaming tables and started to bet

I looked at my watch and slowly dragged myself of the stool.

Shutting the door to my room I sat on the edge of the bed and wept. I had spent everything my savings, credit card limits, holiday money, current account everything.

I called the airline and they told me since the flight was a chartered flight I could not get home early unless I bought another ticket at full price.

I sat in the room not sure what to do.
The phone rang and broke the silence

Hi I rasped
The voice said in a cherry red American way 'Thank you for gaming, the rest of your stay is complimentary food and beverages inclusive'. Then the phone went dead.

I smiled well at least I have porn and unlimited food for a week.

So I settled back and ordered a huge meal and watched all the porn I could.

Finally the day came to leave and I stood at the reception desk and waited my turn to check out and the desk clerk took my details and my room number and then ran through my bill he said well Mr Scott you have managed to rack up quite a bill. Confusion I asked the clerk what he meant and the clerk replied well it looks like you have spent an entire week watching our specialist channel the clerk mentioned quietly.

I nodded and responded that I thought it was complimentary. It is sir he replied to a certain point but you had it on 24 hrs a day for 8 days almost.

Ok ok I whined what do I owe you.

Well sir the total is just over $500. I handed him my card and that bounced then my credit card that also was declined finally I had to admit that I had nothing left to pay the bill with.

Ok Sir please follow me

I was shown into a room. 3 other men were also in the room. I sat down and waited each guy started to explain their situation and interestingly we had all been watching Tgirl porn and were all very slim and slightly femm guys.

The room filled with gas and I slowly lost the battle and fell into a deep sleep. Days, weeks months passed, images flicked in and out of focus then suddenly I woke.

I heard other voices crying moaning. I sat up something felt odd. I felt hair tickle my shoulders and swish down my bare back. My chest felt heavy and pulled at me I felt smaller lighter and yet more energetic I looked around the room my mind spinning I could see 1 stunning redhead naked kneeling on the floor crying while an equally stunning naked blonde hugging her. I slid of the bed and walked towards the girls I felt my cock fill with blood and lust and as I walked my hips swayed seductively and my hard cock bounced my nipples felt hot and engorged and I was aware of my pert c cup breasts bouncing as I walked.

I stopped and my mind suddenly was overwhelmed and I passed out. I woke to find the Red head girl holding my head and stroking my forehead.

Suddenly a speaker clicked into life and a voice told us that we were the 4 men in the room
The blonde spoke and said but there is only three of us...

The speaker responded yes a red head, a blonde and brunette slut we lost the black haired raven in the process. She.... the voiced paused she.... well lets say her results were not as glam as yours.

I croaked why.... My throat was sore my voice sounded husky and femm

Why the speaker laughed because you are all faggots. You spent all the time here looking at t girl porn you owe my master and most of all because he loves to play with girls like you now stand up and line up bitches.

We all stood up and stood in a line the door opened and in walked 5 women. They hurried over to us and half carried half dragged us out of the room we walked along a corridor other staff pointed at us and laughed some whistled.

I blushed in shame and followed the blonde girl infront of me I lowered my head to hide my tears and immediately regretted it. I felt myself get excited as I watch her pert ass and hips this drew even more laughter and finger pointing.

Finally we arrived in what looked like a spa.

We were then pushed into the showers and each girl then entered the shower and washed us they pushed gloved fingers into every hole and cleaned us.

Then we were dried and then hair was styled quickly we were pushed along and make up was applied next we were dressed in the most stunning bridal lingerie, We then were helped to slip into our wedding gowns the most precious pearl chokers were then hung around our necks, amazing pearl earrings and finally our weeding veils were added.

We were lined up and told to curtsey when the Master entered the room.

Moments later a tall handsome black man walked in dressed in a stunning white suit. He smiled at each of us and then walked around us all. I began to recognize the man he was the man on the tv the owner who had greeted me all those months ago.

He began to speak so my little whores I have given you the gift you always wanted to be women but since you are sissy fags I have left you all with your cock and balls so that from time to time you can fuck real women.

Now I have a special place in my heart for girls like you and I have always wanted a white cum slut faggot whore to be my bride.

Since you three liked our special porn so much and owned me money you were chosen. Now who is going to be my bride.

We watched him walk around us all and then stop next to me.

He touched my shoulder I curtsied and lifted my veil as I had been instructed to do and smiled at him and said how my I serve you Master.

He roared with laughter and said yes my little fag you will do.

He took me by the hand and walked along several corridors until we came to a private lift he pressed a keypad and the door opened and we went straight to the pent house.

He undressed me and I smiled and did my best to look sensual

he then pushed me on the sofa and disrobed and stood like a warrior cock out like a spear and without a word I started to suck on his huge man hood.

There was a flash and I turned to see the hotel's photographer taking pictures I stopped and was immediately brought back to my chore by a firm slap and a commanding instruction suck fag. Peter the photographer is taking pictures for your wedding album to share with the other girls. You see hun he laughed I think of you in everything I do.

He pulled out of my mouth and pushed me around and with one quick motion plunge into my asspussy his cock was so long each thrust would poke at my prostate and send little strings of cum from my tiny but hard cockette.

he then sat on the sofa and told me to ride him whole peter took further pictures.

I rode his huge cock until my eyes rolled back and I passed out in pleasure. Peters camera flash woke and I continued my role as a submissive bride.

Finally Peter left and I fell to the floor covered in my masters cum.

So my little faggot my master sneered what shall we call you....

He lit a cigar and stood over me and pissed all over me while smoking.

Caitlin... no... Sue.... no I know he said suddenly

how about Hussey White...yes my faggot wife Hussey. you will have my name so you will be called Hussey Jamie White...


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