Monday, 9 November 2009

Finding the courage

Sometimes I get really angry well as angry as a sissy faggot can get. I love to post pictures but find it so hard to post images of myself. I know I have a head and shoulders shot but that was taken by a professional and re-touched.

I soo hate putting up images that are not perfect. I find when I get excited I tend to be a little less critical. Blush ok I know just like every other Tgirl out there.

So too build my self up I have selected some amazing images that just make me feel ever sooo yum and then the last image is well have a guess!

I adore this pic - how is she going to take all that in!

Black cock yummy black cum yummy

Lucky cow!

What a sissy slut fag. But I adore those heels - giggle yes I am blushing like mad.


  1. very beautiful legs and a delightful rear hun

  2. Tabby,
    Great legs and - wow - what heels!
    More pics, please!

  3. Darling your photo is wonderful...keep it up and show us more. After the first 2 pix, I'm just dying to harden up your clitty with my mouth!

  4. Wow! you have nothing to be shy about, you have fantastic legs, and tose heels - arghhh
    Wonderfull, please post more photos - thank you