Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Images and my war effort.

Every now and then I come across a few images that express clearly what it is I adore about the 3rd sex. Yes ladies I am ever so sorry but I am back on that train of thought. Perhaps it is the wine I am sipping while I type this entry or the cock I had earlier today.

Yes ladies I have been naughty... I know you have all put me luscious self on a pedestal but I have strayed will you ever forgive me. Giggle.

I am currently wearing a very cute babydoll and matching nickers from Hotmilk (I got them from figleaves)

I love the fact the babydoll is so short and your bottom peeks out.

The front is the perfect length and just sooo cute and femm

Could the knickers be any cuter!

I took the day off and spent most of the day tidying up and getting ready for my visitor. I was introduced to him by a friend and we really hit it off. We have been trying to find some time to spend together he is married (yes I know I know he is married a girl should respect etc etc but a sissy fag needs her cock injection too) Army officer. He will be leaving soon and we were trying to well you know - blush.

When I found out he was leaving I spoke with him online (he was drunk at the time) and managed to find out a few of his fetishes and I wanted to send him away with as many as I could ticked off. He had some very normal ones schoolgirl and airhostess but he also mentioned he wanted to fuck a princess.

I could not let him down I purchased a princess outfit from 3 wishes

And let him have his way with me. Giggle. He is six foot 5 very and a very tough fit man.
I pleased him and after he came in my faggot asspussy he told me to put on my new babydoll and he collared me and a lay at his feet as we watched tv. Every now and then I would suck on him and purr like a kitten.

So he has left and I feel empty and a little sad. I know he will never make me a part of his real life. I am just a distraction a fetish an itch he needs to scratch a little and that made me think about us girls - yes my fellow T girls tell me ladies how many of you are respectable men, how many of you hide your needs and desires how many of you fear your families founding out.

How many of you buy your wives lingerie and secretly wish you were wearing it. How many of you cry dry and silent tears with shame and humiliation while your sissy clit rages and draws you towards the lace, silk and femm underthings?

These images have a sense of that which is why I find them sad. I am sat on my sofa with my laptop and I am trying to type but as allways the fabric the silk the breastsforms pulling at my chest all contrive to distract me and before long like all sissy faggots I am wanking my tiny sissy clit and pulling at my knickers so I can expose my asspussy and finger myself.

I lick my hand clean the cum tastes salty and acrid - perhaps my shame has turned my cum bitter.....

I love this image she is beckoning her man to her hotel room

Yes mistress, curtsey - where every sissy fag should be ready for her punishment by her mistress

Oh my this image is stunning - I can imagine she has just been making love and her man has pushed her out of the hotel room because his wife is on her way up she was just reaching orgasm and her needs are so great she falls to the floor and must finish herself off.

Look at her eye women beg for mens cock

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  1. How did you know? I'm a man that buys my gf lingerie and I wear it whenever she's not home. I love the way the silky material feels against my skin. The feel of nylon wrapped around my legs. The thrill of little lace panties covering my cock. Sometimes I wish I had nice full breasts and curvy hips to fill out the lingerie the way she does. And sometimes when we're having sex and she slips her fingers in and out of my ass (yes, she does this!) I wish I was wearing her lingerie and she was fucking my ass with a big strap-on. Maybe someday.